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0005015New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-09-03 17:52
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Summary0005015: [Request] Compress the sending of resources to the client.

i think it would be a good idea to Compress the sending of Client side files to the client, As Custom DFF and TXD's can be quite large. (look at our initial D Server for example, 14 custom cars + Akina = 80MB)

Where as DFF's and most TXD's will compress quite well, on average to 48% of their original size.

Im guessing the best way would be some kind of On-The-Fly compression, like Z-Mode in FileZilla servers.

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2010-03-17 15:26

viewer   ~~0011181

I proposed using 7z once. Extracting does take some time/cpu usage though.


2010-03-17 15:28

viewer   ~~0011182

Yeah, this happened to me also, as it made a loong time to download these maps and custom cars.


2010-10-30 18:07

viewer   ~~0012085

great suggestion, will be great economy of server traffic and new player's nerves


2010-11-07 03:21

administrator   ~~0012124

I'd suggest using standard HTTP compression to do this so that external servers can be supported.

Curl probably already does this automatically for us with external servers, so 'all' we'd need to do is make EHS support it.


2012-03-01 17:29

viewer   ~~0016192

I support this, it would also make download faster on resources that have lot's of files.


2012-03-02 19:38

viewer   ~~0016202

Last edited: 2012-03-02 19:38

My server has actually 16 cars + akina and its size is 39 mb, you should take care about what car you are uploading too and make its TXD at least smaller.


2012-04-15 00:06

viewer   ~~0016459

This isn't about file size of DFF or TXD. It's about how long it takes to send 800 lua files versus sending 1 lua cache and uncompressing it. Sending 1 100mb file versus 100 1mb files is a lot faster.


2012-04-20 12:33

reporter   ~~0016502

Last edited: 2012-04-20 12:35

Currently it is like that, the server accepts .zip as resources. Why not add that client side?
Put dem http-client-files in zips. One zip each resource. This way the server doesn't have to compress dat shice every connect.

Since most servers don't have more then 10 resources running, that shouldn't be an issue to download that.


2012-04-21 17:51

manager   ~~0016514

LeetWoovie if you're having problems with slow download because of all the small files you need to use external web server which is about 4 times faster to download than using the default.


2012-05-14 15:20

viewer   ~~0016646

Is it possible to add a password to the compressed resources?
There could be a mtaserver line like: <compresspassword>password</compresspassword>


2012-05-16 13:32

administrator   ~~0016653

Why Jaysds1 ?


2012-05-18 03:19

viewer   ~~0016670

I actually think Jaysds1 is on to something.
By using a password, client files can be locked to a certain server, and nosy people wouldn't be able to acces the client files without knowing the compress password.
The server basicly sends the compress password to the client on connect, the client system decompresses the files into a temporary location, to use.


2012-09-02 21:23

viewer   ~~0017434

Is this going anywhere... ?


2012-09-02 21:30

administrator   ~~0017435

As you can use an external http server to handle compression, this issue is not a priority


2012-09-14 16:18

updater   ~~0017569

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