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0004990Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2018-09-05 17:46
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Product Version1.0 
Summary0004990: dxDrawLine3D - rendering issues

There are a few rendering issues with 3D lines. I added a screenshot showing all of them.

1*. HUD - the lines are drawn on top of HUD. I thought it's caused by "postGUI" parameter being set to "true" but that's not the case because it's for CEGUI elements only. I think it should be drawn under the HUD because it's "3D" or let the "postGUI" parameter decide.

2*. Fire - same thing. Lines are drawn on top of fire coming from Jetpack.

  1. Radar - same as above but they are rendered twice. This is tricky one... There is some offset of the drawn lines. The offset is variable, it changes as the angle of the camera and line itself.

  2. Radar bounding box - this is weird but the lines aren't visible in corners of the radar bounding box.

    • the line doesn't have to be rendered between camera and the object (HUD or fire) position (screen Z-index)
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related to 0003406 closed Streamed in marker elements cause 3D DX lines to dissappear 



2010-05-31 18:44

reporter   ~~0011527

Sometimes the 3D line isn't drawn at all.
I will add a video later.


2010-06-01 00:46

administrator   ~~0011530

This would probably be better as separate linked issues.


2012-03-22 11:41

viewer   ~~0016351
does this mean it's now fixed?


2012-03-24 11:19

reporter   ~~0016364

the radar thing seems like someone already tried to make lines not draw on top of the mini map but chose the wrong area part to not draw them on


2013-09-16 20:24

manager   ~~0019341

  1. Is definitely fixed when using onClientHUDRender probably 3 and 4 too which only leaves 2 which already has it's own report: #7167


2013-09-28 22:32

viewer   ~~0019406

Adding, that when drawing a line from position A to position B and your camera is not nearby the other end of the line, it will cause the line to go around and around in a circle shape.

If unsure, I'll post a video when possible.


2016-10-02 18:27

reporter   ~~0025269

Is it intended that dxDrawLine3D is visible through objects aswell??? Thats not really 3D my friends^^


2016-10-03 00:15

administrator   ~~0025278

Steps to reproduce please


2016-10-03 14:35

reporter   ~~0025283

Last edited: 2016-10-03 14:36

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dxDrawLine3D(0, 0, 5, 5, 0, 5, tocolor(0,0,0,255), 2.5)

3D Line on my ship visible through the player:

3D line of my little basic example in map center visible through Tank and player:

It does NOT matter if you use onClientRender/PreRender/HUDRender, the outcome is the same.


2016-10-03 19:30

administrator   ~~0025287

Do you have any active shaders?
Does the problem occur with AA on/off?


2016-10-04 00:35

reporter   ~~0025292

Yup, Shader_water_refract causes this... Looks like it has problems taking these DX lines into its Render Target.

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