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0004829Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2011-03-28 17:22
Reporterdragonx44 Assigned Toryden  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.0.5Fixed in Version1.0.5 
Summary0004829: Trains slow down in curves

It seems there is bug with trains, they slow down really much in almost all curves.

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2009-08-21 23:28

viewer   ~~0010305

if u drive the tram in SF it slows down to 1 unit (getElementVelocity)


2009-08-22 00:32

viewer   ~~0010306

Is this an actual bug or SA physics?


2009-08-22 09:33

viewer   ~~0010309

I think not, in the days i played SA-MP, there isn't this problem.


2009-08-22 11:46

viewer   ~~0010310

Ye, it would be really weird physics to slow down tram in curves to 1 unit. And yes, there's no such thing in SA-MP and GTA SA itself.


2009-08-23 12:37

viewer   ~~0010334

in SA-MP they don't slow down, why in MTA?


2009-10-04 15:15

viewer   ~~0010646

This is still not fixed in 1.0.1


2009-10-04 15:55

reporter   ~~0010648

This happens to all trains as well as the SF tram. It appeared rather suddenly, and was working fine for a long time in the nightly builds, until this happened.


2009-10-18 19:18

viewer   ~~0010715

otherwise, the trains have a high acceleration, I noticed too.


2009-10-18 21:22

reporter   ~~0010716

Something else that might have something is the fact that if you watch the train as a remote player (aka not the driver) you see it clicking on- and off-track all the time. Something like:

Rail, derail, rail, derail, rail, derail, rail..... (in something like 1-5 seconds?)

This also causes slight desynch with the remote player sometimes seeing the train sliding off the track and suddenly railing again sometimes later at times it actually doesn't slow down in a curve. I'm not sure how relevant this is to this issue, though.


2010-02-04 20:35

viewer   ~~0011041
Video of the bug. Spawning them on hills makes them going fast and instantly derail.


2010-02-08 01:23

viewer   ~~0011045

@Sebihunter: There's a function that disables derailing. setTrainDerailable(vehicle, false)


2010-06-30 07:04

viewer   ~~0011662

IN MTA DP 2.3 this problem is not present


2010-12-13 15:45

manager   ~~0012268

Fixed in
This was caused by the vehicle gravity changes.

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