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0004821Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2010-12-11 06:13
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Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0004821: [Request] setVehicleRGBColor(element vehicle, int red, int green, int blue)

A function to set the color of a vehicle to the specified color.
Maybe you could even add a bool/float reflection that makes the vehicle shiny like in enb (if that's possible).

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2009-08-16 19:21

viewer   ~~0010221

I would also like to have a function like this, the San Andreas colors are very limited and sometimes ugly as hell. Furthermore are nearly 80% of the San Andreas colors, ones which have the main color brown or gray mixed with another and seem very boring.


2009-08-16 19:27

viewer   ~~0010222

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2009-08-16 19:31

viewer   ~~0010223

Yea i would also have this feature in MTA, because if it looks like in GTA IV you think the Game isnĀ“t so old and i hate the normal colors in GTA SA and so i say "why not!".


2009-08-17 00:07

reporter   ~~0010228

I doubt this will be possible


2010-11-28 21:48

viewer   ~~0012209

Last edited: 2010-11-28 21:50

^ i agree.
it seems like it would be functional but the colors are probably hardcoded. If they even succeeded in making this, it would probably be crash prone.

But I still think it's worth a shot. Maybe something to work on to the lowest point of stable functionality and set aside to a future release.

Reflections, however, are a bad idea. There are so many people that can't run San Andreas well enough to begin with. Maybe if there was an option for the player to disable them then it would work. It would require alot of hardware-based coding though because ENB works with the graphics card's firmware (shaders, rendering, etc.)


2010-11-28 21:53

administrator   ~~0012210

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