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0004790New issuesClientpublic2009-09-28 18:55
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Summary0004790: Maximizing back in game from being in minimized mode either displays a C++ error or the process just freezes.

Is quite random to get the process to freeze just minimizing and maximize multiple times, also try and remain minimized for at least a few minuted. C++ error doesn't always happen but it has been happening for quite a while, related to the C++ error after using windowed mode.

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duplicate of 0004775 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Error when maximizing the game, crash. 



2009-08-13 00:25

administrator   ~~0010190

Relationship: #4775


2009-08-14 11:33

viewer   ~~0010200

Also Happens sometimes when even quitting.


2009-08-22 12:12

viewer   ~~0010312

Last edited: 2009-09-01 14:27

same here, happens mostyl when i minimize by pressing esc+ctrl+alt instead of alt+tab.

//edit: i've got win xp


2009-08-22 12:14

administrator   ~~0010313

You can't maximize MTA, that's the reason from error.


2009-08-22 12:19

viewer   ~~0010314

Should be fixed for 1.0 as minimising is hopeless with this bug.


2009-08-22 12:57

viewer   ~~0010315

Yes, I believe I started getting this after my upgrade to Windows 7.


2009-08-22 15:34

administrator   ~~0010317

1.0 is not going to 'officially' support Windows 7, as Windows 7 isn't released. Use it at your peril.


2009-08-22 16:00

viewer   ~~0010318

It happens on XP for me.

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