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0004760Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2009-11-29 16:58
Reportercsm Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.0.3Fixed in Version1.0.3 
Summary0004760: Players staying in spawn desync

Sometimes all players stay in spawn point on your screen but on their screens they are far away from that place. They can see you but are unable to kill you because on your screen they stand still in spawn. Happens quite often when there are 10+ people on the server playing RED vs BLUE arena or something similar.

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2009-08-05 15:26

viewer   ~~0010132

Happend also in race.


2009-08-17 14:43

reporter   ~~0010231

Last edited: 2009-10-25 16:16

We noticed that other players become visible for the desynced player after throwing a grenade at him.


2009-11-22 19:26

administrator   ~~0010806

Possibly fixed in [^]

Note: This is mainly a server side issue. Use the server from the link above.

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