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0004569Source patchesMulti Theft Auto : San Andreaspublic2010-03-21 11:44
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Summary0004569: Patch for adding draw distance and brightness to Settings->Video

all of the same time/weather: - both high - high draw distance - high brightness - both low

Tested on US 1.0 (no-cd).

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measurement for those in the video-tab is currently % (0 being lowest, 100 heighest), which is fairly abitrary since it won't completely darken/lighten your screen, it's just as far as SA allows it.

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related to 0004080 resolvedx86 Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas More settings in the Video tab 



2009-06-30 16:30

viewer   ~~0009830

I was thinking maybe it would be possible to hack in and increase the draw distance limit, like those 10 times draw distance modifications.

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