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0004511Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-08-07 18:35
ReporterPaul_Cortez Assigned ToJax  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004511: blendPedAnimation "unhandled win32 exception" if blendPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer()) is called as callback function

As it's probably a bit unclear what I mean from the title, I'll show with an example:


This causes the local player to be "dancing" for 1 time. Then the animation is stopped, and blendPedAnimation called to reset the body to normal. (as the player still seems to e.g. lift an arm if I don't) At this moment, I get a Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger screen saying this:

"An unhandled win32 exception occured in gta_sa.exe [604]. Possible debuggers:[etc...]" and it asks whether I want to debug or not.

As I guess this is due to me having Visual Studio 2008, I guess it would just crash to others.

Additional Information
  • I'm using a custom-built r1164.
  • The crash does not occur if you delay blendPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer()) 1 frame.
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2013-03-14 14:29

viewer   ~~0018246

News to this? Will it ever be implemented again?

Cazomino05 applied a fix in version 1.0 on Thursday 25th of June 2009 22:14:23 (GMT+01:00).

But at this moment it describes it as disabled in the Wiki.

Can you also explain what the function actually does?


2014-08-07 18:34

viewer   ~~0021677

Last edited: 2014-08-07 18:35

Please enable this again.

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