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0004503Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2011-11-20 00:55
Reporterjhxp Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.1.1 R2Fixed in Version1.1.1 R2 
Summary0004503: Glitch for shooting bullets remotely while reloading

It is possible to shoot bullets remotely while your player is reloading his weapon locally.

This leads to glitchy situations where you can kill your opponent even if normally you shouldn't be able to do so.

Apparently this bug was here for a while, but got worse recently.

Steps To Reproduce

See the video.

Additional Information

Same video, different codec and mirror:

Submitted by =PCP=csm / =PCP=d0KTOR_

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2009-06-24 15:21

administrator   ~~0009713

Fixed in r1154


2009-06-26 22:00

reporter   ~~0009761

It's still possible to kill while reloading.


2009-06-26 22:04

administrator   ~~0009762

I found this too. Although the occurrence has been reduced.
I'll take another look and see what can be done.


2009-06-27 17:11

administrator   ~~0009772

Might be hacky, but a local control state fix might be the answer.


2009-07-02 08:07

administrator   ~~0009844

Problem is the reload anims are tricky to sync. If on the remote client, your guy has no ammo and the fire button is synced as being pressed, he does a reload. It usually coincides with what your guy is actually doing on your screen, but not always.


2009-07-04 02:04

administrator   ~~0009879

The solution is to implement synced animations, but that's not going to happen until 1.0.1. Anyone got any clever ideas?


2009-07-26 22:46

viewer   ~~0010076

Last edited: 2009-07-26 22:49

well sorry i am new in c++ but just trying to help

well you can do clientside checks like isPlayerReloading(int playerid)
it shall return 0 or 1 if playerreloading sendpacket to server that he is reloading so it will not recv any of that glitch on the targeted player

or send player bullets count to the serverside so the bullet count is synced witch will result knowledge to all the clients of isplayerreloading or not [may cause packet overload]


2009-07-30 14:59

administrator   ~~0010089

"The solution is to implement synced animations, but that's not going to happen until 1.0.1. Anyone got any clever ideas?"

I cant really fix/test this at the moment but the weapon-state is sync'd, that should be enough, maybe theres a bug with that somewhere.


2011-02-05 07:07

administrator   ~~0012857

Last edited: 2011-02-05 07:08

I have a script that can produce this reliably for testing when the time comes to fix it. Bind a key to set the player weapon slot to something else and then back to the gun when released.

Hold aim and shoot at the person and start mashing the key. You'll kill the person using little to no bullets.

This is pretty important to fix as it really messes with competitive gameplay, it happens quite often.


2011-02-23 06:56

reporter   ~~0012989

My syncro script fixed that by syncing every single bullet, which might be a solution but is actually a bandwidth-using idea.


2011-03-27 04:41

administrator   ~~0013119

Please show your syncro script


2011-03-27 11:28

manager   ~~0013125

This is PhatLooser's syncro script:


2011-03-27 11:39

reporter   ~~0013126

Its the old one though, I updated it so clients do a check on other clients.

Hardcoded it can be made like, syncing how many bullets were shot if the player was shooting. This also would make the anticheat for MTA stronger.


2011-08-13 19:05

viewer   ~~0014264

What about just dont trigger local client shoot while animation is being done...


2011-08-13 20:10

administrator   ~~0014265

Because blocking remote player shots based on the (out of sync) local animation will make remote players unhappy.


2011-08-13 20:48

viewer   ~~0014267

I mean, when local player clicks, the shoot is triggered to server, what about cancel it while player is doing reload anim.


2011-08-13 20:55

administrator   ~~0014268

Doing reload anim where? Local or remote?


2011-08-13 20:57

viewer   ~~0014269

If local CLIENT is doing reload admin, then dont trigger shoots or disable shoot key.


2011-11-16 17:45

updater   ~~0015240

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