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Summary0004486: A way to draw filled polygons

I would love to see a way, using the client drawing functions (dxDraw*), to draw filled polygons. Whether it be dxDrawFilledTriangle or dxDrawPolygon which would take an array of points and a bool for filled or not. It would be extremely useful for HUDs in-game.

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has duplicate 0006543 resolvedCrosRoad95 Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas dxDrawPolygon(fX, fY, fX1, fY1, fX2, fY2, fX3, fY3, ...) 



2010-08-11 05:19

viewer   ~~0011949

In the code of MTA there appears to be dxDraw2dPolygon. I've also thought it would be a good tool. True sprite and polygon drawing would make hud creation much nicer.


2010-08-11 09:15

viewer   ~~0011950

Drawing textured 3D polygons would be useful too. Not everything possible with them is possible with custom models.


2010-08-12 02:30

reporter   ~~0011959

and 3d pictures :D


2010-09-30 15:19

viewer   ~~0012019

On the note of your 3d images, here's something i once did(dxDrawImage3D), i cant remember why i didn't finish it though...

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