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0004472Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2009-06-23 10:23
ReporterMr.Hankey Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004472: Players being ignored by melee/weapon attacks

Since r1095 players (maybe also peds in general) can become semi-collisionless where shots and melee attacks are going right through them which results in local invincibility.

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related to 0001403 resolvedIJs Players become immune to bullets 
related to 0004468 closed Having skin 0 makes you immune to bullets / Can't take damage bug 
child of 0003255 closed Priority Issues 



2009-06-17 02:06

administrator   ~~0009627

Due to NetBitStreamInterface::ReadCompressed/WriteCompressed


2009-06-17 02:29

administrator   ~~0009630

Jax, I had a quick look and couldn't see anything obvious. Can you be more specific where you found this problem? An example of what to do to reproduce the ReadCompressed/WriteCompressed error would be great.


2009-06-18 04:27

administrator   ~~0009648

Last edited: 2009-06-18 04:35

I've checked this, and from what i can tell the symptoms of this are exactly like the immune to bullets bug (#1403) we had a number of years ago. Whether the cause is the same or not, i don't know.

Me and Fenix reproduced this in about 5 minutes using deathmatch & dm-canals.


2009-06-18 05:22

developer   ~~0009649

Last edited: 2009-06-18 05:25

It should be noted (as was in my report) that this is a very specific bug and happens every time to players who have the CJ skin.

Also, next time please search before posting a report.


2009-06-18 12:51

viewer   ~~0009650

Happened with most skins here.


2009-06-19 03:54

developer   ~~0009652

Talidan says that once it happens to a skin, it stays like that consistently, e.g. once a skin becomes immune it stays immune permanently.


2009-06-19 19:07

administrator   ~~0009655

I can reproduce it here by using two PC's:

Connect both clients to the server
Start Freeroam
Player 1: F1->skin->Celebrities->Sharon Stone->F1
Player 2: F1->skin->Formal Generics->Pilot->F1
Player 2: F1->weapon->Shotgun->F1

Now Sharon Stone can't be damaged by the Pilot's shotgun


2009-06-20 19:44

administrator   ~~0009659

As mentioned on gc, this is down to sloppyness in r1093


2009-06-22 13:53

administrator   ~~0009672

I cant reproduce this.. could you paste me some sloppy code from it Talidan? can't find any myself.


2009-06-22 14:00

administrator   ~~0009673

Fixed in r1129 ?


2009-06-23 03:12

administrator   ~~0009686

Fixed in r1129

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