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0004420Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2009-08-23 02:00
Reporter1337MaVe Assigned To 
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Target Version1.0Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004420: Increase FPS limit

The current FPS limit can be set to 100 maximal, but it would be nice to have it higher for people with a good performance.

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2009-06-07 08:47

viewer   ~~0009523

Would you notice a performance improvement after 100?


2009-06-07 11:26

viewer   ~~0009524

Yeah, I actually would, but also if you are a stunter and do some stunts, you will have more height/distance.


2009-06-07 11:51

manager   ~~0009525

Last edited: 2009-06-07 11:51

Your eye can't see more than ~ 24 frames per second, and your screen can't probably show more than 60 frames per second.


2009-06-07 12:06

viewer   ~~0009526

I can notice very well when I have higher or lower fps, I don't know whether something is wrong with me =/


2009-06-07 12:07

viewer   ~~0009527

Well obviously everyone can notice the difference between 20-50 but I doubt over 100.


2009-06-07 12:39

viewer   ~~0009528

Play cod4 @ 100 then play it @ 250, there is a notable difference. Maybe it doesn't make any sense but its there ;)


2009-06-07 12:48

viewer   ~~0009529

Yes, it does with games like COD, but I doubt with SA. I could be wrong.


2009-06-07 12:52

viewer   ~~0009530

there will always be little differences, like he said for stunters, they'd notice it for sure. Besides, the more options the better.


2009-06-07 12:57

viewer   ~~0009531

I want to show you this video which can show the difference.


2009-06-07 13:28

reporter   ~~0009534

that video only shows that frame limiter off is better than frame limiter at 25... I could of told you that, The argument here is to increase the maximum frame limit over 100


2009-06-07 13:30

viewer   ~~0009535

I wanted to show that its better to have more fps and that you fly higher/farer with more fps.


2009-06-07 13:31

viewer   ~~0009536

You should test it out on a specially compiled client and bring in a few stunters to tell you if they really see a worthy difference then ;)


2009-06-07 13:32

viewer   ~~0009537

Ryden's comment answers everything, seriously, there's a huge difference between 25 and 100+, you'll hardly notice above 100.

If you'd like this to be implemented you could always make a patch.


2009-07-31 12:32

administrator   ~~0010098

It's now setFPSLimit(false) to make it higher, close ?

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