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0004237Source patchesMulti Theft Auto : San Andreaspublic2010-05-12 17:40
Reporterlucasc190Assigned ToFlobu 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004237: SetPedFootBlood Patch

This patch adds the client-side functions, "bool setPedFootBlood(ped thePed, int amount)" and "int getPedFootBlood(ped thePed)". It also makes spawning a player reset their foot blood. "setPedFootBlood" sets how long a ped or player has blood footprints. Setting it to 0 stops a ped from having blood footprints (until it is set again or they walk over a dead ped) and 200 is the amount you normally get when you walk over a dead ped.

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2009-05-02 20:12

administrator   ~~0008980

Do these footprints work on (script-created) objects? If not they're not much use as they won't work in custom maps...


2009-05-03 06:31

developer   ~~0008998

Blood footprints only work on buildings. If a player/ped dies with foot blood, their foot blood gets set really high, and when they respawn, it doesn't get reset. This patch also resets foot blood when you respawn.


2009-05-04 01:13

administrator   ~~0009023

As with your other patch, you need to move the memory address offsets into functions in game_sa.

The function 55E890 is SurfaceInfos_c::LeavesFootsteps. This appears to control whether blood will be left on a particular surface type - this might fix it for objects. 5E55E3 is the call that actually places the bloody foot prints (It's a call to CShadows::AddPermanentShadow). There's a number of other conditions before that that may be blocking it.


2009-05-04 08:01

developer   ~~0009030

I've moved the memory address functions into game_sa and the new patch is at:


2009-05-05 03:21

administrator   ~~0009038

I think this patch should be made to work on objects before it is included. Otherwise, it's broken in a lot of cases it'll be used...


2009-05-06 15:00

administrator   ~~0009056

Last edited: 2009-05-06 15:02

Might want to try if it works on custom objects in r766+

And maybe it would make sense to just do a switch whether a ped has the blood footprints or not. So you can either have constant footprints or use our MTA timers, which fits the style of other functions more.


2009-05-06 15:12

developer   ~~0009058

You seem to get constant footprints if you set it to "-1". If you set the foot blood high, it acutally goes down faster the more you walk.


2009-07-12 20:18

administrator   ~~0009942

This is now rather old - post 1.0 this could be updated and resubmitted if anyone is interested in this.


2010-04-27 19:21

updater   ~~0011393

Last edited: 2010-05-08 02:12

added in

renamed to setPedFootBloodEnabled(player,enabled) and isPedFootBloodEnabled(player)

doesn't work for peds and on custom objects

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