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0004166Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2017-07-15 16:52
Reporter[PS]DazzaJay[AU] Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows XP X64 EditionOS VersionCorporate
Product Version1.5.4 
Target Version1.5.5Fixed in Version1.5.5 
Summary0004166: Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing unless you get in a Helicopter or plane.

Engine Sounds of another persons Helicopter cannot be heard unles you get into that helicopter, or get into another helicopter.

Also works with planes

Steps To Reproduce

run me.position = Vector3(-5, -25, 4)
run veh = Vehicle(487, 0, -30, 4)
run ped = Ped(16, 0, -40, 4)
run ped:warpIntoVehicle(veh)

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2009-04-09 10:45

reporter   ~~0008752

Heres a video.

I filmed this by loading the game, and saw Spinkstar in a Hunter, with no sound, Filmed it, got in a Hunter i spawned, and then sound for both worked.

Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Video: Windows Media Video 8 352x288 30.00fps 636Kbps [Raw Video 1]


2009-04-22 11:22

viewer   ~~0008881

This still occurs in r682, you have to get in a helicopter before the sounds will work. Once you have gotten in, you may get out and they will work fine until you close and reload MTA.


2009-04-22 11:24

viewer   ~~0008882

We recreated it by having a player in-game (editor, test mode) flying a helicopter, the other player joins and spawns near the first player so the helicopter is streamed in on spawn.


2009-05-24 12:53

viewer   ~~0009362

Happens with air crafts too.


2010-06-02 22:23

updater   ~~0011559

i think this can be fixed like #4723


2011-11-29 05:19

manager   ~~0015296

I would love to take a look at this one.


2012-07-27 17:50

viewer   ~~0017164

This small bug still exists.


2012-07-27 17:51

viewer   ~~0017165

Yes, that's why it says ACKNOWLEDGED instead of FIXED.


2017-04-25 17:40

reporter   ~~0025847

I find it kinda funny that this ancient bug still exists. No one has an idea how to fix it yet?
A fix would save me from writing a custom sound script for Helicopters on my server, that would be amazing.


2017-04-26 19:09

manager   ~~0025848

@einheit-101 I guess they have an idea how to fix it because I remember many years ago Gamesnert who was actively developing at the time said that he was going to see what memory address it is that needs changing which you'd do by entering a helicopter and see what addresses changed then set that new memory address state without having to enter the helictoper, there is a list of memory hacks like this in 1 of the main MTA source files. I guess he either never got round to that, or it's more complex than that.


2017-05-05 19:25

developer   ~~0025901



2017-07-04 15:28

developer   ~~0026055

Fixed: GitHub, buildinfo


2017-07-09 20:21

updater   ~~0026059

Not fully fixed:
If you enter a car near a helicopter, the engine sound of the helicopter suddenly stops until you stream oou and in again.


2017-07-09 21:11

updater   ~~0026060

Because there are more issues with the helicopter sounds, I decided to add a video:

The engine sound of the car changes to a monotone one gear sound, if a helicopter streams in.


2017-07-15 16:52

developer   ~~0026063

Fixed: GitHub, buildinfo

Should be fine now. Now by default aircraft uses same sounds as AI controlled aircraft in single player. However if you enter it (even as passenger), proper (unique) sounds are loaded.

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