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0004145Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2010-12-14 12:13
ReporterSimbadDeZeeman Assigned Toryden  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0004145: Sync vehicle doors open/closed state.

While damage of vehicles is perfectly synced, the door state isn't.

Why sync it? Players want to lock their vehicle. So we make a script which locks the car right? using setVehicleLocked.

Because the open/closed state of the door isn't synced, many players are able to steal your car while it is locked and closed on your screen.

'Then cancel the onPlayerStartVehicleEnter to stop a player getting in.'

^ then you don't see the player pulling at the door.

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related to 0004077 closed New issues Vehicle door closing animation not completing on passenger entry 
child of 0003344 closed New Feature Requests Requested features tracker 



2009-09-19 01:51

viewer   ~~0010513

I guess this is related to an earlier case:

I can confirm that it still exists in MTA:SA 1.0.


2010-12-13 12:39

developer   ~~0012254

Sometimes when I am playing with my friend he tells me that a door isn't closed, but it's closed on my screen.

CVehicleSAInterfaceVTBL has:
DWORD GetDoorAngleOpenRatio;
DWORD GetDoorAngleOpenRatio;
DWORD IsDoorReady;
DWORD IsDoorReady
DWORD IsDoorFullyOpen;
DWORD IsDoorFullyOpen;
DWORD IsDoorClosed;
DWORD IsDoorClosed
DWORD IsDoorMissing;
DWORD IsDoorMissing_;

Maybe some of this info can be used in vehicle pure sync somehow...


2010-12-13 13:04

reporter   ~~0012255

Last edited: 2010-12-13 13:04

There is a cleo mod which allow you open doors, hoods and trunks of the cars, maybe it can help with syncing the doors ( )


2010-12-13 13:08

administrator   ~~0012257

We obviously know how doors work already. We just don't really consider it that important.

Of course, if anyone wants to write a patch, feel free.


2010-12-13 13:21

reporter   ~~0012260

Last edited: 2010-12-13 13:47

Isn't it important when someone lock his cars doors and for him, the doors are closed, but for other player the doors are open then he can stole the car, even the door being locked? (If you didn't get it, I can upload a video explaning)

Btw, I play Race, I don't know if the MTA:SA car lock are by cancel player join in vehicle or close it like in GTA:SA single player


2010-12-14 12:13

manager   ~~0012271

Fixed in

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