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0004099Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2010-02-02 01:43
Reportercsm Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.0.4Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004099: Player desync caused by 'hit by gun' animation

Every "hit by gun" animation causes terrible desync.

Might lead to situations where two players are shooting at each other, and neither of them gets actually hit because their shooting animations are blocked by their shots.

Disabling this animation would solve the issue.

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2009-05-23 15:44

reporter   ~~0009347

Last edited: 2009-05-23 15:56

Vaguely related, or whatever. I didn't think there was any point in making a new issue about it, but here goes:

When a player has low HP and gets punched (NB! while cancelling damage!), he will fall to the ground/floor locally (can only rotate, but doesn't techinally "die"... can be corrected by jumping) while he appears to stand for remote players.

This causes the common DP2 "running in place" desync bug, and the player takes no damage if remote players fire where he appears, but he does take damage if remote players fire where he's located at his own screen...

In order to reproduce, make two players join a server, use Admin or Runcode to set either's HP to 1, cancel onClientPlayerDamage, then let the other player pummel him (if it doesn't work with normal punching, try "special attack", ie. press ENTER or F)


2009-06-23 23:47

administrator   ~~0009703

Re-worked the description a bit. Should be fixed before the 1.0 release if possible.


2009-06-24 13:21

administrator   ~~0009711

r1152 has a test fix. Seems to work, but could be implemented better.


2009-06-24 17:25

administrator   ~~0009715

Marked as resolved once it uses proper bandwidth optimizations.


2009-06-25 00:37

reporter   ~~0009730

Last edited: 2009-06-25 00:37

My first impression after checking this fix ingame is that the synchronization is now way better than before. It's probably one of the most important fixes of the synchronization ever. Thanks!


2009-06-27 16:00

reporter   ~~0009769

If you keep pressing fire button while "hit by gun" animation you still shoot on other player's screen. Happens with every weapon.


2009-06-27 19:14

administrator   ~~0009775

If this is a different (new) bug, you may want to create a new issue for it.


2009-07-04 02:02

administrator   ~~0009878

The solution is to implement synced animations, but that's not going to happen until 1.0.1. So what about disabling "hit by gun" animation for now, either:

  1. All the time, or
  2. When holding a gun, or
  3. When aiming a gun


2009-07-06 08:35

administrator   ~~0009891

Last edited: 2009-07-06 08:38

Temp fix for 1.0 in r1267 - The "hit by gun" animation is disabled when aiming.


2010-02-02 01:43

administrator   ~~0011023

Going to assume this is no longer an issue.

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