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0003973Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2015-01-11 22:54
Reporter50p Assigned ToarranTuna  
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Fixed in Version1.4.1 
Summary0003973: Peds destroyed in water leave water circles

When you destroy a ped in water he/she leaves the "water circle mark". It's like when you stay in water you can see those "circles" around you, when you destroy a ped the circle is still there, even when you get far away and come back it'll still be there.

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has duplicate 0007522 closed New issues swiming water effect remains when player respawns 
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2009-02-12 03:31

administrator   ~~0008358

Perhaps arc's new water hacks can be used to fix this. Try doing something like setting the water level and seeing if the water resets. if it does we can do something along those lines internally


2009-05-10 15:49

reporter   ~~0009141

Reproduced in r804, Talidan's suggestion did not work as the circles stayed but the circles z did not update.


2009-05-11 02:28

administrator   ~~0009194

Is it really worth it to investigate this?


2014-09-27 16:15

administrator   ~~0022058

Reproduced in r6874.


2015-01-11 22:54

administrator   ~~0022843

Fixed in

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