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0003870Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGUI / Menus / Consolepublic2009-04-12 23:25
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0003870: The "window" command crashes my game.

(r11443) MTA becomes windowed, but crashes instantly:

12/11/2008 13:04:58 (Error) Exception: DirectX9Renderer::preD3DReset - Failed to create the VertexBuffer for use by the DirectX9Renderer object. (CEGUI.log)

[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:57 # CProxyDirect3DDevice9::Reset
[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:57 # CDirect3DEvents9::OnInvalidate
[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:57 # CDirect3DEvents9::OnRestore
[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:58 # CProxyDirect3DDevice9::Reset
[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:58 # CDirect3DEvents9::OnInvalidate
[DEBUG EVENT] 11-12-2008 @ 13:04:58 # CDirect3DEvents9::OnRestore

I have tried a few times - happens EVERY time i use the command, whether i've just launched the game, or been in a server.

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2008-11-12 14:37

updater   ~~0008098

Only happens when i use full resolution, (1680x1050) and when windowing, the window slightly encroaches on my second monitor, connected to a separate graphics card. If I use a lower resolution (so when windowing it doesn't leave the monitor) it doesn't crash.


2008-11-12 20:34

updater   ~~0008107

Ways to get around the problem/and to reproduce - when the game is loading (just before the spray can noise), if you click away (on another program on another monitor) the game minimizes. When you return to the game it doesn't crash when using the window command.

if the game is minimized after you have gone passed the bit where music plays during the game loading, the game crashes as well.

No crash dumps appear at all.


2008-11-18 13:20

administrator   ~~0008125

Do you have a multiple core (e.g. dual/quad) system?


2008-11-18 15:38

updater   ~~0008128

quad core system. q6600 @3.0GHz

Twig got this crash also, with multiple monitors - not sure what processor he has.


2008-11-18 20:46

administrator   ~~0008129

Apparently he's got a dual core.



2008-11-21 16:11

administrator   ~~0008138

Maybe it's related to #3089 ?


2009-03-25 13:42

administrator   ~~0008630

Is it still happening?


2009-04-12 13:00

updater   ~~0008780

No longer crashes though I have reformatted since, it may be something more specific to Willy's setup.


2009-04-12 23:25

updater   ~~0008794

still crashes -

seems only to happen with multiple monitors using multiple graphics cards - when the game is windowed with multiple monitors it moves over to the right causing a bit of an overlap. This is the only circumstance that causes a crash - using a smaller resolution and then windowing or disabling monitors using a secondary graphics card can stop this from happening.

Also only reproduced on XP (doesn't occur on server 2008).

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