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0003406Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2018-09-05 17:33
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Summary0003406: Streamed in marker elements cause 3D DX lines to dissappear

Marker elements seem to cause any nearby 3D lines created using dxDrawLine3D to dissappear. 2D dx draws are unaffected however.

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related to 0003705 resolvedlil_Toady dxDrawLine3D no longer works 
related to 0004990 closed dxDrawLine3D - rendering issues 
child of 0002949 closed Map editor issues 



2008-09-22 18:19

administrator   ~~0008026

Not needed for dp3 i guess, though its a general bug that affects any gamemodes that use 3D lines.


2009-08-05 01:38

viewer   ~~0010129

it also occur when the player is carrying a weapon, the lines disappears.


2011-06-09 20:17

viewer   ~~0013624

I found that drawing effects on the screen (or viewing ones from gta) stops the lines from disappearing when you have a weapon equipped (this is why they reappear when you shoot, since weapons make smoke/fire). So doing something like this stops them from disappearing:

local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())

This effect is completely invisible so has no other impact on the game. It doesn't do anything to help the marker issue, but it's a pretty useful workaround for the weapon problem


2011-06-09 21:13

viewer   ~~0013625

AFAIK, markers don't make 3D lines disappear, but move them a few hundred metres away. At least that's what happened when I used them.


2011-06-20 02:13

administrator   ~~0013731

Internally, the 3D line drawer does not set the camera matrices before rendering the lines, but rather depends on GTA leaving them set up correctly. I guess this doesn't always happen.
To fix, we need to set the camera matrices. I don't know where to fetch them from though.


2013-09-16 20:19

manager   ~~0019340

It doesn't seem to be a problem any more, or at least not with these DX 3D lines that were drawn in onClientHUDRender:

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