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0003255Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2016-05-21 18:43
Reporterlil_ToadyAssigned To 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003255: Priority Issues

This is the parent of any priority issues that need the developer's main focus!

  • Frequent crashes
  • Issues holding up development
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parent of 0002949 closed Map editor issues 
parent of 0003748 resolvedlil_Toady Gang driveby is no longer synced 
parent of 0003727 resolvedlil_Toady Serverside moveObject sets a seemingly random rotation when called on an object that is moving/has moved before 
parent of 0003706 resolvedlil_Toady Gang drivebys cause the camera to snap to the back of the vehicle as driver 
parent of 0003756 resolvedIJs Issues introduced with the new weapons system 
parent of 0003772 resolvedryden Markers interior is not sent to the players 
parent of 0003769 resolvedlil_Toady Amount of armor is not synced to the other players after first death, respawning with fr's setskin 
parent of 0003767 resolvedryden Infinite resource stopping loop in server 
parent of 0003765 resolvedryden While driveby'ing, you need to aim a bit to the right of a player to hit him 
parent of 0003878 resolvedIJs Custom elements are no longer loaded from map 
parent of 0004472 resolvedccw Players being ignored by melee/weapon attacks 



2008-06-02 16:13

administrator   ~~0007844

pubtest2_dumps&cores organized by sumbitter and all attached


2009-07-02 12:29

administrator   ~~0009847

Outdated / no longer needed due the introduction of the Roadmap.

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