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0002949Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasMap Editorpublic2015-06-26 16:03
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Summary0002949: Map editor issues

Parent group - Editor issues

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parent of 0002947 resolvedArc Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas getElementData should be able to retrieve JSON strings set in .map 
parent of 0003406 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Streamed in marker elements cause 3D DX lines to dissappear 
parent of 0003485 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: setCursorPosition() 
parent of 0003484 resolvedJusonex Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition returns strange and stepped values 
parent of 0003486 resolvedryden Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas dxDrawLine with postGUI=true draws the lines also in front of the mouse cursor 
parent of 0003444 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas make loadMapData not take into account the first xml node and saveMapData only save children of the specified parent element 
parent of 0003513 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: A scripting function to enable/disable the automatic arrow marker bouncing 
parent of 0003514 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: postGUI parameter for all dx functions 
parent of 0003515 resolvedryden Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas When connecting to a server in localhost, the client shouldn't make the download speed check 
parent of 0002948 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Object rotations in .map are in radians 
parent of 0002462 resolvedChrML Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Object rotations are wrong 
parent of 0002951 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client streamer events are not working correctly 
parent of 0002952 resolvedChrML Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Markers exist in all dimensions 
parent of 0002975 resolvedChrML Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas loadClientScripts boolean in startResource doesn't work 
parent of 0002770 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Passing "nil" as the value for xmlNodeSetAttribute does nothing 
parent of 0003474 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client crash with getElementModel when used with objects 
parent of 0003477 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client-side createVehicle doesn't create the vehicle until you move your camera 
parent of 0003488 resolvedaru Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas getCursorPosition takes into account the window frame when it shouldnt 
parent of 0003491 resolvedaru Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: getColorFromString client-side 
parent of 0003309 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: xmlNodeGetAttributes() 
parent of 0003494 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: add get/setRadarAreaColor,get/setRadarAreaSize clientside 
parent of 0003495 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: add a fileDelete 
parent of 0003493 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: add setResourceInfo 
parent of 0003490 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Changing dimensions causes elements in that dimension not to appear unless the camera is moved 
parent of 0003503 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas When you join, existing map objects aren't shown until you change their position 
parent of 0003502 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas More problems relating recently created elements that don't appear until you move your camera 
parent of 0003512 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Changing corona markers to another marker type changes their color 
parent of 0003516 resolvedaru Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas The map editor button in the main menu checks for the existance of a wrong resource 
parent of 0003519 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Still problems with corona markers losing their color when changing the type 
parent of 0003501 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas request: setPedRotation serverside 
parent of 0003576 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setMarkerType crashes the client 
parent of 0003589 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setMarkerType makes cylinder markers loose their alpha values 
parent of 0003601 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas createMarker() RGB arguments are reversed 
parent of 0003602 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setCursorPosition() may move the cursor outside the gta window 
parent of 0003608 resolvedryden Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas The main menu "Map editor preview" button doesn't work 
parent of 0003616 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client-side getMarkerColor() returns the colors reversed 
parent of 0003629 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Sometimes using createObject/createPickup creates the object serverside, but it does not exist clientside. 
parent of 0003633 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setRadarAreaSize() can crash your client or show buggy radar areas for big sizes 
parent of 0003634 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas When you change a blip color client-side, an ugly and big blip appears covering your screen 
parent of 0003635 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Server-side setElementPosition() doesn't work for blips 
parent of 0003663 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Add an optional "start included resources" bool to startResource and restartResource 
parent of 0003667 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Parameter "persistent" of startResource() doesn't work. 
parent of 0003668 resolvedArc Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas When call() parses returned values to send them to another resource, it doesn't do proper table depth checks 
parent of 0003676 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setMarkerColor, setMarkerSize don't work 
parent of 0003694 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas posX, posY and posZ attributes of a <ped> element in a map file aren't loaded. 
parent of 0003695 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Various (lots) interior issues 
parent of 0003696 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas If an element data is an element, it's not sent to connecting players 
parent of 0003709 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Streaming events don't work anymore 
parent of 0003740 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Various issues with peds 
parent of 0003759 resolvedryden Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Client crash 0x0C5DC0F9 
parent of 0003816 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Attributes use Space delimitation instead of Comma delimitation 
parent of 0003823 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Serverside cloneElement on a custom element does not send the cloned element to the client 
parent of 0003839 resolvedArc Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Upon creation of a pickup, the client and server report different interior values 
parent of 0003888 resolvedlil_Toady Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas A ped "interior" attribute is not loaded from .map 
parent of 0003000 resolvedArc Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas xmlLoadFile can't load files from a zipped resource 
parent of 0003906 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Sometimes using getElementID serverside retrives the id serverside, but it is an empty string clientside 
parent of 0004055 resolvedryden Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Setting a pickup's position resets its interior world to 0 
parent of 0004108 resolvedJax Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas loadMapData is very slow compared to resource map loading 
parent of 0005406 resolved Multi Theft Auto : Editor Error in MapEditor, Cant start edit mode anymore. 
parent of 0005405 resolvedGamesnert Multi Theft Auto : Editor Joining in the map editor sometimes spawns you in the wrong dimension 
parent of 0005381 closed Multi Theft Auto : Editor Map Editor: Elements cannot be created without position and rotation data 
parent of 0005243 closed Multi Theft Auto : Editor [Request] Custom object support in Map Editor 
parent of 0004048 closed Multi Theft Auto : Editor [Request] Add a permissions system 
related to 0005398 resolvedGamesnert Multi Theft Auto : Editor Mouse messed up on stopping test-mode while in a vehicle 
child of 0003255 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Priority Issues 



2015-06-26 16:03

manager   ~~0023436

Map editor has it's own road map so no need for this issue.

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