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0002510Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2007-10-06 06:11
ReporterjbetaAssigned Tokevuwk 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 ~2.2GHzOSWindows XP Professional x64 SP1OS Version5.2, Build 3790
Product Versionblue_sa.r2.a12 
Target VersionFixed in Versionmtasadm_v1.0-dp1 
Summary0002510: Elements created from a script aren't correctly placed on the clientside root

Creating any element from a serverside or clientside script will create it right under the global root element on the client, and not under the resource's dynamic map.

Steps To Reproduce

/start runcode
/crun createObject(1337,0,0,0) -- or /run, doesn't matter
/crun map()

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2007-09-23 17:25

administrator   ~~0005800

test with createElement serverside, if this works, i will change the other element creation function (vehicles, objects...), won't be in tonights build though


2007-09-24 19:23

updater   ~~0005808

Will test when bastage is back up.


2007-09-25 11:26

updater   ~~0005809

Serverside createElement places it correctly now.


2007-09-25 12:56

administrator   ~~0005810

createElement, createMarker, createPickup, createObject, createBlip, createRadarArea, createColCircle, createColCube, createColSphere, createColSquare, createColTube, createTeam, createSpawnpoint

should all work properly now server side


2007-09-26 11:23

updater   ~~0005820

Confirmed, all those serverside functions are correct now.


2007-10-06 06:11

administrator   ~~0005920

createElement, createVehicle, createMarker, createPickup, createObject, createBlip, createBlipAttachedTo, createRadarArea, createColCircle, createColCube, createColSphere, createColSquare, createColTube

should all use the correct parent now


2007-10-06 06:11

administrator   ~~0005921

should be fixed tonight

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