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0002503Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGUI / Menus / Consolepublic2007-09-16 04:33
ReporterLucif3rAssigned ToOli 
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Target VersionFixed in Versionmtasadm_v1.0-dp1 
Summary0002503: Removing a non-existing GUI row causes a c++ error

topic says most of it...

If youre trying to remove a row (guiGridListRemoveRow()) that hasnt been created yet, you will get a lovely c++ error.

This can easily be reproduced with Interstate69, just choose any vehicle except Elegy and Bus first.

But hurry up, caus ive added a check to it now, which i wanna test soon :P

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2007-09-15 12:01

administrator   ~~0005720

added potential fix, needs testing


2007-09-16 04:33

administrator   ~~0005727

I find people don't take notice of 'feedback status' or 'needs testing comments', so I just set them to resolved, like this.. ;)

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