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0002080Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2009-09-29 21:58
ReporterLucif3r Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0 
Target Version1.0.1Fixed in Version1.0.1 
Summary0002080: 2 players with the same nickname causes network trouble.

Not sure if this is a known 'bug', but ill report it anyway..

If someone called 'player' (example) is playing on the server, and another guy joins with the same nick, the first player gets 'network trouble' and have to rejoin.

I think this needs to be fixed before the public beta.

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has duplicate 0004912 closedccw Same name already connected - result: Network trouble 



2007-05-26 05:06

administrator   ~~0004628

How did you get this exactly? It should only kick the person already on the server if both IPs match, eg: when you crash and try to reconnect quickly.


2007-05-26 05:35

reporter   ~~0004631

Last edited: 2007-05-26 05:38

Played with my laptop and workstation, both with the nick "Lucif3r"... Lappy got in first, and when WS joined lappy got network trouble..
I left it there for about 5minz before i reconnected lappy, and then WS got the same thing...
Changed name on one of them and everything worked fine.

edit: both comps have the same WAN IP.


2007-05-26 06:07

administrator   ~~0004635

First will get a disconnect message now.


2009-09-16 00:15

administrator   ~~0010496

Fixed in

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