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0001566Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2007-05-02 11:34
Reportererorr404 Assigned ToIJs  
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Product Versionblue_sa.r2.a12 
Summary0001566: Major pauses for all players

During our 5+ people test today, we started experiencing frequent pauses, where the screen stops for a fraction of a second.

I know that these always occur when someone dies or when someone joins the game.

Other times it seems to happen for no reason at all. At one point they started happening every second or so and it became unplayable. I wasn't around anybody at the time so it wasn't due to fps lag. We had to restart the map in order to fix this.

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2006-09-21 20:28

manager   ~~0003512

I experienced this as well, but I thought it was my PC. I lowered the resolution and it still did it.


2006-09-21 22:11

developer   ~~0003513

If anyone that was playing that night remembers what they were doing when those heavy pauses started happening, please share. eAi said that changing clothes can also cause this lag.


2006-10-11 14:40

manager   ~~0003557

Apparently this is something to do with clothing.


2006-10-16 18:33

developer   ~~0003571

There is now a big pause when players spawn (I think it was present before but was fixed).


2006-10-24 21:44

developer   ~~0003592

We need to organize a test with as many people as we can, and with devs present, so they can debug this.


2006-12-23 13:59

administrator   ~~0003828

Please try and test if, at the moment of the slowdown, there is any GUI activity (new chat lines), etc.


2007-01-20 16:35

administrator   ~~0003906

And monitor the pings.


2007-01-21 19:04

administrator   ~~0003976

This has been happening frequently server-side too: no chat response and player movement (or fixed player movement) for about 3 seconds every 1 or 2 minutes. Not sure if it's caused by some resource.


2007-01-22 11:56

administrator   ~~0003996

My report is related to CRC checksum code, probably.


2007-02-04 05:50

developer   ~~0004018

To test this properly, we'll need to get 6+ people into the server at once and have them do all sorts of stuff. Then we can pin down the causes better.


2007-02-24 07:08

administrator   ~~0004062

Please check if this is fixed, may be related to server-side resource caching (thus already fixed)... and were these freezes renderer freezes or lag spikes?


2007-02-24 08:52

administrator   ~~0004065

i have seen this recently on the koth resource by talidan where a timer messes up a little, starts giving loads of errors and i had pauses every second or so


2007-03-04 14:10

administrator   ~~0004119

That's normal behaviour with CEGUI in debug mode. A lot of GUI activity means a significant performance degradation.


2007-03-04 18:21

developer   ~~0004122

The GUI may be one of the causes, but this was also caused by changing clothes, players spawning, players joining, and other things we haven't discovered yet.


2007-03-28 19:50

administrator   ~~0004256

Which all output to the GUI. I know the GUI can take 0.2 seconds of processing time before outputting a chat line.


2007-04-17 16:53

administrator   ~~0004398

This needs to be re-tested, as the chatbox is rewritten.


2007-05-02 11:33

administrator   ~~0004445

Last edited: 2007-05-02 11:34

Caused by the currently blocking model loading.

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