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0001455Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasWeaponspublic2009-08-23 02:19
Reportererorr404 Assigned ToJax  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.0Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0001455: Flame from mollies stays on weapon switch

If someone is holding a molotov and switches to another weapon, the flame image will remain at the spot where the weapon was switched. It seems to disappear soon after (or when someone switches from mollie again?). You can only see this effect when remote players switch weaps, not when you do.

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2006-07-03 23:47

updater   ~~0003286

probaly related to the same issue: i was using a fire extinuisher, killed erorr, and intantly picked up his dropped weapon (a cane in this cas). the forced a switch to the cane and when i looked back, my extinguicher smoke kept going. i could see and hear it, but it didnt do any harm. something about weapon particle effects that stay n after a weapon change. (possible only forced weapon changes?)


2007-01-20 18:13

administrator   ~~0003928

Please verify.


2007-03-13 01:12

developer   ~~0004160

Still here, also happens with jetpacks btw.


2007-04-14 14:20

updater   ~~0004385

Seems it can be reproduced by getting a molotov, then getting (not switching to) another weapon. It also happens locally.

If you re-equip it, the flame comes back to the molotov cocktail.


2007-11-20 02:25

administrator   ~~0006397

Could be suspended for the first release imo.


2009-06-24 19:30

administrator   ~~0009717

Still there?

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