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0001254Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2007-09-16 21:49
ReporterRansom Assigned ToeAi  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Versionblue_sa.r2.a12 
Summary0001254: Abnormalities in created objects

So far we have noticed the following abnormalities:

  1. They are icy when you sprint on them

  2. Cannot hang from them, either you autoclimb (which is usually done when you are climbing small objects) or it is too high for CJ

  3. Many created objects put underwater or partially underwater appear not to have any water covering them

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2006-04-22 12:48

viewer   ~~0002955

This really needs to be fixed.


2006-04-25 02:40

administrator   ~~0002973

I concur.


2006-04-25 02:48

developer   ~~0002974

Also you stay in place when they are moving, rather than moving with them. The side opposite from the direction of motion also becomes collision-less.


2006-04-25 10:13

administrator   ~~0002976



2006-05-17 11:26

administrator   ~~0003065

This will fix itself if we get buildings to work.


2006-09-20 23:05

administrator   ~~0003503

bumped - urgent


2006-09-21 01:27

updater   ~~0003504

i can drop down from normal objects


2007-04-06 07:44

administrator   ~~0004307

Any progress on it?


2007-04-25 22:03

administrator   ~~0004425

The streaming is pretty bad on these objects as well. Go to the desert and you'll see everything really far away easily. Play c&c_weapons and you can't see the entire thing, even though its small. Created objects have lots of problems...


2007-04-25 22:07

administrator   ~~0004426

How big are the objects you're using Ransom, and how many are you using. That's probably the cause of your specific problems.

Also, that note is not relevant to this bug.


2007-04-26 14:10

administrator   ~~0004430

I'm well aware of the limits, as I showed with port 69, these are much less, it just cant stream big objects well. 250 vs. 450 is a huge difference

So how is this not related? It obviously is a result of applying objects in an inappropriate way, or else they would work properly. It is related and worth noting. The streamer has been changed many times, with no avail.


2007-08-25 09:59

administrator   ~~0005454

Regarding the under-water issue: it could very well be that GTA has no checks to set an object as "under water" (under water objects require a different way of rendering, as you may have noticed). This would mean either we, or you, have to implement this. I don't think it's really important right now.


2007-09-16 21:45

updater   ~~0005742

Splitting this bug on dev request.

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