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0001172Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2006-09-18 05:54
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Summary0001172: R2 Tracking Issue


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parent of 0001031 resolvedeAi Fix sniper 
parent of 0001030 resolvedJax Respawn dead vehicles 
parent of 0001032 resolvedeAi Goggle items affects all players 
parent of 0001033 resolvedeAi Sync projectiles 
parent of 0001165 resolvedeAi Knocking off motorcycle causes desync 
parent of 0001106 resolvedeAi Sync drive-bys 
parent of 0001161 resolvedChrML If someone tries to jack you but aborts, the jacked player will get stuck inside the vehicle 
parent of 0001035 resolvedKent Smooth out the player sync 
parent of 0001118 resolvedeAi Dual hand weapons doesn't always sync 
parent of 0001170 resolvedeAi Cursor gets offset when aiming 
parent of 0001219 resolvedJax Strange player warping 



2006-09-18 05:53

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