Scheduled For Release 2017-07-01

Second major release of Map Editor.

0008535: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not always increase object IDs after creation (arranTuna)
0008494: [Map Editor] Map Editor does not apply object rotations defined in an .edf file (Jusonex)
0008414: [Map Editor] [Request] Brown streak carriage in map editor (arranTuna)
0007288: [Map Editor] Editor support for hardcoded fileCopy function (arranTuna)
0007693: [Map Editor] Add object breakable option (sbx320)
0007550: [Map Editor] Map Editor shouldn't overwrite script lines in meta.xml (arranTuna)
0007425: [Map Editor] Make objects, created by editor, have LOD model preinstalled (arranTuna)
0004767: [Map Editor] Race EDF - Can't enter pickup properties GUI (arranTuna)
0007311: [Map Editor] Map editor doesn't load object properly but race gamemode does. (arranTuna)
0007509: [Map Editor] Weapon model changes to 1337 after saving/loading some times (arranTuna)
0007405: [Map Editor] Some settings aren't reset when you start a new map after working in another (arranTuna)
0007275: [Map Editor] Gamemode Settings are not in Test When no Save Before Test (arranTuna)
0007300: [Map Editor] Copying a scaled object resets the object scale back to 1 (arranTuna)
0007277: [General] Add object collisions option (arranTuna)
0005791: [Map Editor] Placing peds (arranTuna)
0006612: [Map Editor] cannot save data "Invert Mouse Look" (arranTuna)
0006704: [Map Editor] Add a scale option for the map editor (arranTuna)
0007091: [Map Editor] Map settings change to default after map testing. (arranTuna)
0006723: [General] RGB Color Picker For Vehicles (arranTuna)
0006324: [Map Editor] duplicating race checkpoints in editor (ccw)
0004059: [Map Editor] Make test mode only start for the player who pressed F5 or the test button. (arranTuna)
0006292: [GUI] Progress indicator for loading procedures (arranTuna)
0004381: [General] Can't change the position of an object any longer. (arranTuna)
0004793: [Map Editor] You cannot select trains in the map editor (arranTuna)
0005590: [Map Editor] map settings ignored in test mode (arranTuna)
0006255: [Multi Theft Auto : Editor] Saving, loading, problems (arranTuna)
0006090: [General] Cloned objects don't keep the doublesided attribute (arranTuna)
0004855: [Map Editor] briefcaserace edf - player spawnpoint looks weird (arranTuna)
0005643: [Map Editor] I can't open any map (arranTuna)
0006073: [Map Editor] Create vehicle error (Talidan)
0005246: [General] Race always ends on the first checkpoint when in testing mode (Flobu)
0005406: [Map Editor] Error in MapEditor, Cant start edit mode anymore.
0005398: [Map Editor] Mouse messed up on stopping test-mode while in a vehicle (Gamesnert)
0005463: [Map Editor] Huge maps in the mapeditor don't load completely (Gamesnert)
0005405: [Map Editor] Joining in the map editor sometimes spawns you in the wrong dimension (Gamesnert)
0005478: [Map Editor] Slightly oversized patch for the map editor (Gamesnert)
0005214: [General] Random bug causing Map Editor to delete huge ammounts of your objects in a map (ccw)
0005237: [General] [EDITOR] Cloned EDF elements are always in interior 0 (Flobu)
0005238: [EDF] [EDITOR] Client-side EDF scripts aren't loaded on join (Flobu)
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