Moving to GitHub

Jusonex      2018-07-24 23:51

In order to simplify our server infrastructure, we decided to migrate to GitHub Issues.

Mantis will be read-only soon, so PLEASE REPORT NEW ISSUES AT

Creating new reports and submitting source patches

IJs      2008-11-23 00:35

How to submit a report

We have moved to GitHub issues! Please create an account and submit your issue there.

If you want to submit a source code patch, you can create a pull request.

To keep our main projects clean from new reports that are improperly submitted or are otherwise lacking, we have set up this separate projects where you will be able to submit new reports.

New reports will be moved to the appropriate area by a moderator after they have been verified to be valid.
Pull requests will be merged once we have verified their stability and usability.

Issue sponsorship

ccw      2012-05-27 18:39

You can now attempt to bribe MTA developers to fix your favorite bug or add some new feature to MTA:SA.

All monies collected go towards meeting the costs of running the MTA:SA servers. (Full details of which are available somewhere)

Reporting bugs in MTA resources

jhxp      2009-02-24 16:26

You can now report bugs or feature requests for official resources included with MTASA server packages.

To do so, choose the New issues project, then file a report under the Resources category. For reporting bugs in the new Map Editor, use its own category.

Make sure that you include the Resource name in the summary, so we can quickly see what the report is about.
Examples of a good report summary:

Admin: Names in the players list are cut off
CTF-csitaly: Map limits are set wrong

Reports will be moved to the MTA : Resources project once they are verified. Keep in mind however that you should only report issues that are present in the latest version of resources, available on , as issues with old dp2.x resources are often already solved in the newest version. You can still try to verify them in their latest versions, if the problem is still there, do not hesitate to report it.

Welcome to Multi Theft Auto's bug tracking system

IJs      2008-11-22 15:02

Our "bug" tracker is used to report more than just bugs: feature requests, change logs, roadmaps and relevant development news are also handled on this tracker.

If you are a developer interested in contributing or just checking out our project, be sure to head over to our Google Code page at for more information.

We encourage developers to submit patches against our code repository to this bug tracker. Our project maintainers will then review the patch and apply if possible. If you are interested in joining our project as a developer, we recommend you to show us your interest through these patches.

If you are an user looking to report (or view) any issues on this tracker, you are free to do so. You will need a valid Multi Theft Auto Community account at in order to create or edit reports.

We expect anyone that is willing to contribute by means of testing or development to follow our guidelines. Make sure your reports are filed properly, as detailed as possible, and where applicable including the steps to reproduce the issue. Any reports that do not conform to our standards will be removed to keep the tracker clean.

Have fun.