Release date: 30. July 2014
Goal: Localization & OOP

0008719: [Scripting] setVehicleComponentRotation in (ccw)
0008215: [General] base64Decode cannot handle binary data (sbx320)
0005645: [Server] [Request] Add getElementMatrix serverside (qaisjp)
0008617: [Client] When being hit by a car and then teleporting into a new car, you continue to die (Cazomino05)
0003022: [Scripting] Scripting functions for creating bullets/shots (Cazomino05)
0008407: [Vehicles] Vehicle gets frozen when setting its model while in it (ccw)
0008254: [Client] Elements lose velocity when streamed-in players fire their weapons (Cazomino05)
0008303: [GUI] Some GUI problems (ccw)
0008385: No UTF-8 symbols on some Windows dialogs at start (ccw)
0008064: [Client] Filepath isn't shown in the debug for the client files with no cache (ccw)
0008343: [GUI] visual GUI bug (launcher) (Jusonex)
0008332: [Client] Entering a taxi causes visible change in money counter (Jusonex)
0008376: [Vehicles] Can't enter attached Brown Streak Carriages (Jusonex)
0008219: [General] toJSON/fromJSON doesn't handle binary data properly (sbx320)
0008363: [Client] 1.4-release-6686 attachTrailerToVehicle client side with trains can freeze client (Cazomino05)
0008366: [Client] Remington with suspensionLowerLimit of 0 breaks the game (Cazomino05)
0008358: [Weapons] When attaching weapon and setting weaponTarget to nil, unexpected behaviour occurs. (ccw)
0008294: [Server] Linux 1.4 server crash (ccw)
0008360: [Scripting] OOP functions don't work with GuiStaticImage elements
0008141: [Client] Hungarian MTA 1.4 client design, layouts bug (ccw)
0008156: [GUI] GUI fail in Interface in german (ccw)
0008352: [Synchronization] Explosions can desync unoccupied vehicles (ccw)
0008317: [General] setElementParent breakes setElementDimension / setElementInterior (ccw)
0008349: [Client] playSound3D doesn't work while spectating other player (ccw)
0008311: [Vehicles] [1.4] custom vehicle sirens not working correctly (Cazomino05)
0008344: [Server] getVehicleOfTypes returns all vehicles (Jusonex)
0008301: [Scripting] Enable Opus encoded audio files playback in playSound and playSound3D functions (Cazomino05)
0008331: [Map Editor] Mapping in train tunnels not showing (ccw)
0008310: [Server] getPedOccupiedVehicle sometimes returns invalid element (sbx320)
0008306: [Client] [1.4] Created effects cannot be destroyed or attached. (sbx320)
0008333: [Scripting] Issues with createProjectile (Cazomino05)
0008199: [Client] Korean unicode requires two space presses. (Talidan)
0007620: [Client] Hydra keeps loosing velocity in the air (Cazomino05)
0008325: [Client] createProjectile rockets always facing north (Cazomino05)
0008314: [Client] MTA crashing with smoke grenades (Cazomino05)
0007809: [General] [p] Vehicles fall through the map and lose their syncer (Cazomino05)
       0005233: [Client] Vehicle Falling off the map issue (Cazomino05)
       0004175: [Client] Vehicles are randomly "moved"/respawned (Cazomino05)
       0006492: [Client] Vehicles fall through the water without drowning and teleport to the nearest part of San Andreas (Cazomino05)
0008287: [GUI] setElementCallPropagation doesn't work with GUI elements' alpha (Jusonex)
0008284: [Scripting] [1.4] OOP - Vehicle (Cazomino05)
0008252: [Server] getAccountPlayer can sometimes return an invalid element (sbx320)
0008283: [Server] [1.4] addVehicleUpgrade doesn't accept strings any more (sbx320)
0008279: [Server] [1.4] Crashes and ERROR: CPerPlayerEntity problem: m_Players (Cazomino05)
0008277: [Server] [1.4] Server createMarker requires marker type (Jusonex)
0008138: [Installer] Windows 64 bit Installer works but won't close (ccw)
0008148: [Synchronization] Desync when calling spawnPlayer from an event handler remotely triggered from within onClientPlayerWasted (Cazomino05)
0007036: [Client] Create explosion passes through servers (Jusonex)
0007536: [Client] Binding mouse_wheel_up/down to Sprint makes you run extremely fast (ccw)
0007551: [Client] Lua maths with larger numbers (ccw)
0007598: [Client] Unable to uninstall MTA:SA 1.4 (L10n) (Talidan)
0007731: [Scripting] [Request] sourceResource parameter for onElementDataChange (ccw)
0007854: [Server] Latest nightly (mtasa-1.3.4-rc-5870-20131009) broke the server application (ccw)
0007882: [Client] Throwing grenade cause crash. (ccw)
0007883: [Client] Depth buffer access (while antialiasing on) messes up screen output. (ccw)
0007888: [Client] Crash on r5905 (latest) (ccw)
0007897: [Server] [Request] Responsible resource parameter in onElementDestroy (ccw)
0007932: [Client] dxCreateFont doesn't close the file after creating font (ccw)
0007944: [Server] Server can crash when calling setControlState with a ped (sbx320)
0007954: [Client] Ped attached objects slide when ped walks on slopes. (ccw)
0007959: [Client] Cyrillic letters turn symbols in the latest update (ccw)
0007980: [Client] MTA doesn't close COL files after replacing collisions (sbx320)
0008006: [Client] [Request] Make an mtasa:// protocol typo handler (sbx320)
0008022: [Scripting] getPlayerACInfo always fails to return MD5 and size (ccw)
0008044: [Server] ElementFrozen for Players is desynced after spawnPlayer (sbx320)
0008268: [Client] [1.4] "Beats" radio in playSFX crash game (Cazomino05)
0008267: [Client] setSoundPan doesn't support player elements (Jusonex)
0008266: [General] Allow setElementAlpha for Markers (Jusonex)
0008264: [Server] when setWeaponAmmo is given wrong/nil arguments, the server crashes. (Jusonex)
0008212: [Client] [1.3.5-6357] Time out when joining any server (ccw)
0008206: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Serial is different on my server compared to my game itself (ccw)
0008194: [Scripting] setJetpackWeaponEnabled dont have effect for some weapons (ccw)
0007068: [Server] setPedAnimationProgress crashes clients when performed on unstreamed peds
0007894: [Scripting] getElementSyncer with players and occupied vehicles (Cazomino05)
0008130: [Client] Top-positioned taskbar not being drawn over (ccw)
0008241: [Client] [REQUEST] Functions simillar to PlaySFX, PlaySFX3D to play GTA SA radio files (sbx320)
0006868: [Client] engineReplaceModel not works with some models (sbx320)
0008232: [Scripting] [Request] isChatVisible (Jusonex)
0008185: [Scripting] [Request] Function to get player's localisation setting (Talidan)
0008174: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [request] nil/false in Lua to NULL in SQL (ccw)
0008203: [Server] [REQUST] fallback/backup httpdownloadurl (ccw)
0008204: [Server] pregMatch could freeze the server (ccw)
0008111: [Server] [REQUEST] Ability to modify/edit bans (ccw)
0006784: [Client] The money "counts down" GTA-Style when you change a server (sbx320)
0004732: [Server] getResourceConfig() doesn't work on foreign resources (sbx320)
0008167: [Server] [Request] Ability to turn off MTA's internal exception handler (ccw)
0008125: [Client] Settings are overlapped in "Video" tab (sbx320)
0008144: [Server] 'HTTP server file mismatch' errors when trying to play on a server that uses 64-bit Linux server build (sbx320)
0008142: [Scripting] [request] getAccountsUsingSerial (Jusonex)
0008098: [Server] Server debug script spam about getResourceRootElement (sbx320)
0007585: [Client] createParticle() function (sbx320)
0005902: [Scripting] Not all FX are supported by MTA (sbx320)
0007837: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] "unknown" name for scripts without cache saving (ccw)
0007873: [Resources] [1.4] Setting oop to false in meta.xml does not work when server is restarted. (lil_Toady)
0007806: [Scripting] isPedOnFire doesn't Works correctly (sbx320)
0007757: [Server] setAccountData clips the digits after the decimal point (Jusonex)
0007714: [Server] crash & issue with addBan in 1.4 (sbx320)
0007642: [Server] getModelHandling(incorrect model id) crashes the server (ccw)
0007597: [Server] setJetpackWeaponEnabled() do not work to disable jetpack weapons (Jusonex)
0007427: [Server] onPlayerQuit not called on shutdown (was:Priority for onResourceStop does not work) (ccw)
0007635: [Server] Server side vehicle engine state incorrect when driver warped in (sbx320)
0007615: [Server] onPedWasted not triggered, when ped died because the vehicle he was in, exploded. (sbx320)
0007608: [Server] setVehicleLandingGearDown - doesnt always work (sbx320)
0007605: [Client] [Request] Add onClientKey support for "PRTSC" key. (ccw)
0006861: [Client] Teams members aren't sent to clients if set in onResourceStart (lil_Toady)
0007057: [Server] Request bitwise operations (Jusonex)
0007572: [Client] [Request] Client-side setFPSLimit (ccw)
0007568: [Client] Vertexshader fails on some objects. (ccw)
0007512: [Client] Entering to bus as 9th ped causes network trouble (sbx320)
0004731: [Server] onColShapeHit isn't triggered for towed vehicles server side (sbx320)
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