Release date: 17. December 2011
Goal: Fix more obscure issues and implement features that have large applications but not high-priority demand.

0005236: [Maps] LOD system for custom models (ccw)
0006460: [Server] autologin allows login if the account is already in use (Cazomino05)
0005764: [Server] tonumber on floats returns nil (ccw)
0006001: [Synchronization] Inaccurate shooting sync (Cazomino05)
0006702: [Client] Crash on connect (ccw)
0006422: [Client] Incorrect width of GUI Tab title with Unicode symbols (while first creating) (ccw)
0006720: [Resources] Few errors and warnings of resources (arranTuna)
0006699: [Client] All vehicles in a mapfile have the same color and variant (ccw)
0006426: [Server] resetMapInfo sets the level of the predefined water bodies and pools to the sea level (Mr.Hankey)
0004361: [Scripting] Water elements destroyed through resetMapInfo do not reappear (ccw)
0005189: [Client] Water/clouds invisible through the vehicles windows (ccw)
0006561: [Client] Loading system fonts can sometimes fail (ccw)
0006708: [Client] Loading of CJ clothes causes client pauses (ccw)
0006698: [Resources] GPS causes errors when path or path2 used incorrectly (arranTuna)
0006694: [Client] Change dual-wielded weapon animations. (Cazomino05)
0004035: [General] Integrate MySQL into MTA server, and unify interface with SQlite (ccw)
0006597: [Server] Actually save data to registry.db and internal.db (ccw)
0005962: [Synchronization] Sawnoff shotgun glitch (Cazomino05)
0006163: [Synchronization] Fix lightweight sync (Cazomino05)
0006686: [Resources] It is impossible to get the Hotring racer with ID 502 by typing it's name, (Cazomino05)
0005982: [Synchronization] Add option to disable/enable very close range extreme damage (Cazomino05)
0006439: [Client] Created vehicle suddenly warps to far location (Cazomino05)
0005625: [Client] [Request] clientside functions toJSON, fromJSON (ccw)
0006567: [Server] function to rename resource (ccw)
0006568: [Server] copyResource() function does not function (ccw)
0005169: [Synchronization] Optimize puresync and keysync broadcasting (ccw)
0005484: [Server] function to delete resources (ccw)
0003162: [Scripting] setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay doesn't work (mekorea)
0006367: [Client] Unicode symbols dont show in "disconnected" window. (Talidan)
0005423: [Server] [Request] More debug for infinite running script (mekorea)
0006277: [Client] CEGUI Chat unicode bug (Talidan)
0005868: [Scripting] [Request] onChatMessage server-side (mekorea)
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