Release date: 25. August 2011
Goal: Relatively large bugfixes that affect the gameplay and usability of 1.0.

Introduction of features that were in development for, but did not ship with 1.0.

0005146: [Server] Explosions show in all dimensions (Cazomino05)
0005886: [Client] [Editor] Objects' positions gets resetted and setted when moving the camera (ccw)
0005239: [Client] [Request]Add a camera view mode parameter to setCameraTarget() (Mr.Hankey)
0001271: [General] Object limit increase (ccw)
0006097: [Synchronization] Implement light puresync packets (ryden)
       0005743: [Synchronization] Optimize the puresync bandwidth usage for entities out of range (ryden)
0005728: [Client] Creating "Brown Streak Carriage" (model 570) crashes the client (ccw)
0006412: [Client] Reconnect doesn't always connect to last played server (ccw)
0006464: [Client] dxDrawImage width and height paramateres not working properly. (ccw)
0006437: [Client] Assertion Error when playing and modifiing sounds (Cazomino05)
0005745: [General] When too many objects loaded by the streaming engine, the client starts to lag (ryden)
0006387: [Client] Unable to edit GUI (ccw)
0006373: [Client] Inability to use ' properly on certain keyboards (ccw)
0006352: [Client] Editing vehicle handling while NOS is enabled causes the vehicle to act weird (Cazomino05)
0006384: [Client] getCursorPosition() does not work unless showCursor() is used (ccw)
0006381: [Scripting] getSoundLength returns incorrect length value for streamed out elements (ccw)
0006377: [Server] outputChatBox long unicode strings are not correctly displayed (ccw)
0006364: [GUI / Menus / Console] [1.1] Auto complete in console adds last pressed button (ccw)
0006374: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat doesnt adjust input area for multiple lines in 1.1 (ccw)
0006368: [Server] addVehicleUpgrade (server-side only) doesn't work on vehicles whose models have been set from bikes to cars (Cazomino05)
0006369: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Cars transformed from Andromadas spawn without wheels (Cazomino05)
0005496: [Server] [REQUEST] setPedAnimationProgress scripting function (ccw)
0006333: [Scripting] Stop out of range sounds entirely (ccw)
0006341: [Client] Assertion failure in CMultiplayerSA.cpp (ccw)
0006241: [Scripting] getPacketLoss() function request (ccw)
0006316: [Client] [1.1] Certain shaders fail because of d3d9.dll (ccw)
0006342: [Server] Serverside get/set aircraftMaxHeight (x86)
0005818: [Client] Crosshair and sniperscope option for showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0005763: [Scripting] Fix or remove "explode" argument in blowVehicle (Mr.Hankey)
0006212: [Client] Make server browser more clear (ccw)
0006314: [Client] The browser where you type for find a server doesn't work (ccw)
0006047: [Client] Function to check wether a player has used alt+tab (ccw)
0006297: [Server] triggerClientEvent not resolved (lil_Toady)
0006307: [Client] Render targets have a tendency to break with alt+tab (ccw)
0006293: [Client] Add function to disable/enable water sound (ccw)
0006301: [Client] guiComboBoxGetItemText(combo, -1) crashes (x86)
0006189: [Client] Lossy packaging with tables during triggerServerEvent (lil_Toady)
0006072: [GUI / Menus / Console] Ensure labels cannot overlap buttons throughout the GUI (Cazomino05)
0006115: [Vehicles] Jacking a player results in net trouble and can't enter vehicles (Gamesnert)
0006276: [Client] host game not comtatible with new resource folders structure (ccw)
0005585: [Client] getChatboxLayout().chat_scale returns invalid values (ccw)
0004919: [Client] Disable GTA Weapon shooting sounds (ccw)
0006271: [Client] Engine functions not useable (ccw)
0006222: [Client] Client crash when join a Server (ccw)
0006248: [Client] playSound accessType parameter missing (ccw)
0006259: [Server] setAttachedElementOffsets has some form of rotation bug (ccw)
0006254: [GUI / Menus / Console] "MTA:SA 1.0 required"-box has a text problem (ccw)
0006161: [Client] Multi Theft Auto.exe doesn't close (ccw)
0006249: [Scripting] s/getElementAttachedOffsets don't use degrees (Mr.Hankey)
0006236: [Client] Restarting a resource containing shaders can fail with "No valid technique" (ccw)
0006240: [Client] Some shader examples don't work like they should (ccw)
0003457: [Vehicles] request: Complete handling function set (Cazomino05)
       0005922: [Scripting] [Handling] Add functions for handling and model flags (Cazomino05)
       0005759: [Scripting] [Handling] Limits required on handling properties (Cazomino05)
       0005921: [Synchronization] [Handling] RecalculateSuspension recalculates all vehicles of that model (Arc)
       0005761: [Scripting] [Handling] certain properties don't work or are useless (Cazomino05)
0005979: [GUI / Menus / Console] Options: Video, audio, and chatbox have no default button (Cazomino05)
0006065: [Client] 1.1 FPS issues (ccw)
       0006060: [Client] 1.1 FPS issue 1: dxscoreboard reduces FPS (much more than in 1.0.5) (ccw)
       0006146: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 3: FPS drops on shoot from "Hunter" (ccw)
       0006147: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 4: FPS drop after restarting a resource. (ccw)
       0006148: [General] 1.1 FPS issue 5: Periods of FPS drops for no apparent reason (ccw)
0006181: [Client] Monster truck is impossible to drive in a straight line (Cazomino05)
0006153: [Client] Crash MTA with refresh (Towncivilian)
0006173: [Client] Brass knuckle by creating a pickup on your current position (Cazomino05)
0005858: [Synchronization] Make resetMapInfo take away weapons (Cazomino05)
       0005835: [Scripting] Not possible to simulate satchel detonation (Cazomino05)
0005988: [Server] If a pickup is created inside the player they will improperly take the pickup (Cazomino05)
0006190: [Synchronization] [1.1] Ped death Issues
       0006180: [Client] Killing a ped slides you towards him (ryden)
0006157: [Client] triggerServerEvent isnt useable (ryden)
0006075: [Client] dxDrawText - Add parameters of X and Y scaling (ccw)
0006187: [GUI / Menus / Console] [1.1 Beta] 'Server Browser' text hitbox on main menu can become offset (Talidan)
0006183: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Often sky mess up in r2797 (ccw)
0006210: [Client] Creating many fonts can make to objects fade in and out (When restarting a resource several times) (ccw)
0006207: [Scripting] function name 'areInteriorSoundsEnabled' makes my tummy hurt (ccw)
0006206: [Client] set(Ped)AnalogControlState (Talidan)
0005986: [Client] New menu mouse over seems inaccurate (Talidan)
0006113: [Client] radioID 13 (Cazomino05)
0005517: [Client] dxDrawText does not always display newlines (\n) (and wordwrap does not work) (ccw)
0006049: [Client] GUI tab panel tabs won't get added if GUI not visible (lil_Toady)
0006166: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Moving doors don't move (Gamesnert)
0005961: [GUI / Menus / Console] Main menu leaves large black sides on widescreen resolutions (Talidan)
0006078: [GUI / Menus / Console] The Latest News box disappears from main menu after changing the GUI skin (Talidan)
0006176: [Client] Custom fonts crashes (ccw)
0006182: [Client] guiBringToFront and guiMoveToBack not working on labels (lil_Toady)
0006179: [Client] [1.1 Beta] dxCreateScreenSource causes crash with maximize
0005881: [Client] Wantel level hud disappear after using setElementModel / setPedSkin clientside (Cazomino05)
0005873: [Client] FPS-Limiter reduces FPS (ccw)
0006168: [Client] showPlayerHudComponent("all", false) does not hide area names. (x86)
0006170: [Scripting] New exports[resourcePointer]:someFunction(...) syntax for client and server (x86)
0006174: [Client] ClipBoard lua functionality (lil_Toady)
0005230: [Client] binding same key with same command, but diffrent value dont works (ccw)
0006020: [Scripting] Add account data change event (lil_Toady)
0006059: [Client] Exported functions break if the owner resource is restarted
0006164: [Client] [1.1 Beta] postGUI in dxDrawText may not work (ccw)
0005803: [Client] setVehicleDoorOpenRatio doesn't appear to take vehicle entry / exiting into account (ryden)
0005750: [Synchronization] Solve the problem of stacked element ids reusal causing issues with poorly coded scripts (ryden)
0006096: [General] Increase the available streamer memory (ryden)
0006142: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Pressing G while climbing or jumping results in crash (Gamesnert)
0006126: [Server] Linux 1.1-2700 server crashes with unknown reason (ccw)
0006128: [Client] Impossible to create directories (ccw)
0006141: [Client] [1.1 Beta] Label alignment "center" "right" "bottom" are mixed up (ccw)
0006070: [Server] Allow to start resources from another cataloge than 'resources'/. (ccw)
0003482: [Scripting] request: onClientKey ( state ) (Jax)
0005709: [Server] add on(Player)Command Event (Gamesnert)
0006085: [Server] fromJSON does not work correctly (Gamesnert)
0005751: [General] Fix or revert r2146 (Gamesnert)
0005752: [General] Fix or revert r2145 (Gamesnert)
0005849: [Client] Garages don't close when local player is inside it (Cazomino05)
0005985: [Server] redirectPlayer() saves password (Cazomino05)
0006053: [Client] outputDebugString can output random charachters (ccw)
0006039: [Client] Crash when restarting a resource and crashes when joining from then on (ccw)
0006052: [Client] All aspect ratio support. (ccw)
0005958: [GUI / Menus / Console] Implement Bidi and Arabic input for CEGUI (Talidan)
0005120: [Installer] Require nickname/player name on install (Talidan)
0004270: [General] Many objects crash the Editor (Talidan)
0004965: [Synchronization] Gluing on vehicles allows you to fire with infinite ammo (Talidan)
0005133: [General] GTA's keybinds are not correctly copied after first install. (Talidan)
0005959: [GUI / Menus / Console] News items get cut off on low resolutions (Talidan)
0005990: [GUI / Menus / Console] Commands to hide chat and hud are different formats (showchat [0/1], hud[0/1]) (Talidan)
0003135: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiLabelGetFontHeight does not work for sa-header and gothic font (Talidan)
0005955: [Scripting] Implement heuristic UTF-8 detection (Talidan)
0005933: [Client] Clientscript doesn't load (Talidan)
0006029: [Server] An empty lua file will crash the server (Talidan)
0005987: [Server] takeWeapon / takeWeaponAmmo can result in having negative ammo (ccw)
0005975: [Client] Severe performance loss in 1.1 unstables (ccw)
0006038: [GUI / Menus / Console] 1.1-unstable-2535 to 1.1-unstable-2539 crash when starting the game (x86)
0005544: [Client] mtasa:// uri's don't prompt for a server password. (Talidan)
0006019: [GUI] Implement a copyToClipboard function (lil_Toady)
0006005: [GUI] Implement guiGridListGetColumnCount (lil_Toady)
0006006: [GUI] guiGridListRemoveColumn doesn't work correctly (lil_Toady)
0006017: [GUI] Can't guiBringToFront/MoveToBack gui labels (lil_Toady)
0005899: [GUI] guiComboBoxAddItem doesn't work with unicode text (Talidan)
0005972: [Client] Hosting a local server will crash on unstable-2445 (ccw)
0005796: [Scripting] Request: Gamesnert's world and weather scripting functions server-side (Gamesnert)
0005584: [Client] [Request] toggle default music in interiors (Gamesnert)
0003919: [General] Implement support for unicode text (Talidan)
0005843: [Synchronization] Network trouble when playing on local server (ccw)
0005616: [Client] can has gui improvements?
0005648: [Client] Can't copy full text from console in 1.1 (Talidan)
0005758: [Client] Images in new menu (Talidan)
0005792: [Scripting] Implement UTF-8 BOM support for Lua (Talidan)
0005793: [Scripting] Provide a solution to migration from ANSI to Unicode (Talidan)
0005865: [Client] Brazilian cruzeiro symbol isn't showed right (Talidan)
0005900: [GUI] guiSetProperty doesn't work with unicode text (Talidan)
0005863: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrollbar arrows do not work correctly on some MTA settings (Talidan)
0005866: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [Patch] Mip Mapping enable/disable option in video settings tab (Talidan)
0005638: [Client] setWindSpeed [pre-patch included] (Gamesnert)
0005654: [Client] MTA:SA 1.0.4 doesn't sync the FPS Limit (ccw)
0005847: [Client] setVehicleDoorOpenRatio crashes with wrong parameter (ryden)
0005841: [Synchronization] arguing with peds/players using n key causes desync (ryden)
0005820: [Client] Characters are multiplied by the amount of skin changes in the chatbox. (Talidan)
0005560: [Client] Add 'wanted' parameter for showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0005802: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing skins causes a unicode crash (Talidan)
0005710: [Client] Control rotation of car doors (ryden)
0005779: [Synchronization] Decide and make vehicle interpolation dependent on game speed and/or velocity (ryden)
0005718: [General] Reduce the game loading time (ryden)
0005780: [Synchronization] Make the element RPCs go through a new RPC function (ryden)
0005783: [Scripting] Request: Export scripting functions to monitorize the network usage. (ryden)
0001131: [Vehicles] For passengers in a firetruck, the local player camera rotation tries to oversteer the driver's turret rotation (izstas)
0005767: [General] Incorrect Shift key processing (izstas)
0005755: [General] The 1.1 datafiles installer default installation path is %PROGRAMFILES%\MTA San Andreas (ccw)
0005748: [GUI] You can copy passwords etc. from masked gui memos (izstas)
0005690: [Client] MTA:SA 1.1 r2127 doesn't show cyrillic and I can't copy anything in Console (Talidan)
0005025: [Client] Serious weapon desynch upon using giveWeaponAmmo on a weapon without ammo (izstas)
0005261: [Linux] (64 bit) Compile time error relating to TinyXML (impulze)
0005729: [Scripting] setBlipVisibleDistance function (izstas)
0005717: [Scripting] createPed() rotation parameter doesn't work (izstas)
0005253: [General] Remove the old project files. (impulze)
0005740: [GUI] Crash in CEGUI with unicode characters (ryden)
0005671: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Pre-defined global "localPlayer" on client-side (izstas)
0004215: [General] Standing or walking when dead (ryden)
0005703: [Scripting] setElementID isn't implemented client-side (izstas)
0005431: [Server] move the autologin option to mtaserver.conf (Gamesnert)
0005470: [Client] [Request] Improve editbox focus control (Kayl)
0005682: [Client] Item index 0 doesn't work for guiComboBoxSetSelected (Gamesnert)
0005659: [Server] onDebugMessage crashes the server (Gamesnert)
0004145: [Synchronization] Sync vehicle doors open/closed state. (ryden)
0005655: [Client] setVehicleColor issues (ccw)
0004821: [Server] [Request] setVehicleRGBColor(element vehicle, int red, int green, int blue) (ccw)
0005644: [Client] isMTAWindowActive always returning true (x86)
0004962: [Server] Increase player limit to or past 250 (Cazomino05)
0005462: [Client] [Request] getCameraView (x86)
0005542: [Scripting] [Request] server- and clientside getElementAttachedOffsets( element attachedElement ) (Flobu)
0004600: [Client] Add possibility to hide radio channel text with showPlayerHudComponent (x86)
0004949: [Client] Add GUI dropdown widgets (Talidan)
0005601: [Scripting] processLineOfSight should return the normal of the face hit (Kayl)
0005631: [Client] Inconsistency of setElementRotation/getElementRotation/getElementMatrix (Kayl)
0004916: [Server] Add daemon mode to server (ryden)
0004981: [Server] Inconsistent isElementInWater returns (Cazomino05)
0005183: [Server] setElementCollisionsEnabled() would be nice serverside (Gamesnert)
0004053: [General] Set whether or not a player can see a goggle effect. (Gamesnert)
0005501: [Client] Instructions for the "Data files have been modified" message (ccw)
0005283: [Scripting] playSound3D does not support interiors or dimensions (Gamesnert)
0005551: [Client] Adding "all" to showPlayerHudComponent (Gamesnert)
0005446: [Client] getSoundMetaTags returns an empty table from MP3 stream. (Flobu)
0005500: [Client] guiGetSelectedTab on an empty tab panel crashes MTA (Mr.Hankey)
0005037: [Client] onClientPlayerVehicleExit doesn't trigger on several occasions (Gamesnert)
0004853: [Client] onClientVehicleEnter(Exit) and onClientPlayerVehicleEnter(Exit) events don't triggered if you jacked other player (Gamesnert)
0005481: [Client] resetTimer is server-side only (Flobu)
0005454: [GUI / Menus / Console] Patch to add a server queue GUI (Talidan)
0005049: [General] Make knife stealth kills more balanced (Talidan)
0004120: [Server] Synchronized traffic lights (Peter)
0001231: [General] Allow use of special skins (Jax)
0003531: [General] When running a mtasa:// uri, it always tries to start a new instance of gta even if there is already one started (Mr.Hankey)
0005426: [Server] onColShapeHit doesnt work properly with 3D Cols (ccw)
0005348: [Client] OnClientDoubleClick not working (Mr.Hankey)
0005342: [Server] Every resource started creates a guest account (Cazomino05)
0005135: [General] MTA doesn't send correct data to XFire (Cazomino05)
0005023: [Server] Keep ASE query version compatible across minor versions
0005199: [Scripting] Replace irrklang with the BASS audio library (Flobu)
       0004956: [General] Music stops when not looped, on a 64 bit machine (Flobu)
0005360: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Many General Fixes to SetPedAnimation - Patch
0005383: [Vehicles] It's impossible to enter a tram or freight as passenger. (x86)
0005387: [Server] executeSQLUpdate require conditions argument which should be optional (Flobu)
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