Release date: 9. June 2010
Goal: Gameplay bugfix release


  • Fixes for issues and crashes that are present in 1.0.3 and are degrading the stability of the software
  • High priority gameplay and UI fixes
0005262: [Server] [Request] fileExist function (Flobu)
0004510: [Synchronization] Death animation causing desync for players with low health (ccw)
0005612: [Client] guiStaticImageLoadImage causes crash. (ccw)
0005088: [Client] Download error when downloading files (ccw)
0005041: [Client] Cursor is showing while loading the game. (x86)
0005176: [Client] MTA does not always save the favourites list. (x86)
0004282: [Scripting] GUI overlays MTA menu (Talidan)
0005640: [Server] Mention the help command when starting a server (ccw)
0005424: [Server] [Request] Additional resource monitoring functions (ccw)
0005391: [General] Secondary command binds don't function properly (Flobu)
0004368: [GUI / Menus / Console] server is added to recently played list when not being fully connected (Cazomino05)
0005444: [Server] getVehicleOccupants crashes the side it's called on when used on a truck trailer or any train (Gamesnert)
0005437: [Server] Several Network problems
0005559: [Client] Weird Network Trouble Behavior
0005084: [Client] Connecting to server using the server browser doesn't work. (ccw)
0005435: [Server] Download Error still occurs (ccw)
0005197: [Server] Dots in resource file names can cause issues (ccw)
0005372: [Client] MTA Nightlys stopped working with Wine (ccw)
0005389: [Server] Download Resources not allocatable (ccw)
0005394: [Server] Many accounts delays server to be ready (ccw)
0005026: [Client] Improve serial algorithm to reduce duplicates (ccw)
0005371: [Client] guiGridListSetItemText doesn't remove the section row type (Flobu)
0005368: [General] Opening a local server after disconnection causes a net.dll VS Runtime Error (ccw)
0005370: [Scripting] Script error output does not always return the valid filename. (Flobu)
0005369: [Installer] Previous editor_acl.xml files are invalid, and must be replaced. (Talidan)
0005362: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Extra Head Movement Duration For SetPedLookAt - Patch (eAi)
0005361: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] engineLoadTXD - Filtering Is Now Togglable, Perfect For Mario Kart Maps - Patch (Flobu)
0005331: [Server] Anti-cheat is broken
0005336: [Optional] Create possibility to switch off the anticheat (ccw)
0005330: [Client] Animation Problem with async loading objects (ccw)
0005329: [Client] Performance problems due to async object loading (ccw)
0005351: [Server] After accounts.xml conversion MTA Server became unstable (ccw)
0005356: [General] Add the ability to switch off Radio (ccw)
0005263: [Client] Destroying a GUI-Button while it's being pressed down causes a client crash (ccw)
0005161: [Server] Connecting players cause huge amount of CPU usage (Cazomino05)
0005165: [Server] Server freezes if too many entries in accounts.xml (Cazomino05)
0004429: [Client] [server browser] The window is not centered. (ccw)
0004723: [Client] Players cant hear the player play the ice cream song of the mrwhoopee vehicle (ryden)
0005227: [Scripting] onClientPlayerWeaponFire returns "nil" for hitElement on destroyable objects (ryden)
0005241: [Scripting] severe fps drop related to attached markers (ccw)
0005326: [Client] Crash when using 1920x1080 resolution (ccw)
0005083: [Client] Press on 'a' in nick-field will delete other characters (ccw)
0005168: [General] Optimize colshapes (ccw)
0005167: [General] Make model loading asynchronous (ccw)
0005297: [GUI / Menus / Console] Saving browse servers filters does still not work. (Cazomino05)
0004374: [Client] singleplayer is started when minimizing mta on loading screen (x86)
0004458: [Scripting] isPedInVehicle delay (IJs)
0005302: [Scripting] Not working correctly function getCancelReason (Cazomino05)
0005307: [Server] the "onElementClicked" event seems to be broken (mabako)
0005304: [Scripting] [Request] client- and serverside isVehicleDamageProof ( vehicle ) (Flobu)
0005298: [Scripting] [Request] clientside getCommandsBoundToKey, getKeyBoundToCommand (Flobu)
0005267: [Server] [Request] serverside set/getElementRotation (Flobu)
0005301: [Scripting] Not working correctly function xmlCopyFile (Cazomino05)
0004989: [Weapons] cancelEvent() has no effect on rear knife kills (Cazomino05)
0003742: [General] setElementRotation doesn't work for peds while in ground (Flobu)
0005272: [Server] [request] getTimer (Flobu)
0005292: [Client] setPed/ElementRotation on the local player doesn't work during an animation
0005291: [General] Events can freeze the client (ccw)
0005284: [Client] Crash on click on a button... (ccw)
0005258: [Client] Drawing part of an image using dxDrawImage (ccw)
0005093: [GUI / Menus / Console] chatbox/debugview scrolling keys should be bindable (Flobu)
0005164: [Server] TEAMCHAT log line on cancelled onPlayerChat event. (x86)
0004525: [Scripting] Request: getVehiclePassengers() (Flobu)
0005275: [Server] [Request] a function to set the ASE player score (ccw)
0005269: [Client] 1.0.4 Custom - Flobu's Build: Default Handling Is Incorrect. (Flobu)
0005259: [GUI / Menus / Console] dxGetTextWidth returns text width if it was one line, not the longest line's width (mabako)
0005264: [Scripting] [Request and Patch] a function to set the sound speed (Flobu)
0005265: [GUI / Menus / Console] [request and patch] remember dynamic hosts (Flobu)
0004917: [Server] Memory does not seem to be freed on resource restart (ccw)
0005250: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing Ok in the settings panel causes the main menu to look darker (ccw)
0005247: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListSetItemColor doesn't work immediately (ccw)
0005249: [Scripting] Only 1 timer can elapse per frame (mabako)
0005232: [Scripting] Objects missing after being created (ccw)
0005252: [Server] Using cancelEvent(true) in event onResourceStart not removed event handler after implementation. (ccw)
0005251: [Scripting] setAccountPassword doesn't check for password length (mabako)
0005223: [Synchronization] CJ Clothes not synced on connect (mabako)
0005114: [Server] Disappearing blips (ccw)
0005225: [Scripting] Binding to identical commands in different resources breaks the bind (Flobu)
0004639: [General] Support for negative gravity. (mabako)
0005234: [GUI / Menus / Console] [Request] Saving the "Server browser" filters (mabako)
0005089: [Scripting] guiProgressBarGetProgress doesnt always return the correct value (mabako)
0005173: [Scripting] isPlayerMapVisible return false when used with forcePlayerMap (mabako)
0005213: [Scripting] [Request] resetTimer() function (mabako)
0005118: [GUI / Menus / Console] Keyboard shortcuts only work on very few menu windows (mabako)
0005206: [Server] ml_base doesn't compile (mabako)
0003957: [Scripting] XML functions sometimes return bad root node (mabako)
0005134: [GUI / Menus / Console] Sorting in server browser is not done properly when sorting by 'host' (mabako)
0004080: [GUI / Menus / Console] More settings in the Video tab (x86)
0005244: [Vehicles] vehicle change pickup loads default vehicle models instead of custom models randomly (Flobu)
0005248: [GUI] Make the recently played servers in chronological order (Flobu)
0005166: [Server] scriptdebuglogfile and acl settings in mtaserver.conf are ignored (ccw)
0005245: [General] Master server list errors block players from finding servers (ccw)
0004947: [General] Allow switching to disabled resolutions for all graphics cards (BrophY)
0001714: [GUI / Menus / Console] Splash logo distorted on 120 DPI (mabako)
0004480: [Client] Add color argument to guiGridListSetItemText() (mabako)
0005180: [Server] Would it be more logical to have the server compile to the same place as the client? (ccw)
0005086: [Client] Functions to get an idea of the chatbox layout. (Flobu)
0005194: [Client] Disable Auto-Refreshing When Clicked On "Browse Servers" (x86)
0005220: [Server] isPedDoingGangDriveby returns 1 and 0 in server-side instead of 'true' and 'false' (x86)
0005178: [Client] Dual Monitors Delivers Dialog For Resolutions (ccw)
0005209: [Client] GUI buttons stop to work (onClientGUIClick event dont work AT ALL) (ccw)
0005193: [Vehicles] Fatal Error (6) caused by vehicle ID 611 (ccw)
0005202: [GUI / Menus / Console] GUI grid list construction in Lua is slow (ccw)
0004927: [Client] unbindKey with command binds not unbinding correctly (multiple keys, same command with different params) (mabako)
0005185: [Server] nick command can set invalid (too long) nicks (ccw)
0005081: [General] 1920x1080 resultion not available (Arc)
0005145: [Server] createMarker crashes the server if called within a collision event handler (ccw)
0004937: [Client] Stealth kill victims turn to south (IJs)
0005031: [Server] 1.0.1 Linux build fails during json-c compilation (IJs)
0005082: [General] Reenable the vid command (ccw)
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