Release date: 24. October 2009
Goal: Stability bugfix release


  • Fixes for major, high-priority issues and crashes that are present in version 1.0.1 and are degrading the stability of the software
0004984: [Scripting] Lua math.randomseed() gets stuck with large numbers (ccw)
0004787: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrolling in Chatbox doesn't set the lines visible (ccw)
0005046: [General] Crash when firing a projectile (ccw)
0004848: [Scripting] colShapes should be made attachable (Jax)
0004285: [Synchronization] getElementposition returns the incorrect xyz of an element attached and offset from a vehicle (Jax)
0005052: [General] Unable to run Launcher with a very long PATH env (ccw)
0004662: [Server] setVehicleWheelStates re-inflates the wheel if -1 is specified, instead of ignoring the wheel (ccw)
0004775: [Client] Error when maximizing the game, crash. (ccw)
0005050: [Scripting] Add version parameter to onPlayerConnect (ccw)
0005061: [Server] Remove or make optional the /msg command (ccw)
0004861: [Client] When disconnecting from a server you get a C++ error or a crash! (ccw)
0005064: [Server] You can only start the map editor or local server once. (ccw)
0005017: [Server] Join flood check doesn't work. (ccw)
0005018: [General] More Ghostmode collision issues. (Race 465) (ccw)
0005055: [Server] HTTP server can't bind to a specific IP (Arc)
0005040: [Client] C++ Assertion failed error on click (ccw)
0005044: [General] Crash when deleting parent elements from inside a child event (ccw)
0005043: [General] Client freeze on quit (ccw)
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