First stable build of the Editor, released to the public along with MTA:SA 1.0.
0004065: [Movement] Implement real bounding boxes into gridlines
0004265: [EDF] Loading gamemode edf definitions in the editor starts that gamemode resource (Talidan)
0004721: [Map Editor] Race EDF - Can't change Position of a Checkpoint (Arc)
0004663: [Map Editor] Resource "editor_test" is doesn't appear to exist. (r273) (Arc)
0003938: [General] Add change handlers to Map settings (Talidan)
0003894: [GUI] Remove any debug code (Talidan)
0003820: [General] Redo doesn't restore attributes of elements (Talidan)
0004318: [Map Editor] Pressing cancel in object browser places an object. (Talidan)
0004274: [Map Editor] Late joining clients do not get their dimension set to the editor's working dimension (Talidan)
0004093: [EDF] Add car paintjobs in the Object Properties of a car in Map Editor (Talidan)
0004266: [General] editor and runcode clientside run conflict (Talidan)
0004163: [Map Editor] Marker Positioning is off by Z -1.0 (Talidan)
0004124: [General] Many object IDs in the editor are not creatable (Talidan)
0004084: [General] Improve double click for properties box (Talidan)
0004075: [Movement] Object should not being dropped after placement. (Talidan)
0004058: [General] Glitches in editor test mode with multiple players on server (Talidan)
0003895: [General] Remote players cannot connect when a test is in progress (Talidan)
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