Release date: 18. December 2009
Goal: Gameplay bugfix release


  • Fixes for issues and crashes that are present in 1.0.2 and are degrading the stability of the software
  • High priority gameplay fixes
0005080: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Request and patch: A player search field for the server browser
0004451: [Server] Block ability to edit game files. (Arc)
0005136: [Installer] Fatal-error when unable to download VC redistributables (ccw)
0004870: [Client] No modes and lost settings on Vista/7 (ccw)
0005137: [Server] The server cannot be launched if the current directory is not where the execuable resides (ccw)
0005073: [Server] Banning an IP range doesn't work (Flobu)
0005110: [Client] Titles of GUI windows are always in caps (Paul_Cortez)
0005102: [Scripting] "resetMapInfo" Wave Height (lucasc190)
0005129: [Synchronization] getElementsWithinColshape is buggy if you move the colshape position server or client side (ccw)
0005121: [Client] When a colshape is created, getElementsWithinColShape() and isElementWithinColShape() doesnt find player if player does not move (ccw)
0005085: [Server] RadarArea Error (ccw)
0004875: [Server] Vehicles lag with high player counts (ccw)
0005123: [General] Servers can permanently change a players name (ccw)
0005124: [General] Clients can overload external web servers when downloading (ccw)
0005126: [Server] Add a directory which contains the correct client files for hosting on an external web server (ccw)
0005125: [Server] The server information bar at the top of the console has compatibility issues with some Linux utility programs (ccw)
0005109: [Client] Sync: No sync with larger amount of players (ccw)
0004961: [Client] Vehicles not getting updated anymore (ccw)
0004760: [Synchronization] Players staying in spawn desync (ccw)
0004034: [Scripting] executeSQLQuery could return an error message from SQLite engine (Flobu)
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