Release date: 2. October 2009
Goal: Stability bugfix release


  • Fixes for major, high-priority issues and crashes that are present in version 1.0 and are degrading the stability or prevent proper usage of the software
0004934: [Server] [Linux] Can't see players or MTA elements.
0002612: [Scripting] Spawning a player within the ground may damage the player a tiny bit on spawn, with false damage information. (ccw)
0004219: [General] Explosive barrel desynch (ccw)
0004930: [Server] Server freeze and download problem with multiple linux servers (IJs)
0004309: [Client] Tags are displayed with other tags under them. (ryden)
0003119: [Synchronization] Improve player/vehicle interpolation and compensation (ccw)
0004903: [Server] Bind IP fails to query (ccw)
0002080: [General] 2 players with the same nickname causes network trouble. (ccw)
0004969: [Scripting] getElementsByType() does not return gui elements (ccw)
0004970: [Scripting] deathmessages can report incorrect information (ccw)
0004975: [Scripting] getElementsByType() sometimes returns invalid elements (ccw)
0004976: [General] Crashes and continual memory consumption due to lua stack overflow (ccw)
0004578: [Client] Vehicle desync when shot with shotgun or pushed (ccw)
0004979: [Vehicles] Vehicle desync when driver is killed (ccw)
0004980: [Scripting] onPlayerDamage sometimes has incorrect parameters (ccw)
0004960: [Scripting] fatal error (6) issue with clients joining a server with many objects in a small area (ccw)
0004849: [GUI / Menus / Console] Confusing account login (IJs)
0004395: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add human readable download error messages (IJs)
0004945: [Client] Refreshing favourites doesn't work (ccw)
0004992: [Server] Some configuration file and command line parameters are not working correctly (ccw)
0004991: [Server] Server silently continues if there is a HTTP port conflict (ccw)
0004994: [Admin] ACL rights reset (ccw)
0005020: [Server] GCC does not link against vendor/lua libraries (IJs)
0004900: [Server] Turn dynamically loaded library dependencies into static libraries (IJs)
0005022: [Server] Server does not compile and run on BSD/Mach systems (IJs)
0005029: [Client] [Patch] Update (/ver) MTA Copyright. (ccw)
0004876: [Client] Crash during Race (ccw)
0004874: [Server] setGlitchEnabled is apparently no longer synced (Jax)
0005042: [Synchronization] Invisible barrels still exists in MTA 1.0.1
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