First stable build of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, released on Saturday, 22. August, 2009.

0004157: [Client] Getting into Skimmer stops Jump from working if you fall into water instead of getting in. (Cazomino05)
0004511: [Client] blendPedAnimation "unhandled win32 exception" if blendPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer()) is called as callback function (Jax)
0004010: [Client] setPedSkin randomly doesn't work. (Arc)
0003883: [General] Pop up community dialog for first-time users (lil_Toady)
0004463: [Client] dxDrawLine3D cannot be seen if the direction is pure z (or near to the pure z) (Arc)
0003296: [Scripting] Be able to redirect players to another server (lil_Toady)
0002874: [General] Custom TXD and/or COL loading issues (Arc)
0003050: [Scripting] Extend setElementCollisionsEnabled to allow setting what to collide with (Jax)
0002727: [General] head and hands disappear
0004099: [Synchronization] Player desync caused by 'hit by gun' animation (ccw)
0001640: [General] Player animation desync
0001789: [General] Add gamepad support (ccw)
0004838: [General] Release MTA 1.0
0004081: [General] Spectator doesn't work properly while you're dead. (Jax)
0004788: [Server] Compile for older machines (IJs)
0004682: [General] "Connection timed out" message being sent if you try to connect to a full server (Arc)
0001651: [Synchronization] Police Helicopter search light is 'semi-syncd' (Jax)
0004028: [Scripting] setElementAttachedOffsets does not exist server side (Jax)
0003097: [Vehicles] Do not use memory to sync the height of vehicles moveable parts, such as the forklift and packer (Jax)
0003578: [General] Lighting is not immediately applied to peds after they're created or have skin changed (ChrML)
0001216: [General] Player drowns too quickly after running out of oxygen (Jax)
0001553: [Weapons] Putting on goggles is not synced (Jax)
       0004779: [Client] Goggles effect everyone (Arc)
0003466: [Synchronization] Stealth kill attempt animation (when only aiming but still didn't press fire) is not synced (Jax)
0004464: [Scripting] allow option to turn off ped voice with setPedVoice (Jax)
0004197: [Vehicles] Changing from either a Vortex or Skimmer to car makes wheels uncollidable (Jax)
0004573: [Vehicles] When a bicycle stops burning random players can be set on fire (Jax)
0004539: [General] Picking up a weapon pickup refills your ammo in clip (Jax)
0003848: [Scripting] Wheel models still remain when their state is set to fallen off (Jax)
0001455: [Weapons] Flame from mollies stays on weapon switch (Jax)
0003974: [General] When jumping next to any vehicle and while in air pressing the enter key haults the player in mid air. (Jax)
0003048: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add filters to server browser (Flobu)
0004565: [General] sound from playSound pauses if you tab out (Paul_Cortez)
0001892: [Scripting] Flame kills don't report correct killer, weapon (Jax)
0003808: [Vehicles] camera follows local player when you enter a vehicle in fixed-mode (Jax)
0004141: [General] Ability to enable/disable minimizing (ccw)
0004209: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add the "window" command as a checkbox in settings -> video (ccw)
0003336: [General] Planes collision stays after they blow up (Jax)
0004408: [Scripting] Add hardcoded support for streamed blips (Jax)
0004440: [General] The Crazy Race EDF Bug™ v1 (ccw)
0004108: [Maps] loadMapData is very slow compared to resource map loading (Jax)
0003723: [Scripting] Have getPedAnimation() also return whether it's looping and updating position (Jax)
0003918: [Scripting] setPedAnimations not being "interruptable" (Jax)
0003174: [Scripting] Custom objects deform (shear) when rotating them over X or Y axis (Arc)
0002866: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connect attempt if pressing enter, while having the password box selected (mabako)
0004316: [Resources] getServerModules() (Cazomino05)
0004102: [General] Per-entity vehicle and object alpha is inefficient, and buggy in case of vehicles (ryden)
0004110: [Server] Attached offset markers do not rotate with the element they are attached to. (Arc)
0003984: [General] When changing to Cinematic camera mode, sometimes the camera gets placed at the current camera matrix (Arc)
0004094: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make Tab and Enter keys work in Options and Quick Connect windows (mabako)
0003306: [General] Disable jetpack fly up limiting by zHeight of gtasa ground (ryden)
0003230: [GUI / Menus / Console] onClientGUIClick should work with Tab buttons (lil_Toady)
0004363: [General] Pressing Forward while falling with parachute causes screen to go weird
0004122: [General] Add support for generic element attachment (Jax)
0004420: [General] Increase FPS limit
0003431: [General] Players with different weapon skills can affect shooting (Jax)
0003754: [Scripting] feature: setting animation intervals (Jax)
0002323: [GUI / Menus / Console] Settings menu only changes key bound to "down" state when rebinding commands bound to both states of the same key (Talidan)
0003964: [Client] It's not possible to let peds aim and/or shoot (lil_Toady)
0003453: [Scripting] request: A new parameter in onVehicleStartEnter to know the door that the player is using (Cazomino05)
0003290: [Scripting] setElementAlpha can affect more than one element (ryden)
0003480: [Vehicles] Can't force vehicle lights on when engine is switched off (ryden)
0002517: [General] Created objects are slippery when walking on them (ryden)
0001621: [Vehicles] Cannot enter RC Baron (Cazomino05)
0002648: [Synchronization] Sniper's vertical aim doesn't sync visually (Jax)
0003960: [General] Changing your screen resolution in mta breaks blur (ccw)
0004851: [Server] getVehicleEngineState always return false (Cazomino05)
0004840: [Client] Maps loads to slow (Arc)
0004843: [Client] Assertion Failure In CClientVehicle.cpp (ccw)
0004842: [Weapons] Clip capacity can be inherited from the old weapon of the same type when picking up a new one (Arc)
0004401: [GUI / Menus / Console] Update main menu and credits (jhxp)
0004665: [Client] MTA Client Verification failed (ryden)
0004199: [Server] Default ACL is outdated (Cazomino05)
0004777: [Client] NETWORK TROUBLE isn't centered for widescreen (ccw)
0004661: [Client] MTA client crashes if I want to connect to a server (Arc)
0004660: [Server] fileCreate stopped working (Arc)
0004649: [Client] Assert when using filters while server browser is loading (Arc)
0004736: [Client] onClientPlayerRadioSwitch doesn't seem to trigger anymore (Arc)
0004581: [Client] A few crashes while playing zombie script
0004765: [Client] GCC hash_fun include compilation error on Linux (ccw)
0004692: [Synchronization] Packer's adjustible property collision desync (Jax)
0004769: [General] Consider reverting r1389 (Fixed #3994: Radio titles do not always show) (Arc)
0004541: [Server] Rename getPlayerFromNick to getPlayerFromName (Paul_Cortez)
0004754: [Server] onMarkerHit and onMarkerLeave are called in spite of the marker and the hitting element being in different interiors (Jax)
0004752: [Client] xmlCopyFile crash client (Arc)
0004725: [Client] Crash when using the "/binds" command (Jax)
0004711: [Server] unbindKey doesn't unbind a key if there is no handler function given (Arc)
0004705: [Client] getPlayerNametagText always returns false (clientside) (Arc)
0004703: [Client] The lateral buttons of my five button mouse causes client crash (ccw)
0004687: [Server] getVehicleEngineState() always return Serverside true even car engine is set On (Fenix1053)
0004755: [Client] onClientExplosion doesn't get triggered with satchels. (Jax)
0004762: [Server] onPlayerChangeNick not triggered when using setPlayerName (Cazomino05)
0002246: [Vehicles] Car radio after reconnect (Jax)
0004702: [Freecam] onClientRender is still async with gta's vehicle update rate (Jax)
0004427: [GUI / Menus / Console] When not in the menu, ALT-TAB "freezes" your cursor. (Arc)
0004369: [Vehicles] Falling off bikes, random kills (Jax)
0004365: [Synchronization] Improve bandwidth usage (ryden)
0003901: [Linux] *nix compatibility for server (fspijkerman)
0004370: [Server] getObjectRotation() returns acumulated values for attached objects (Jax)
0004467: [Client] Some objects submerged in water look as if they are not below the water. (Arc)
0004502: [Client] At times you can see the players health bar and name tag through objects. (Talidan)
0004512: [Client] Favourites only save servers with ase turned on (Arc)
0004526: [Client] Being knocked off a bike can cause inablity to enter any vehicle (Cazomino05)
0004576: [Server] Radar area causes server runtime error (Arc)
0004585: [Client] Exploding barrels don't explode vehicles always. (ccw)
0004630: [Client] Screenshots - minutes missing a 0 (Arc)
0004636: [Client] Freindly fire does not work with vehicle weapons (Cazomino05)
0004625: [Client] Knife kills from back, can be done when friendly fire is enabled. (Cazomino05)
0004589: [Server] Pickups can only be picked up from dimension 0. (Cazomino05)
0004394: [Client] [Request]Ability to prevent wasted shaking cam to take over clients view / abort it (Arc)
0004577: [Client] Using molotovs can lead to a client crash (ryden)
0004522: [Synchronization] When being hit by a car you get pushed back standing (instead of falling) (ccw)
0004505: [Scripting] onClientPlayerDamage Not triggering for fire (Arc)
0004445: [Client] Shooting after respawn randomly stops working (Jax)
0004125: [Resources] in ctf mode, players get stuck in vehicles they died in (Cazomino05)
0004535: [Server] Let server owners decide whether the client's framelimiter should be enabled. (mabako)
0004524: [Vehicles] Rhino turret desynch (Arc)
0004404: [Scripting] onClientResourceStop should trigger on local player quit (Arc)
0004498: [Client] Using "window" command in windowed mode crashes MTA (ccw)
0004542: [Weapons] Roasting the ground in water with the flamethrower causes a client crash (ryden)
0001685: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make full screen map transparency variable (Fenix1053)
0004515: [Synchronization] Damage sync crashes (Jax)
0004520: [Scripting] onVehicleExplode doesn't trigger when using blowVehicle. (Cazomino05)
0004352: [Installer] Add an option in the installer to create a desktop icon.
0004513: [Scripting] Loosen nametag restictions (Cazomino05)
0004507: [Client] Adding 'cto' or 'ctf' (and perhaps other) definitions to the editor cause a crash (Arc)
0004492: [Client] Screen remains black for a while after going back in-game after being in ALT+TAB mode. (Arc)
0004493: [General] GTA audio loops while being in ALT+TAB mode (Arc)
0003996: [GUI / Menus / Console] onClientGUIMouseDown/Up should be added (mabako)
0004178: [Scripting] guiLabelGetTextExtent does not support multiple lines (mabako)
0004506: [Scripting] attachElements with dimensions bug (Cazomino05)
0004353: [Scripting] onClientPlayerDamage triggering multiple times for explosion (Cazomino05)
0004362: [Client] onClientPlayerChoke is triggered for peds but returns the local player as the source
0004488: [Client] Submit new Chatbox crashes under Windows Vista 32Bit (Arc)
0004472: [Client] Players being ignored by melee/weapon attacks (ccw)
0004489: [Scripting] DX drawing order fail (ccw)
0004497: [Scripting] onClientResourceStop is triggering on all resources (Cazomino05)
0004491: [GUI / Menus / Console] Sliders in Audio tab in options window don't work properly (Cazomino05)
0004347: [General] Remove the splash-screens and the intro videos when you start MTA: SA (Arc)
0004079: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing resolution in Video tab doesn't save after quitting (Arc)
0004062: [GUI / Menus / Console] Widescreen setting in Video tab of settings doesn't get saved after restarting MTA (Arc)
0004411: [General] Movement lag on attached markers (Jax)
0004444: [Client] Pickups are "pickable" from any dimension (Jax)
0004470: [Scripting] createExplosion is broken (ccw)
0004471: [Scripting] scripted projectiles are broken (ccw)
0004484: [Client] weaponanim isn't removed when using setPedWeaponSlot() (Jax)
0004487: [Server] setCameraMatrix, the last three arguments set optional. (Jax)
0004121: [GUI / Menus / Console] Improve gui icons/cursors/skins for main menu and console (ccw)
0001503: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add some new options in the Settings menu (lil_Toady)
0004478: [Client] Crash on forcing head light states (Arc)
0004454: [Client] Animation problems (Jax)
0004448: [Client] If chat input field has alpha 0, then inputted text won't appear (mabako)
0004447: [Client] If a ped dies near the moment it's destroyed with destroyElement a player sometimes dies instead (Cazomino05)
0004419: [Client] Ability to remove clouds (Cazomino05)
0004418: [Client] getScreenFromWorldPosition sometimes returns incorrect values (ccw)
0004390: [Server] Sync rate changes for remotely viewed players (ccw)
0004340: [Server] Server announcing issues (lil_Toady)
0004331: [Client] Settings menu shows you as logged out on resolution changes (Cazomino05)
0004269: [Client] Lines in chatbox inputfield gets another color than the first after the first linebreak (Arc)
0004132: [Server] Server crash after someone quits. (Arc)
0004284: [Client] Login Request window doesnt work (Arc)
0004283: [Server] Trailer Server crash (Arc)
0004278: [Client] Waterlevel not reset on disconnect
0004260: [Client] Entering an ambulance as driver gives the player 20hp (carried over from SP) (lucasc190)
0004217: [Client] setSkyGradient Glitch
0004043: [Client] Client side peds copy other players on the server (Arc)
0004172: [Client] Handle dynamic objects properly (ccw)
0004286: [Client] Map download progress bar too obtrusive (ccw)
0004303: [Client] Some breakable objects have the incorrect animation (ccw)
0004342: [Client] createWater has huge problems with minus values and the 0 0 axes (Arc)
0004343: [Server] isTimer() or equivalent
0004372: [GUI / Menus / Console] Stopping a resource can cause key binds to stop working in other resources (ccw)
0004100: [Client] Sniper not causing damage after certain distance (ryden)
0004330: [General] Tab (action key) should not make radar disappear (ryden)
0004373: [Client] When a car has more than 1 occupant, sirens bug out (ryden)
0003090: [Vehicles] Make engineLoadDFF more safe or split into vehicle and non-vehicle loading functions (Arc)
0003429: [Scripting] getElementsByType("player") in onClientResourceStart may not return all players for joining players (Arc)
0004031: [Installer] Add an option in installer to prevent creation of start menu item (Arc)
0004317: [Client] Passworded server problem (mabako)
0004351: [Client] Changing nickname in-game problem ("=" as first letter) (Cazomino05)
0004360: [General] AC kicks on exessive setElementHealth (Cazomino05)
0004177: [Server] isPedDead always returns false when used on peds
0004307: [Server] ase functions loaded after onResourceStart in startup-scripts happened (mabako)
0004346: [Scripting] onClientPedWasted does not trigger reliably (Cazomino05)
0004280: [Synchronization] Invisibility and desync on respawn (ryden)
0004289: [Server] Implement "fun-bugs" server setting that can be enabled (Talidan)
0004329: [Server] Minor bugs with setGlitchEnabled
0004301: [Client] onClientPlayerExitVehicle & onClientVehicleExit do not fire if you fell off a bike (Cazomino05)
0003963: [Scripting] after using removeAccount on an account that is in use, and then the client trying to login or logout crashes the server (Fenix1053)
0004016: [Server] Contact client-side element and getElementPosition()
0004279: [Client] resetMapInfo resets the state of nametags without the server being aware (Cazomino05)
0004257: [Server] setWaterLevel isn't synched on join (Cazomino05)
0004203: [Server] Serverside setPedHeadless not synced for new Clients (Cazomino05)
0004259: [General] "Host game" and "Map editor" buttons result in connection timeout message box (ryden)
0003944: [GUI / Menus / Console] Poor GUI Performance (ccw)
0004254: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Client-side Tick Count Accuracy Patch (ryden)
0004214: [Scripting] Setting the dimension of an icon'd blip will cause it to dissappear for ever on f11 map (Fenix1053)
0004253: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Underwater Colour Alpha Patch
0004256: [Server] setElementAlpha isn't synched on join for peds (ryden)
0004176: [Client] Custom Textures for Buildings no longer load atall. (Arc)
0004221: [Client] Server crash when shooting a clientside vehicle with HS rocket (ryden)
0004206: [General] Stopping a resource stops all its included resources, even if those includes were started beforehand (ryden)
0004213: [Client] Custom vehicles and models have pixelated textures (Arc)
0004088: [Client] playSound3D panning left to right is too extreme (Arc)
0004078: [Client] Texts are at the wrong place after changing screen resolution (Talidan)
0004113: [Client] distance is not calculated on z axis when using playSound3D (Arc)
0004127: [Resources] Some global variables missing - a bit of a feature request (Arc)
0004187: [Client] MTA does not save the GTA path on Win Vista (ccw)
0004204: [Client] setPedCameraRotation (lil_Toady)
0004180: [Client] keyBind crashes gta instead of transfering (a) table(s) (Arc)
0004002: [Client] onClientPedDamage - cancelling is messed up (ryden)
0004208: [Client] Setting an object's alpha crashes the game (ryden)
0004200: [Client] Weapon projectiles should be created in the same interior as the creator interior (lil_Toady)
0004192: [Client] Feature request: Close splash screen if errors are outputted (Arc)
0004041: [Server] warpPedIntoVehicle glitch (ccw)
0004119: [Server] Light states of a vehicle's back lights cannot be set separately (Arc)
0004161: [Maps] upgrades="" are delimited by spaces rather than commas. (lil_Toady)
0004070: [Server] CLuaFunctionDefinitions::ExecuteSQLQuery pushes column index instead of colName (Arc)
0004135: [Client] Add setPlayerBlurLevel Clientside (Arc)
0004069: [Server] aclGet and aclGetGroup output error when specifying non-existing ACL or ACL group name (lil_Toady)
0004097: [Client] Make setElementParent work properly with GUI elements (lil_Toady)
0004136: [Server] Network trouble after 'onVehicleStartExit' used removePlayerFromVehicle (Arc)
0004190: [Client] Clothes do not reset after game session (lil_Toady)
0004142: [Server] isObjectInGroup (ACL function req.) (Arc)
0003064: [Scripting] textures dont load for custom objects unless the object already exists and is streamed in for the player (Arc)
0003768: [Scripting] Server crash with onVehicleStartEnter and CancelEvent (lil_Toady)
0003959: [General] Download Error 9 and 10 when starting resources
0003040: [General] Mouse freezing issues (lil_Toady)
0001719: [GUI / Menus / Console] Show taskbar and alt-tab window when minimizing (lil_Toady)
0001158: [General] Spraying gang tags possible (ryden)
0004006: [Server] Command line startup options to bind a server to a specific port and slot amount (Arc)
0003043: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add "connection type" option to Settings window (lil_Toady)
0004116: [GUI / Menus / Console] F11 map always draws blips with a border outline of 255 (lil_Toady)
0004089: [Scripting] Consider the removal or fix for setCameraInterior (lil_Toady)
0003515: [General] When connecting to a server in localhost, the client shouldn't make the download speed check (ryden)
0003020: [General] Server HTML-encodes the download URL specified in the config (IJs)
0004115: [General] Projectiles active between maps crash the client (Arc)
0003953: [Weapons] Projectiles don't sync correctly until player respawns once (Arc)
0004101: [General] Improve the pools search performance (ryden)
0002629: [Synchronization] First two or three bullets of walking weapons don't hit the target after reloading (Arc)
0004086: [Server] attachElementToElement offsets not working for players - returned (ryden)
0004029: [Client] Shooting accuracy (corners) (ryden)
0004039: [Installer] Uninstaller does not remove Start Menu Items (ryden)
0004045: [Server] setElementInterior doesnt work on pickups (ryden)
0004040: [Scripting] Airport garages open in the wrong direction (ryden)
0004055: [General] Setting a pickup's position resets its interior world to 0 (ryden)
0003990: [Synchronization] Unreliable packets can arrive out of order (IJs)
0004032: [Client] Bug that allows shooting without losing ammo (Talidan)
0003975: [Client] Localhost desynch. (ccw)
0003909: [Installer] Server only installation requests GTA SA to be installed (Arc)
0003059: [Vehicles] Trains need their "on track" state synced (lil_Toady)
0004021: [Client] Chat input opens when pressing T or Y, even when the chat is invisible (Arc)
0004012: [GUI / Menus / Console] Clients crash when connecting to another server. (Arc)
0003354: [Scripting] getElementsWithinColShape only supports players and vehicles (lil_Toady)
0004003: [Scripting] Random object rotations on moving objects after join (lil_Toady)
0003989: [Client] Issues with disconnecting/reconnecting concerning community accounts (lil_Toady)
0004001: [GUI / Menus / Console] GUI work elements are clickable when Esc menu is displayed (Talidan)
0003978: [Scripting] client-side xmlCopyFile function (kevuwk)
0003972: [Client] Hunter minigun crash (Arc)
0003922: [Server] aclGroupRemoveObject throws assertion error crashing server (Arc)
0001293: [General] Sync parachutes (Talidan)
0003899: [Installer] Uninstaller should not delete user-created resources (Talidan)
0003958: [Vehicles] Attaching a vehicle to another, then attaching the another to the vehicle freezes server and client. (Arc)
0004004: [Scripting] Friendly fire affects the local player (Arc)
0003412: [Security] change serial bans to usernames (lil_Toady)
0003411: [Scripting] add a possibility to choose how banPlayer bans player (ip or serial) and add a reason arg to banSerial (lil_Toady)
0003981: [Server] Server event onBan refuses to fire. (lil_Toady)
0003983: [Client] guiGetProperty crashes client (lil_Toady)
0003988: [Client] Not automatically logging in on my MTA account. (lil_Toady)
0003970: [Scripting] resetMapInfo should remove headless state (Arc)
0003965: [Client] headless state stays even after serverchange (Arc)
0003971: [General] Player interior remains on reconnect/resetMapInfo (Arc)
0003968: [Scripting] Make onClientLogin/Logout cancelable (Arc)
0003954: [Scripting] onClientPedWasted is called two or more times when you kill one ped
0003956: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'Recently played' tab in Server Browser doesn't work as it should (Arc)
0003343: [Scripting] function to create colshapes of all shapes (lil_Toady)
0002947: [Scripting] getElementData should be able to retrieve JSON strings set in .map (Arc)
0002706: [Scripting] get("resource.") ignores settings set from meta.xml (Arc)
0003947: [Scripting] executeSQLSelect and executeSQLQuery don't return table elements as numbers (Arc)
0003948: [Scripting] executeSQLSelect and executeSQLQuery never return empty tables (Arc)
0003573: [Weapons] Being killed by your own satchels causes a crash (eAi)
0002771: [Admin] The nametag color still ranges from 0-100 even when the max health is bigger than 100 (Arc)
0003750: [General] Changing dimension doesn't hide elements that are in the old dimension (lil_Toady)
0003864: [General] Right clicking "MTA: San Andreas" in the taskbar freezes the game process (ccw)
0003862: [General] Allow Windows to focus on other applications whilst in windowed mode (ccw)
0003941: [Server] mtaserver.conf should enable verifyserials by default (jhxp)
0003940: [Server] Default mtaserver.conf does not correctly document module syntax (jhxp)
0003497: [Maps] Map parsing should be less strict (Arc)
0003869: [GUI / Menus / Console] Have to re-type your pass to re-login to your mta account when logged out. (lil_Toady)
0003173: [Vehicles] Remove the ability to get weapons from vehicles (Arc)
0003668: [Scripting] When call() parses returned values to send them to another resource, it doesn't do proper table depth checks (Arc)
0003868: [Scripting] Make setResourceInfo info changes permanent (lil_Toady)
0003932: [General] Screenshots are saved to the root of the drive (Arc)
0003839: [Scripting] Upon creation of a pickup, the client and server report different interior values (Arc)
0003911: [GUI / Menus / Console] Windowing game doesn't apply "dynamic scene rendering" disabled option (Arc)
0003930: [GUI / Menus / Console] Getting/setting cvars doesn't work while ingame (Arc)
0003447: [Vehicles] Using removePlayerFromVehicle when player is entering or exiting causes player to be unable to enter vehicles (Arc)
0003903: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connecting to a server does not work when already connected. (lil_Toady)
0003825: [General] Stored community password is not put correctly into textbox (lil_Toady)
0001230: [Synchronization] Make different actors voices sound differently (Arc)
0001764: [General] Some natural game interiors (not recreated with map objects) force walking (Arc)
0003924: [GUI / Menus / Console] Allow more than two keys to be bound to a function from the GUI (IJs)
0003755: [Scripting] All animations start from a standing position (lil_Toady)
0003921: [Server] Using "list" command on the console of server make it crash (lil_Toady)
0003914: [General] 'Host Game' Ignores Nick Settings (lil_Toady)
0003920: [Scripting] Add ped voice functions (Arc)
0003646: [Scripting] Server crashes when calling get() or set() from within a coroutine (Arc)
0002950: [Scripting] set() should allow setting of multiple values (Arc)
0003882: [GUI / Menus / Console] In keybinds settings, "binding a primary key" and "secondary key" texts are reversed (Arc)
0003871: [GUI / Menus / Console] Switching to windowed mode with "window" resets the login status label to "not logged in" (lil_Toady)
0003861: [General] If running on windowed mode, allow returning to fullscreen by using the "window" command again (lil_Toady)
0003824: [General] Client randomly kicks you for failed account verification (lil_Toady)
0003916: [General] Community registration window is not active when opened (lil_Toady)
0003438: [GUI / Menus / Console] Binding to lshift/rshift in mta settings doesn't work (IJs)
0003884: [General] Allow easy one-click registration from within community settings tab (lil_Toady)
0003880: [Scripting] addResourceMap and addResourceConfig are broken (lil_Toady)
0003888: [Maps] A ped "interior" attribute is not loaded from .map (lil_Toady)
0003889: [Installer] Uninstaller doesn't delete public sdk files, if they're chosen to be installed (jhxp)
0003898: [Installer] Uninstaller doesn't delete MTA San Andreas directory if it's empty (jhxp)
0003617: [Installer] MTA uninstaller will remove GTASA install if installed within it (jhxp)
0003017: [Installer] Uninstaller needs to detect if it's being run with or without administrator rights and disallow uninstalling when latter (jhxp)
0003114: [Synchronization] Prevent old sync packets from before setElementPosition and spawn commands arriving after the command (ChrML)
0003873: [GUI / Menus / Console] Server browser's Players list does not function (lil_Toady)
0003216: [GUI / Menus / Console] REOPENED: quick connect field entries change with failure to connect & quick connect gui disappears (ChrML)
0003855: [Synchronization] Client script download is broken (download error #0-3) (lil_Toady)
0003854: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat text is squashed vertically (lil_Toady)
0003847: [General] Shift keys are not accepted as keys on Binds menu (lil_Toady)
0003844: [Scripting] DX drawing functions are broken (lil_Toady)
0001953: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar blips shown over the GUI (lil_Toady)
0003814: [Scripting] Clients crash when destroying a ped serverside (lil_Toady)
0003823: [Scripting] Serverside cloneElement on a custom element does not send the cloned element to the client (lil_Toady)
0003817: [Maps] Some vehicle attributes in .map are ignored or don't function correctly (lil_Toady)
0003816: [Maps] Attributes use Space delimitation instead of Comma delimitation (lil_Toady)
0003815: [General] Respawning whilst collisionless does not allow restoration of collisionless attribute (lil_Toady)
0003810: [Synchronization] Block ped damage for everyone except the syncer (lil_Toady)
0001324: [Scripting] Radar area fills radar display when you are near it (lil_Toady)
0003486: [GUI / Menus / Console] dxDrawLine with postGUI=true draws the lines also in front of the mouse cursor (ryden)
0003717: [General] Peds and players always face the same way as the local player when in water (ryden)
0003192: [GUI / Menus / Console] Add to favorites by IP (ryden)
0003608: [Map Editor] The main menu "Map editor preview" button doesn't work (ryden)
0003804: [General] createPickup() can't create all available pickup types (ryden)
0003167: [Scripting] addCommandHandler's 'restricted' argument does nothing (ryden)
0003783: [General] Open all garage doors in the world (ryden)
0003436: [Scripting] setVehicleSirensOn() returns true even if the vehicle does not have sirens (ryden)
0003437: [Scripting] setting setVehicleEngineState () to false still allows to drive with bikes and boats (ryden)
0003760: [GUI / Menus / Console] Adding a server to favourites adds the server status to the name (ryden)
0003799: [GUI / Menus / Console] The password reminder of /register shows you the hashed password instead of the password itself (lil_Toady)
0003720: [GUI / Menus / Console] Request: Allow the mtasa://ip:port uri as parameter for console "connect" command (ryden)
0003413: [General] mtasa:// links don't take a password argument (ryden)
0003636: [General] Using "cinema cam" mode, one(?) of the alternating views shows only the sky (Arc)
0003738: [General] Remove "To stop Carl from entering a car" info text (ryden)
0003790: [General] Local player gets streamed out and in when crossing streamer sector boundaries (ryden)
0003359: [Synchronization] Sync shooting players in vehicles (ryden)
0003795: [General] Attached elements get reverted to their creation position when the element they're attached to streams out (ryden)
0003791: [Scripting] createPed always creates peds at (0,0,0) (ryden)
0003793: [General] Respawning while alive can make you invisible to other players (ryden)
0003792: [General] Peds are not streamed in when warping to them/warping them to you (ryden)
0003732: [General] attachElementToElement doesn't stream in the attached element (ryden)
0003785: [General] Clientside scripts are often not downloaded (ryden)
0003693: [Scripting] request: setPedOnFire(ped) (ryden)
0003623: [GUI / Menus / Console] Long entries in up/down console history move field focus; must hit home/end to refocus on shorter ones (lil_Toady)
0003357: [Synchronization] Shooting players at minimal distance ( before elbow butt ) shows damaging locally only (ryden)
0002256: [Weapons] When on passenger and shooting weapon - Drivers camera decides where bullets will go (up-down axis only) (ryden)
       0002842: [Vehicles] Origin when doing drivebies is off (ryden)
0003772: [Synchronization] Markers interior is not sent to the players (ryden)
0003765: [Weapons] While driveby'ing, you need to aim a bit to the right of a player to hit him (ryden)
0003769: [Synchronization] Amount of armor is not synced to the other players after first death, respawning with fr's setskin (lil_Toady)
0003450: [General] request: make the skins have their native sets of anims (aru)
0003630: [Installer] Pricedown font is not included in the installer (IJs)
0003759: [General] Client crash 0x0C5DC0F9 (ryden)
0003387: [Scripting] setPedRotation doesn't work if triggered in the same frame the ped has been created (ryden)
0003767: [General] Infinite resource stopping loop in server (ryden)
0003727: [Scripting] Serverside moveObject sets a seemingly random rotation when called on an object that is moving/has moved before (lil_Toady)
       0003734: [Scripting] Serverside getObjectRotation() returns wrong values for moving objects (lil_Toady)
0003780: [Scripting] Request: make setWeather accept any number, not just <= 19 (lil_Toady)
0003067: [General] Two kick/ban messages are being displayed (lil_Toady)
0003777: [General] Kick messages are still hardcoded (lil_Toady)
0003773: [Scripting] removeCommandHandler puts the server in an infinite loop (lil_Toady)
0003764: [Scripting] Destroying a pickup manually during the onPickupHit event causes a client crash (lil_Toady)
0003763: [Scripting] startResource allows you to start the same resource multiple times (lil_Toady)
0003748: [Synchronization] Gang driveby is no longer synced (lil_Toady)
0003762: [Weapons] setPedDoingGangDriveby(true) makes player do a phone call instead of starting to driveby (lil_Toady)
0003709: [Scripting] Streaming events don't work anymore (lil_Toady)
0003736: [General] Missing vehicles when mass spawned with script using .map data (lil_Toady)
0003706: [General] Gang drivebys cause the camera to snap to the back of the vehicle as driver (lil_Toady)
0003756: [Weapons] Issues introduced with the new weapons system (IJs)
       0003747: [Weapons] Shotguns appear to do less damage than they should (IJs)
       0003749: [Weapons] Sniper rifles do no damage (IJs)
0003758: [Weapons] No driveby by default when entering a vehicle - revert to gang driveby (lil_Toady)
0003753: [GUI / Menus / Console] "Recently played" and "Favourites" in server browser no longer function (lil_Toady)
0003745: [Scripting] setPedRotation doesn't allow negative rotation values (lil_Toady)
0003740: [General] Various issues with peds (lil_Toady)
0003731: [Scripting] Attaching an element to a player in a vehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0003733: [General] makePedUseGun() sets the proper animations on the ped but it actually doesn't shoot any bullet (Jax)
0003728: [Scripting] startResource(res) doesn't start included resources (lil_Toady)
0003297: [General] LAN support (lil_Toady)
0003544: [Scripting] request: getVehicleEngineState (Jax)
0003724: [Scripting] Client-side colshapes no longer work (Jax)
0003716: [GUI / Menus / Console] Hitting server refresh while the "Refreshing..." label is visible will cause it not to disappear again (Jax)
0003718: [Synchronization] Jetpacks aren't created on peds when joining a server (Jax)
0003679: [General] Many animations move the jaw into the head (Jax)
0003696: [Synchronization] If an element data is an element, it's not sent to connecting players (Jax)
0003060: [General] Add peds serverside (ChrML)
0001857: [Vehicles] Holding a melee/misc weapon while driving a bicycle causes the skin arms to shake (Jax)
0003574: [Vehicles] Getting onto a bicycle causes a whiteout within a couple of seconds (Jax)
0003622: [Scripting] custom pickups invisible when they respawn (Jax)
0003715: [Scripting] warpPlayer/PedIntoVehicle doesn't work correctly when called on a ped or player spawned on the same frame as the vehicle (Jax)
0003667: [General] Parameter "persistent" of startResource() doesn't work. (lil_Toady)
0003291: [Scripting] Remote players can effect your alpha (Jax)
0003462: [Vehicles] You can't drive the Brownstreak (vehicle id 538) (Jax)
0003705: [Scripting] dxDrawLine3D no longer works (lil_Toady)
0003533: [Synchronization] Remote players cannot shoot out tyres (Jax)
0003700: [Scripting] getPedAnimation() can return wrong values when the animation was forced to stop (Jax)
0003692: [Scripting] setPedAnimation(ped, false) causes crash (Jax)
0003703: [Scripting] Can't attach event handlers to peds (Jax)
0003704: [Maps] <team> map elements accept as color attributes colorR="" colorG="" colorB="" when they should accept color="#str" (Jax)
0003699: [Scripting] Problems with peds and interiors (Jax)
0003698: [Maps] Peds created by maps (<ped> nodes) spawn dead (Jax)
0003688: [Synchronization] When applying an animation to yourself and respawning, the animation doesn't stop for remote players (Jax)
0003689: [Scripting] Client crash when stopping a resource that created a projectile with a ped as owner (Jax)
0003695: [General] Various (lots) interior issues (Jax)
0003690: [General] Marker elements are not accepted by get/setElementInterior (Jax)
0003691: [General] Setting interiors on an element upon creation returns true but fails (Jax)
0003694: [Maps] posX, posY and posZ attributes of a <ped> element in a map file aren't loaded. (Jax)
0003078: [Scripting] Killing the local player resets the weather. (Jax)
0003024: [Installer] Some people get invalid serial when installing (IJs)
0003352: [Scripting] requesting: getPedAnimation() (Jax)
0003682: [Scripting] removePedFromVehicle doesn't work with peds (Jax)
0003664: [General] Whiteouts when shooting a vehicle from a vehicle (classic driveby) (Jax)
0003073: [Scripting] Add marker hit events clientside too (Jax)
0002968: [General] Markers exist in all interiors (Jax)
0003676: [Scripting] setMarkerColor, setMarkerSize don't work (Jax)
0003122: [Installer] Some people have problems with generating serials (IJs)
0003624: [General] Falling to death results in the player getting back up and doing death animation while respawning (Jax)
0003673: [Scripting] request: A parameter for setPedAnimation to make it update your position (Jax)
0003434: [Scripting] request: A way to get out of animations (Jax)
0003665: [Scripting] resetMapInfo should also reset players' alpha (Jax)
0003632: [Scripting] Request: isVehicle(element?)InWater (Jax)
0003396: [Scripting] fixVehicle(), possibly other functions, reset time to 00:00 (Jax)
0003666: [Scripting] Add setHelicopterRotorSpeed (lil_Toady)
0003261: [Scripting] Setting out of range animation in setPlayerAnimation/setPedAnimation crashes you (Jax)
0001378: [Scripting] Arrow marker bounces like hell (Jax)
0003513: [Scripting] request: A scripting function to enable/disable the automatic arrow marker bouncing (Jax)
0003388: [Scripting] request: getElementColShape, onMarkerHit, onMarkerLeave client side (lil_Toady)
0003663: [Scripting] Add an optional "start included resources" bool to startResource and restartResource (Jax)
0003656: [Scripting] Request: setPedDoingGangDriveby() client-side (Jax)
0003658: [Vehicles] Passengers of bikes get constantly an animation like if trying to get the driver position (Jax)
0003660: [General] Player still in gang driveby animation when it runs out of ammo (Jax)
0003662: [GUI / Menus / Console] When going down the console history, it should also reach your current input (Jax)
0003659: [Scripting] getElementModel for pickups (lil_Toady)
0003657: [Weapons] setPedDoingGangDriveby(true) makes player shoot in bursts when on foot (Jax)
0003635: [Scripting] Server-side setElementPosition() doesn't work for blips (Jax)
0003492: [GUI / Menus / Console] Big debug output text (Jax)
0002217: [Synchronization] Motorbike/quadbike passenger uses driver animations (Jax)
0003634: [General] When you change a blip color client-side, an ugly and big blip appears covering your screen (Jax)
0003490: [General] Changing dimensions causes elements in that dimension not to appear unless the camera is moved (Jax)
0003648: [General] Streamer freezes player if an object is hidden during spawn. (Jax)
0003645: [Scripting] 2 elements attached with attachElementToElement can't be attached differently without detaching first (Jax)
0001856: [Vehicles] Player stuck in driveby animation when finishing a driveby (Jax)
0003428: [Scripting] setElementHealth(player, 0) doesn't make player die (Jax)
0003467: [General] Any knife aim + hit is considered a stealth kill, even if you are in in the back of the victim. (Jax)
0003432: [Scripting] onClientPlayerWasted doesn't work anymore (Jax)
0002890: [Vehicles] Tyre States are not truely accurate (Jax)
0001115: [Scripting] moveObject starting from origional position even after a move (Jax)
0003620: [Scripting] Many serverside element functions are incompatible with peds (Jax)
0003602: [GUI / Menus / Console] setCursorPosition() may move the cursor outside the gta window (lil_Toady)
0003615: [General] Players are sometimes spawning at 0,0,0 under the map, player strobes/warps as falling (Jax)
0003614: [General] Sometimes people sprinting on foot are warped back to previous position constantly (Jax)
0003616: [Scripting] Client-side getMarkerColor() returns the colors reversed (Jax)
0003601: [Scripting] createMarker() RGB arguments are reversed (Jax)
0003440: [General] Crash: 0x****3CC7 (Jax)
0003600: [Scripting] setResourceInfo does not accept nil as a value (Jax)
0003584: [Scripting] Some serverside ped functions don't work (Jax)
0003589: [Scripting] setMarkerType makes cylinder markers loose their alpha values (Jax)
0003485: [GUI / Menus / Console] request: setCursorPosition() (lil_Toady)
0003577: [Scripting] Serverside setPedRotation doesn't work (Jax)
0003576: [General] setMarkerType crashes the client (Jax)
0003579: [Scripting] Make xmlNodeGetAttributes return { key = value } instead of { i = key } (lil_Toady)
0003514: [GUI / Menus / Console] request: postGUI parameter for all dx functions (lil_Toady)
0003444: [Scripting] make loadMapData not take into account the first xml node and saveMapData only save children of the specified parent element (lil_Toady)
0003565: [Scripting] Server side created radar areas are always red if no alpha is specified (Jax)
0003562: [Weapons] Crash: 0x00738B64 (Jax)
0003501: [Scripting] request: setPedRotation serverside (Jax)
0003570: [GUI / Menus / Console] Crash with the server browser (Jax)
0003567: [General] createMarker crashes the client (Jax)
0003569: [Vehicles] Crash just when any explosion happens (Jax)
0003541: [Scripting] Add functions for adjusting the FPS limiter (lil_Toady)
0003558: [Weapons] giveWeapon often has no effect (Jax)
0003557: [Synchronization] Rotation of remote players is 90° to 180° off (Jax)
0003303: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetName() / xmlNodeSetName() (lil_Toady)
0003550: [General] Crash if you drown while being on foot (Jax)
0003309: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetAttributes() (lil_Toady)
0003553: [General] Instant crash on join (Jax)
0003549: [Vehicles] Players can get stuck and desynced in vehicles if they try to exit them (Jax)
0003547: [General] Client colshapes don't trigger hit/leave events anymore (Jax)
0003546: [Scripting] All client functions are gone (IJs)
0003493: [Scripting] request: add setResourceInfo (lil_Toady)
0003542: [Scripting] Add showChat server-side (lil_Toady)
0003494: [Scripting] request: add get/setRadarAreaColor,get/setRadarAreaSize clientside (lil_Toady)
0003458: [Scripting] request: add clothes funcs client side (lil_Toady)
0003540: [Security] fileDelete is not restricted by ModifyOtherObjects (lil_Toady)
0003530: [Vehicles] Drivers or passengers of a Leviathan may stop synching to others until they get out (Jax)
0003495: [Scripting] request: add a fileDelete (lil_Toady)
0003430: [General] Nametag doesn't update when a player changes his name (lil_Toady)
0003426: [General] Add ability to freeze automatic clock advancement for realtime (lil_Toady)
0003537: [Vehicles] Aborting a car jacking makes the driver unable to get out or being jacked again (Jax)
0003534: [Vehicles] When jacking a passenger while entering a car to get to the driver seat, desync can be caused (Jax)
0003524: [Vehicles] Occupied vehicle damage is not properly synced (Jax)
0003529: [Vehicles] Passengers get thrown out of the vehicle randomly (Jax)
0003491: [Scripting] request: getColorFromString client-side (aru)
0003442: [Synchronization] Remote hydra/hunter rockets fly in opposite direction (lil_Toady)
0003520: [General] Stopping the script responsible for the vehicle you are in desyncs you (Jax)
0003525: [General] make it close the chatbox input when chatbox is being hidden (Jax)
0003518: [Vehicles] Vehicles don't properly explode anymore (Jax)
0003517: [Weapons] Rockets/missiles don't collide with anything locally and go backwards for remote players (Jax)
0003516: [Map Editor] The map editor button in the main menu checks for the existance of a wrong resource (aru)
0003349: [Vehicles] weird vehicle handling (Jax)
0003394: [Scripting] isElementOnScreen doesnt work with pickups (Jax)
0003389: [General] Assert with setCameraTarget(getLocalPlayer()) (Jax)
0003500: [Scripting] Serverside setElementModel does not work with peds (Jax)
0003502: [General] More problems relating recently created elements that don't appear until you move your camera (Jax)
0003503: [General] When you join, existing map objects aren't shown until you change their position (Jax)
0003506: [Scripting] Serverside attachElementToElement does not work for peds (Jax)
0003512: [Scripting] Changing corona markers to another marker type changes their color (Jax)
0003335: [Synchronization] Blowing unoccupied vehicles leaves them non-blackened and burning (Jax)
0003460: [General] Dieing by a car explosion standing on it's hood crashes the client (Jax)
0002770: [Scripting] Passing "nil" as the value for xmlNodeSetAttribute does nothing (Jax)
0003454: [Vehicles] The damage proof attribute of vehicles is not sent to connecting players (Jax)
0003474: [Scripting] Client crash with getElementModel when used with objects (Jax)
0003475: [Scripting] getElementRotation() returns 360-rotZ for players (Jax)
0003477: [Vehicles] Client-side createVehicle doesn't create the vehicle until you move your camera (Jax)
0003479: [Scripting] Serverside getVehiclePlateText crashes on vehicles with random plate (Peter)
0003433: [Scripting] request: getVehicleType (Peter)
0003385: [Scripting] request: textDisplayIsObserver, textDisplayGetObservers (Peter)
0003445: [Scripting] matchingDimension param in onMarkerHit always returns false (Peter)
0003446: [General] Trains cannot enter/exit Los Santos (1st city) (Peter)
0003435: [Scripting] getVehicleLightState() is broken (Peter)
0002913: [GUI / Menus / Console] Script debug inteferes with GUI. (Jax)
0003236: [General] If you respawn while jacking neither you or the guy you been jacking can enter the car (Jax)
0002886: [General] /ceguitext 1 makes nametags very large (Jax)
0003417: [Scripting] setElementData sets data on element's children (Jax)
0002910: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin() points the player camera North (again) (Jax)
0003392: [General] Pickups are not removed in some interiors (Peter)
0002767: [Weapons] Bullets go straight when shooting up with a handgun (when not aiming) (Jax)
0003083: [Synchronization] Interpolation in un-occupied vehicle sync has caused trailers to not be pull-able. (Jax)
0002802: [Synchronization] Streamed in dead players are alive but die about 2-3 seconds after streamin (Jax)
0002861: [General] dead bodies block your path (Jax)
0002803: [Synchronization] Local and Remote player elements that reach 0HP dont get killed untill 2-3 seconds later (Jax)
0002372: [General] setElementVelocity doesn't work for objects (Jax)
0003410: [Scripting] onplayerwasted and onplayerdamage not reporting attacker (Jax)
0003415: [Scripting] Add an event for detecting stealth kills (Jax)
0002809: [Synchronization] Sync instant knife kill (targeting player and slicing from behind with knife) (Jax)
0002687: [Scripting] Add 'clock' parameter for showPlayerHudComponent (Peter)
0003409: [General] You get kicked for cheating getting Enforcer's armour (Peter)
0003110: [Synchronization] Stop the game from creating the death task (ChrML)
0003393: [Scripting] setVehicleGunsEnabled doesn't work (Jax)
0003397: [Scripting] request: xmlNodeGetParent (Jax)
0003395: [Scripting] Server crashes when passing a player element to getAccount() instead of a string (Jax)
0003390: [Scripting] spawnPlayer sets incorrect rotation (Jax)
0003391: [Scripting] Canceling onVehicleStartEnter locks you out of the vehicle even after the event handler is removed (Jax)
0003384: [General] Access denied messages (Jax)
0003308: [Scripting] Add an cancelable onConnect event (kevuwk)
0003113: [Synchronization] Camera focus entities need to be streamed in (ChrML)
0003361: [Scripting] createProjectile constantly shoots rockets when player (the creator arg) is in a vehicle with a passenger (Jax)
0003188: [Maps] Certain elements defined in MAP file are invisible for joiners (Jax)
0003071: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin doesn't unload previous model properly (Jax)
0003355: [GUI / Menus / Console] Remove "MTASA:" prefix from browser for game type (Jax)
0003350: [Scripting] setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay doesnt' work? (Jax)
0001691: [General] Corona markers not appearing (Jax)
0002883: [General] Optimize bandwidth usage with many players / Distance based sync taking camera stuff into account (ChrML)
0002360: [Scripting] setting the camera mode to "fixed" while in a vehicle issue (IJs)
0003334: [General] Camera mode is buggy (server side) (Jax)
0003320: [Scripting] Allow mta controls to be used with bindKey (Jax)
0003312: [Scripting] setPlayerNametagColour/Text for client-side scripts (Jax)
0001427: [Scripting] When onResourceStart triggers a onColShapeHit() while not being in the radius of that ColShape (ChrML)
0001767: [Scripting] Using setElementPosition on a player inside a marker triggers onMarkerHit (ChrML)
0002714: [Scripting] Client and server getVehiclePlateText returns false for vehicles whose plate wasn't set manually (ChrML)
0002724: [Scripting] Certain kinds of functions, like getElementsByType(), don't work from within a coroutine (ChrML)
0002796: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connection problem icon is white on remote players (ChrML)
0003102: [General] kickPlayer does not display the kick reason to the player that was kicked (ChrML)
0003123: [Scripting] toJSON ignores the first argument (ChrML)
0003156: [Scripting] Add a way to hide default text (ChrML)
0003168: [Scripting] fileOpen should return false and continue instead of erroring and aborting execution if the specified file doesn't exist (ChrML)
0003176: [Scripting] hasObjectPermissionTo always returns false if player argument passed (ChrML)
0003183: [Scripting] fileIsEOF only returns true after having read more than file size (ChrML)
0003203: [Scripting] setTimer doesn't work anymore from within a coroutine (ChrML)
0003204: [Scripting] clientside outputChatBox doesn't accept number values (ChrML)
0003215: [Scripting] setCameraLookAt works crappily (ChrML)
0003302: [Scripting] getPlayerTarget doesn't work if target is a ped (ChrML)
0003299: [Scripting] request: xmlGetChildNodes() (Jax)
0003293: [Scripting] Doing attachElementToElement ( objectA, objectB ) then attachElementToElement ( objectB, objectA ) crashes player (Jax)
0002254: [Scripting] setElementVisibleTo does not work on Markers (Jax)
0003158: [Scripting] The way setElementVisibleTo works is strange/confusing (Jax)
0003279: [Scripting] Cylinder markers always get created at (0, 0, 0) regardless of specified coords (Jax)
0003278: [Scripting] removePlayerClothes is broken (Jax)
0003280: [Scripting] setCameraInterior is identical to getCameraInterior (Jax)
0003272: [Scripting] Interior world carries over after a disconnect while the player is "terminated". (Jax)
0003273: [Scripting] Interior world cannot be set on a player who is "terminated" (Jax)
0003268: [General] setPedAnimation() returns false (Jax)
0003267: [General] setPedSkin() will return false / stack overflow (Jax)
0003269: [General] Ped element type is "unknown" rather than "ped" (Jax)
0003249: [General] Arrow markers sometimes invisible (Jax)
0003260: [Scripting] allow getPlayerMoney to work clientside (Jax)
0003262: [GUI / Menus / Console] Quick connect info doesn't get saved (Jax)
0003259: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connecting to a server via browser results in the server/port being put in quick connect (Jax)
0003121: [Installer] Race ACL is not included in default acl.xml (Jax)
0003251: [Scripting] Ped functions whine about a bad argument (Jax)
0003250: [Scripting] setTimer() crashes from within a closure (Jax)
0003241: [Scripting] cannot attach objects to players (Jax)
0003248: [General] vehicle element is passed as the player arg to onVehicleEnter if the player has been warped into the vehicle (Jax)
0003081: [GUI / Menus / Console] Inverted mouse - option needs adding to controls menu (Jax)
0003246: [General] Motion Blur not resetting when changing server (Jax)
0003245: [General] If you die with a jetpack on it remains after respawn (Jax)
0002562: [Scripting] Server lockup when passing tables with function values in them through call() (Jax)
0002922: [Scripting] Calling setTimer() with a table containing function values locks up server/client (Jax)
0003210: [Scripting] bindKey server/client lockup with a table containing functions (Jax)
0003237: [Scripting] Money functions does not support a negative amount (Jax)
0002908: [General] cant click anything till the player spawns at least once (IJs)
0003038: [General] You can't do setCameraPosition and setCameraLookAt in the same frame (Jax)
0003181: [Scripting] calling callRemote while a resource is stopped crashes the server (kevuwk)
0003180: [General] Using ' in player name gives strange results (Jax)
0003172: [Scripting] get/setPickupRespawnTime requested (Jax)
0003205: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListGetSelectedItem returns 0 for column but the index starts from 1 (IJs)
0003161: [Weapons] Crouching and shooting akimbo weaps doesnt work properly (Jax)
0003195: [Scripting] toggleControl reduced functionality (Jax)
0003211: [Scripting] make molotovs in createProjectile aimable. (Jax)
0003165: [Scripting] A func to pick up a pickup is needed (Jax)
0003208: [General] onClientVehicleEnter and onClientPlayerVehicleEnter are not triggered if player has been warped into the vehicle (Jax)
0003199: [Scripting] onVehicleStartExit does not trigger if you're being jacked. (Jax)
0003057: [General] Setting wanted level to 6 makes the army roadblocks appear in the game. (eAi)
0003184: [Scripting] remove isPlayerBetaTester (kevuwk)
0003177: [Scripting] Clientside detachElementFromElement() crashes if not attached to anything (kevuwk)
0003159: [Scripting] After attaching markers or blips server side, can't get a list of them with client side getAttachedElements() (Jax)
0003148: [Scripting] attachElementToElement offsets not working for players. (Jax)
0003134: [General] Modules functions don't return the correct value during RegisterFunction (kevuwk)
0003124: [General] DebugPrintf from module interface prefixes messags with ERROR (kevuwk)
0003115: [General] Download error 9 - Backslashes in URLs (Jax)
0002448: [Maps] Added objects aren't recognized as ground pieces (ryden)
       0001980: [General] Jetpack does not recognize added objects as ground pieces, cant get far off real ground (ryden)
       0002439: [Weapons] Molotovs' snap-to-ground explosions don't work on placed objects (ryden)
0003364: [Scripting] createBlipAttachedTo leaves blip @ 0,0,0 if last player in server leaves and comes back (Jax)
0001373: [Weapons] Looking away from the shooter might sometimes make his shots not work
0003556: [Scripting] onClientGUIClick doesn't trigger on middle mouse button click
0003401: [General] Issues with attaching + dimensions
0003870: [GUI / Menus / Console] The "window" command crashes my game.
0003523: [Vehicles] Ocuppied vehicle's blow twice
0001885: [Synchronization] Unsynced lateral driveby is possible
0003885: [General] Automatic logging in of community (lil_Toady)
0003120: [General] Using certain chars in stuff such as Server names or Player Names causes the string to be cut
0003845: [General] Client assertion fail: CClien...ger.cpp:284 pEntry->pModel->GetRefCount() > 1
0003313: [General] Creating certain elements is quite slow
0003730: [General] Client crash on pickup pick up
0003111: [GUI / Menus / Console] Window alpha setting does not affect controls created after it is changed (lil_Toady)
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