Second public release. This version has been released publicly on 10th of January, 2008.

Bugs fixed since the last release:
0003101: [Installer] Uninstaller might tend to remove whole GTA SA folder, when mtasa is installed in it (ChrML)
0002314: [Scripting] Blip priorities (Jax)
0003108: [Synchronization] Elements interiors are not synced on join (Jax)
0003107: [General] Blips rendered above objective markers (Jax)
0003087: [General] Support mice with more than 3 buttons. (Jax)
0002849: [Scripting] Request for "getControlKeys" (Jax)
0003065: [Admin] banSerial crashes the server (kevuwk)
0003025: [Admin] banPlayer crashes the server? (Oli)
0003029: [GUI / Menus / Console] Have total players/servers count on server browser (Jax)
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