Initial public release. This version has been released publicly on 2nd of January, 2008.

Fixed bugs:
0002733: [Vehicles] trying to enter boats or skimmer causes a glitch (Jax)
0002953: [General] Download error 9 with subdirectories. (eAi)
0003000: [Scripting] xmlLoadFile can't load files from a zipped resource (Arc)
0001610: [Scripting] Static arrow-marker type
0002050: [Vehicles] Attempt to increase vehicle type limit (IJs)
0001135: [Synchronization] Crouching syncs slowly (eAi)
0001450: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'Connect timed out' message (Oli)
0002108: [Vehicles] Vehicles created in .map respawn as soon as you exit them (Jax)
0001634: [General] Long pause from taking first screenshot (Jax)
0003068: [Synchronization] Slidey vehicles (Jax)
0002998: [General] Crash when clicking on the 'About' button when animated menu is enabled
0002987: [Scripting] Element data set on players client side is not received by joining players (Jax)
0002992: [Vehicles] Vehicle can get locked in an unusable state when driver of the hijacked vehicle disconnects while hijacking (Jax)
0002971: [General] Jetpack doesn't get removed after player respawns (Jax)
0002920: [Scripting] Glued objects are desynced for joining players (Jax)
0002927: [General] Remote player spawns affect local interior (Jax)
0002951: [Scripting] Client streamer events are not working correctly (Jax)
0002918: [Scripting] Clientside setMarkerTarget crashes the client (Jax)
0002948: [Scripting] Object rotations in .map are in radians (Jax)
0002942: [Scripting] Need a function to lock players to vehicles so they dont fall off bikes. (Jax)
0002946: [Scripting] createColCircle always returns false client side (Jax)
0002943: [Scripting] setMarkerTarget and setMarkerIcon do not work properly (Jax)
0002928: [General] Kicking/Banning when resources are downloading causes download error instead of kick message (kevuwk)
0002879: [Scripting] setPlayerSkin() resets camera mode to player (Jax)
0002914: [Scripting] Clientside getObjectModel() needed (Jax)
0002906: [Scripting] Serverside bindKey doesn't work with control names (Jax)
0002892: [General] Crash while clicking cancel on a non-responsive server connection (Jax)
0002818: [Scripting] When calling clientside/serverside triggerEvent from an event handler, its client/source variables are set to false (Jax)
0002487: [Security] debugfile path is not restricted (kevuwk)
0002772: [Scripting] restartResource lacks params from startResource (kevuwk)
0002751: [Weapons] Goggles (if equipped) effect get removed whenever a remote player spawns (Jax)
0002760: [General] Crash on join [0x533706] - "C++ error" (eAi)
0002766: [General] first person aim weapons not removed when out of ammo (Jax)
0002764: [Vehicles] Some vehicles slide to the right when entering (Jax)
0002763: [Scripting] Add clientside setPlayerRotation() (Jax)
0002669: [Weapons] Able to pretend shoot any weapon from any vehicle (read description) (ChrML)
0002737: [General] Sometimes after restarting (a mode?) it gives a fatal 6 (ChrML)
0002757: [Scripting] getAccount - doesn't exist when it should (Jax)
0002756: [Synchronization] When a player spawns, any attached elements to your local player fall off, but remain attached to the view of remote players (Jax)
0002755: [Vehicles] When a player spawns, all other players are thrown out of their vehicle, causes bad de-sync (Jax)
0002752: [Synchronization] Remotely driven vehicles behave strangely when a FPS lag/net lag occours (Jax)
0002753: [Scripting] Client debug assertion failure when downloading clientside scripts (ChrML)
0002717: [Scripting] Clientside getPickupWeapon always returns 1 on valid weapon pickups (Jax)
0002716: [Scripting] Clientside getPickupType always returns 2 on valid pickups (Jax)
0002746: [Scripting] Running getResourceInfo to get a non-set info tag attribute returns the attribute's name (Jax)
0002742: [Vehicles] Tank shots not synchronized (Jax)
0002731: [Scripting] controls lock up on skin change (Jax)
0002735: [General] line after \n is not considered as a new line in outputChatBox() (Jax)
0001584: [Scripting] Changing dimensions does not change player visiblity (Jax)
0002582: [General] isVehicleOnGround always returns true for unoccupied vehicle (Jax)
0002723: [Admin] Request: getTime/Date, Events for pickups client side (Jax)
0002713: [Scripting] player skins not updating for remote players (Jax)
0002686: [Scripting] Creating a GUI scrollbar or GUI scrollpane crashes the client (IJs)
0001876: [General] Satchel crash [Crash ID: 27892 Address: 0x42480000] (IJs)
0002701: [Weapons] In driveby mode, when all ammo is lost player still preforms shooting animation (Jax)
0002534: [Scripting] Camera position resets on setPlayerSkin (Jax)
0002695: [General] Remote player's vehicle explosions do not have sound (Jax)
0002705: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains resource settings and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002550: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains resource configs and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002528: [Vehicles] No front hood in some vehicles (Jax)
0002697: [Scripting] Client freezes when being passed nested tables through triggerClientEvent (eAi)
0002696: [Scripting] setBlipSize sets the icon of the blip, rather than the size (kevuwk)
0002694: [Vehicles] Vortex has invisible doors (eAi)
0002275: [General] A player glued to a vehicle hears the radio playing (eAi)
0001193: [General] Glitch to potentially warp you back to car or give you infinite ammo (ChrML)
0002691: [General] Serverside scripts are not unloaded if a resource is updated via refresh (eAi)
0002569: [Maps] Dimension tags in elements do not work (kevuwk)
0002690: [Maps] Interior tags in elements do not work (kevuwk)
0002557: [General] Fatal error 8 on join (kevuwk)
0002660: [General] Certain gamemodes or resources can cause crashes or assertions/c++ errors for people who want to connect to a server (kevuwk)
0001624: [Scripting] removeEventHandler related server crash (eAi)
0002677: [General] Serverside getResourceConfig returns an invalid xmlnode pointer for stopped resources (kevuwk)
0002291: [Scripting] setVehicleDoorsUndamageable parameter is incorrectly interpreted (eAi)
0002551: [Scripting] Clientside event handlers are not always added after restarting (eAi)
0002533: [Scripting] Returning Lua functions or coroutines from a http exported function crashes the server (eAi)
0001483: [Vehicles] Getting sucked through Combine Harvester causes desync (eAi)
0001795: [General] Radio reports all bridges have been opened (eAi)
0002672: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiCreateMemo crashes the game (IJs)
0002575: [GUI / Menus / Console] Using a table with self-references as element data or a call() parameter causes a crash (eAi)
0002553: [Scripting] MAX_HEALTH stat can only be set on the CJ skin (Cray)
0001765: [Synchronization] Vehicles randomly desync (ChrML)
0002667: [Scripting] addPlayerToTeam and removePlayerFromTeam names are misunderstandable (Jax)
0002661: [Maps] comments in .map files crashes the server. (kevuwk)
0002662: [Scripting] warpPlayerIntoVehicle crashes the server. (Jax)
0002606: [Scripting] wasEventCanceled() always returns false (Jax)
0002649: [General] Using warpPlayerIntoVehicle while in passenger seat to a driver seat causes desync (Jax)
0002646: [Vehicles] Getting out of a vehicle centers the player under the vehicle (Jax)
0002659: [Scripting] resetMapInfo() changes skin to CJ while server is not aware of this. (Jax)
0002655: [Scripting] xmlCreateFile + xmlSaveFile doesn't save xml in local resource directory (kevuwk)
0002279: [General] FPS Drop Bug (Cray)
0002172: [General] Boats invisible when moved with client-side setElementPosition (Jax)
0002567: [Synchronization] Players can get desynced (Jax)
0002640: [Scripting] killing player in car causes PE34 (Jax)
0002549: [Scripting] createElement ID argument is ignored (ChrML)
0002555: [General] Entering multilanguage messages in chatbox is not possible (Jax)
0002610: [Synchronization] unloading a resource desyncs players that were in vehicles related to the resource (Jax)
0002637: [General] Client gamespeed starts ultra fast, world gravity is low (Jax)
0002635: [Scripting] Serverside setSkyGradient does not sync for joining players. (Jax)
0002636: [Scripting] Sky gradients carry over upon disconnect (Jax)
0002556: [General] Ctrl + k adds a wierd code to chatbox messages (Jax)
0002628: [Scripting] warpPlayerIntoVehicle does not work correctly for streamed out vehicles. (Jax)
0002594: [Scripting] createObject clientside rotations are not in degrees, serverside is (Jax)
0002631: [General] Crash upon car collisions of two drivers (Jax)
0002630: [General] Crash upon vehicle jacking (Jax)
0002627: [Scripting] toggleControl "enter_exit" working sporadically (Jax)
0002633: [Scripting] Clientside vehicles "platetext" arg doesnt work (Jax)
0002475: [Scripting] When changing a player's vehicle using warpPlayerIntoVehicle, camera stays on the old vehicle (Jax)
0002535: [Scripting] Crash when element camera is set to be watching is destroyed (Jax)
0002622: [General] Aiming using a single handed weapon crashes all players currently connected (Jax)
0002593: [Scripting] killing a player (killPlayer()) with armor needs to be triggered twice (and another bug) (Jax)
0002623: [General] banIP issues (kevuwk)
0002616: [Scripting] banIP doesn't save the banner name (kevuwk)
0002615: [Scripting] onVehicleDamage gets triggered with a negative loss (kevuwk)
0002609: [Vehicles] Radio disappears permanently from a certain vehicle (eAi)
0002604: [Scripting] getBansXML and unbanIP broken (kevuwk)
0002608: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiLabelGetTextExtent always returns 16 (kevuwk)
0002597: [General] getBansXML(), unbanIP() (kevuwk)
0002330: [Scripting] money functions set bad values (Jax)
0002525: [Scripting] Remote players Interior, Dimension, Armour values are not synced (kevuwk)
0002602: [General] Reset/remove fall damage on spawn (Jax)
0001545: [General] Death caused by eating stat after certain amount of time (eAi)
0001129: [Synchronization] Melee rotation goes weird when blocking (jitters from one rotation to the other) (eAi)
0002438: [Synchronization] Remote players turn toward the local player when punching (eAi)
0002592: [Scripting] killing a player attached to an element, and then respawning him somewhere else doesnt deattach the player on remote screens (Jax)
0002541: [Vehicles] Paintjob 4 applies random textures to cars (Jax)
0002558: [Scripting] triggerClientEvent always returns false (Jax)
0002434: [GUI / Menus / Console] Client crashes if you pass an invalid gui element to a function. (IJs)
0002586: [GUI / Menus / Console] Team chat messages should not be colored, (team) denotes them fine (Jax)
0002519: [GUI / Menus / Console] F11 Map does not show serverside blips of ID other than 0 anymore (Jax)
0002583: [General] Lag compensation is turned off (Jax)
0001832: [General] 'Network trouble' text disappears from lagged people nametags after carjacking them (Jax)
0002570: [Scripting] onClientPlayerJoin not triggering (Jax)
0002510: [Scripting] Elements created from a script aren't correctly placed on the clientside root (kevuwk)
0002560: [Scripting] onClientResourceStart's source is the global root instead of the resource's root element (kevuwk)
0002573: [General] startResource() and restartResource() only update modified client files one out of two times (kevuwk)
0002086: [Scripting] engineImportCOL crashes the client (IJs)
0002548: [General] Regular chat messages are appended an unparsed color code before the message (IJs)
0002572: [Scripting] onColShapeHit / onElementColShapeHit don't detect empty vehicles (Jax)
0001200: [General] Stuck on back after being jacked from a vehicle (Jax)
0002563: [Scripting] xmlNodeSetAttribute: Value can only be a string, fails on integer (kevuwk)
0002565: [Scripting] stopObject() doesnt really stop the moving object. (Jax)
0002559: [Scripting] Restarting a resource that contains includes and has been updated crashes the server (kevuwk)
0002515: [Scripting] set returns false when the setting's value was set successfully (kevuwk)
0002327: [Scripting] Clientside resource root element may overlap the global root (kevuwk)
0002536: [Scripting] createExplosion new parameters don't work (Jax)
0002482: [General] Resource root elements aren't destroyed on failed resource start (kevuwk)
0002509: [Scripting] onClientClick only works if you enable the cursor from the server
0002503: [GUI / Menus / Console] Removing a non-existing GUI row causes a c++ error (Oli)
0002486: [Security] xmlLoadFile is not restricted to relative paths. (kevuwk)
0002507: [Scripting] Cancelling onPlayerChat doesn't have effect if the cancelEvent() call isn't on the last added handler (Jax)
0002494: [Scripting] objects detaching on death (Jax)
0002505: [Scripting] setElementHealth on a vehicle breaks onVehicleDamage (Jax)
0002500: [Scripting] xmlCreateFile doesn't work (kevuwk)
0002504: [Scripting] getElementsWithinColshape on a recently created colshape always returns 0 elements (Jax)
0002492: [General] Crash on start 0x007462A7 (Jax)
0002493: [General] 0x04E174A0 crash on stopping gamemodes (IJs)
0002408: [Scripting] unbindKey interferes with other scripts binds. (Jax)
0002499: [General] Crash on disconnect (Jax)
0001407: [Vehicles] You can't enter Skimmer or Seasparrow while they are on water (Jax)
0002498: [Scripting] Binding the same key two times clientside causes the bind to trigger four times on press (Jax)
0002497: [Scripting] Crash when setting skin #18 starting from 0 with settimer @ 1.5 second intervals (Jax)
0001429: [General] Weapon visible locally after respawn/reconnecting (eAi)
0001663: [Scripting] Passing erroneous sound id to playSound crashes client (eAi)
0001783: [Scripting] onPlayerDamage triggered when using setPlayerHealth/setPlayerArmor (Jax)
0002445: [Scripting] Cannot use tattoos on player (addPlayerClothes function) (Jax)
0002489: [Scripting] setplayerskin has same effects of respawning (Jax)
0002491: [General] No keys work at all. (Jax)
0002490: [Scripting] Cancelling player damage from a client script shows MTA debug output in console (Jax)
0001777: [Scripting] Server crash (from createElement)
0002343: [General] unbindKey crash: 0x0223F568 (Jax)
0002049: [Synchronization] Jetpack desynced (Jax)
0002484: [Scripting] Getting a non-spawned player's task crashes the client (Jax)
0002382: [Synchronization] Legs go through vehicles (erorr404)
0002122: [General] Driveby can't get out of vehicle bug (Jax)
0002392: [Synchronization] Vehicles don't blow up when yer not the one closest to them. Desync, etc. (Jax)
0002483: [Scripting] Clientside showPlayerHudComponent takes a player argument (Jax)
0002224: [Vehicles] Completely blown up planes are still enterable (Jax)
0002319: [General] Problem with vehicles getting stuck (Jax)
0002381: [Scripting] Serverside showCursor returns false if specified cursor state is already set (Jax)
0002473: [Scripting] colshapes created serverside can't be handled clientside (Jax)
0002257: [Weapons] Current held weapon does not get set when player enters a vehicle (remote client issue)
0002476: [Scripting] Pickups don't respawn using default syntax (kevuwk)
0002384: [Scripting] client scripts not stopping (kevuwk)
0001141: [Vehicles] Driver is warped back into vehicle if jacking is aborted (Jax)
0001514: [Scripting] Make collision shape event(s) detect any elements (not just players)
0001635: [Scripting] Allow scripts to attach arrow markers above players heads
0001940: [Scripting] Cursor stays after resource stops (Jax)
0002262: [Scripting] getCameraRotation gives non-useable values. (Jax)
0002344: [Synchronization] Player gets desynched after his car is jacked by other player (Jax)
0002318: [Scripting] Creating text displays with a alpha that is lower than 255 causes random text to appear at X:0 Y:0
0001045: [General] Possibility to allow using coloured text in chat and coloured nicknames (Jax)
0002469: [Scripting] more Keybinds not working issues (Jax)
0002459: [Weapons] Mousewheel zooming issue with snipers or camera (Jax)
0002369: [Scripting] Client side script is not updated if a previous version is already downloaded (kevuwk)
0002467: [Scripting] keyBinds aint working, gives 'bad argument' (Jax)
0002465: [GUI / Menus / Console] chat box default settings (Jax)
0002466: [Scripting] colshapes not passed correctly clientside (Jax)
0002269: [Synchronization] Attached objects are not re-attached when the object is streamed back in after stream out (Cray)
0002460: [Scripting] getElementType returns "unknown" on all GUI elements (Jax)
0001371: [Vehicles] VERY strange idle vehicle behavior (Jax)
0002458: [GUI / Menus / Console] A server can be added to favourites multiple times (Cray)
0002457: [Scripting] getVehiclePlateText causes crashes (Jax)
0002456: [Scripting] setTeamName doesn't work (Jax)
0002353: [Scripting] Extra vehicle seats don't work correctly (Jax)
0001403: [Weapons] Players become immune to bullets (IJs)
0002454: [Weapons] toggling fire control should also toggle satchel detonation (Oli)
0002418: [Scripting] IDs are not synced between server and client (Talidan)
0002440: [Scripting] GUI&world click event merging issues (Jax)
0002376: [Synchronization] Bike desync bug (passenger related) (Jax)
0002420: [Scripting] getVehicleWheelStates issue (Jax)
0002437: [General] lasersight (Jax)
0001304: [General] Health Pickups Not Working - Sense of Full Health Lost (eAi)
0001773: [Scripting] setObjectRotation & moveObject cannot work in unison (Jax)
0001828: [Scripting] Passing negative values into colshape sizes breaks them (Jax)
0002435: [Scripting] triggerServerEvent aint working (Jax)
0002433: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea doesn't return the right values (Cray)
0002432: [Scripting] createRadarArea Y sizing is inconsistent (Cray)
0002430: [Scripting] getPlayerOccupiedVehicle clientside doesnt take a player argument (kevuwk)
0002416: [GUI / Menus / Console] Cmd "reconnect" doesn't work propely (Jax)
0002427: [Vehicles] Vehicles spawned by .map are spawned with invisible doors (Jax)
0002426: [Weapons] No weapon damage when standing on a custom made element (vehicles & objects) (Jax)
0001178: [General] Hydra getting stuck in the air after a player disconnecting (Jax)
0002424: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea always returns true (Jax)
0002271: [Vehicles] Parked/slow vehicle collisions (Jax)
0002324: [Vehicles] Vehicles fall through the ground on spawn (Jax)
0002422: [Scripting] setWeatherBlended doesn't work properly clientside (kevuwk)
0002417: [Scripting] getPlayerContactElement crashes the game if no contact element exists, or in vehicle (Jax)
0002187: [Vehicles] fixVehicle/respawnVehicle on a blown up vehicle sets it as frozen (Jax)
0002414: [General] Relative positioning to interpolation crashes when remote player falls off vehicle (Jax)
0002402: [Weapons] projectile weapons bugs (Jax)
0002216: [Scripting] Not all controls should be disabled with toggleAllControls (Jax)
0002308: [Synchronization] Enter vehicle sync (Jax)
0002311: [Synchronization] Vehicle Sync Bug (IJs)
0002325: [Scripting] getPlayerTotalAmmo returns 0 if that weapon wasnt equiped (Jax)
0002044: [Synchronization] Remote players momentarily pause in place, then warp to their true position (Jax)
0002374: [Scripting] getPlayerOccupiedVehicleSeat returns wrong values (Jax)
0001942: [GUI / Menus / Console] Controls setup wont work (IJs)
0002380: [GUI / Menus / Console] Clicking twice on a server in server browser doesn't connect to it if clicked twice on one earlier (IJs)
0002400: [Synchronization] new Spawnplayer skin bug (Jax)
0002398: [General] All car windows are black (Jax)
0001922: [Scripting] Clientside getTeamFriendlyFire return values are wrong (kevuwk)
0002388: [Scripting] isPlayerOnGround() is not working correctly/misunderstandable (Jax)
0002390: [Scripting] isPlayerUnderWater() isn't working correclty/misunderstandable (Jax)
0002391: [Scripting] isInsideRadarArea doesn't work (Jax)
0002387: [General] Using a disconnect option crashes other people on the server (Jax)
0002389: [Scripting] isPlayerMuted() obselete until there is a mutePlayer() function (kevuwk)
0002386: [Scripting] skins not changing properly with spawnplayer. (Cray)
0002346: [Scripting] Object rotations are reset when reconnecting. (Jax)
0002313: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for Baggage (Jax)
0002373: [Vehicles] Entering clientside vehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0002367: [Scripting] setVehicleDamageProof severside? (Jax)
0002338: [General] Detached objects are placed in the wrong position (Jax)
0002371: [General] Protocol Error 46 (Cray)
0002361: [Scripting] onClientColShapeHit is not triggered by a server-side created colshape (Jax)
0002315: [Synchronization] low hp desync (Jax)
0002352: [Weapons] satchels prematurely exploding (Jax)
0002337: [Scripting] Clientside detachElementFromElement doesn't work (Jax)
0002234: [General] Changing settings such as quick connect, name change, control config, etc. will not save if MTA crashes (Cray)
0002357: [General] Last character of player's nickname stripped when joining a server (Cray)
0002238: [Scripting] Manipulating clientside elements serverside crashes it (Talidan)
0002329: [Scripting] onClientPlayerChangeNick is triggered before the nick is changed (Cray)
0002198: [General] crash 0x00343CA8 (Cray)
0001577: [Installer] Error: missing "msvcp71.dll" on certain systems (eAi)
0001809: [General] Crash: 0x6567696C (IJs)
0002196: [General] Crash: 0x7C911E58 (IJs)
0001221: [Vehicles] Make it possible to flat tires synced
0001926: [Scripting] Clientside getPlayerStat returns a boolean for valid stat IDs (kevuwk)
0002253: [Vehicles] Vehicles spawned and set to an interior do not set to same interior after re-join (Cray)
0002237: [Vehicles] Cars stop respawning if you destroy them when they're created. (Cray)
0002280: [Scripting] getResourceRootElement doesn't exist clientside (kevuwk)
0002266: [General] Clientside scripts aren't always downloaded (Cray)
0002277: [Scripting] triggerClientEvent() and other functions that take arbitrary arguments crash the server (eAi)
0002274: [Scripting] addEvent syntax is obsolete (eAi)
0002273: [Scripting] createRadarArea syntax is inconsistent (eAi)
0002272: [Scripting] getResourceConfig outputs a bad argument warning if no config with the given name exists (eAi)
0002267: [Scripting] Can't bind GTA controls anymore (Jax)
0002264: [Synchronization] Objects attached (glued) to a vehicle will stream out from their orignal createObject XYZ location (Cray)
0002024: [General] Using a /help command in console causes a crash (IJs)
0002261: [General] setRuleValue(s) should be removed when a resource that uses them unload (kevuwk)
0002265: [Scripting] getColorFromString crashes the server (Jax)
0002258: [Scripting] Client scripts don't work (eAi)
0002248: [Scripting] onClientResourceStart() gets called only once (kevuwk)
0002245: [General] once you logout you can not login anymore (kevuwk)
0002205: [General] Crash 0x003C3CA8 (IJs)
0002043: [Synchronization] vehicle warping
0001730: [Scripting] Element attachment functions should support relative positioning
0002228: [Scripting] Client-side getResourceConfig always returns false (kevuwk)
0002215: [Vehicles] Remote vehicles underground (Jax)
0002213: [GUI / Menus / Console] "Settings" windows appears under the "Main menu" window (Jax)
0002174: [Scripting] Downloading Resources doesnt get new files defined in meta.xml (eAi)
0001871: [Scripting] Issues with clientside debug output (eAi)
0002078: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGridListSetSelectedItem required (Cray)
0002085: [GUI / Menus / Console] Changing a gridlist cell's text from the first column for the second time removes the left padding (Cray)
0002206: [GUI / Menus / Console] Fix white spacing after clearing a gridlist (Cray)
0002123: [Scripting] MTA functions and events don't support Lua tables (eAi)
0002188: [Scripting] destroyElement(getRootElement()) destroys resource/map root elements (kevuwk)
0002181: [Scripting] clientside call() returns lots of junk alongside real value (kevuwk)
0001742: [General] Exitting map causes crash [0x074296A0 - 20815, 20816, 20817]
0002183: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for Bandito (Jax)
0002166: [GUI / Menus / Console] Passing an invalid path/filename to image function crashes the client (Cray)
0002177: [GUI / Menus / Console] Chat lines are drawn behind the chatbox (Jax)
0002175: [General] Remove fade when starting a resource (Jax)
0001801: [General] Crash 0x007F190F (eAi)
0001819: [General] Crash: 0x07F175DC (eAi)
0002063: [General] Crash: 0x007F18CF (eAi)
0002157: [General] crash: 0x007F18CF (eAi)
0001598: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar area displayed incorrectly on F11 map (Cray)
0001603: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar areas don't flash on full screen map (Cray)
0002167: [Scripting] Setting of CLIENTSIDE SetElementInterior does not work properly (Jax)
0002112: [Scripting] 'False' is passed to command handlers as last parameter for commands without arguments (Jax)
0002114: [General] Stopping a resource while in a car desyncs you (Jax)
0002143: [Synchronization] removing jetpack (Jax)
0002169: [GUI / Menus / Console] Network trouble icon stuck on screen (Jax)
0002148: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar areas don't appear on mini-map (only on full-screen map) (eAi)
0002110: [Scripting] Arrow markers don't appear until you reconnect (Jax)
0002145: [GUI / Menus / Console] Once a clientside resource is loaded then stopped, MTA downloads the files for that resource even after it has been stopped (BrophY)
0002153: [Scripting] Passing marker to client issue (Jax)
0002162: [General] Camera rotation gets focused on local player with CPed::Respawn (eAi)
0002158: [Scripting] Destroying an element with player elements as children destroys those (Jax)
0002163: [Scripting] Removing a clientside command handler within its code crashes the client (Jax)
0002115: [General] Player skin not changing after first set in a resource (Jax)
0002161: [Scripting] Client-side getElementsByType doesn't get markers (Jax)
0002119: [GUI / Menus / Console] nametags stays on the screen if you turn away from a player (Jax)
0001561: [Synchronization] Clothes/stats desync (Jax)
0002139: [General] Shooting under a police helicopter light gives you a warning star (eAi)
0002146: [Maps] Colours are setting incorrectly when a vehicle is created in .map (Jax)
0001442: [Vehicles] Improper enter animations for some vehicles (Jax)
0002149: [GUI / Menus / Console] Mouse moves camera when console or menu is open (Jax)
0002137: [Scripting] removeEventHandler removes all identical handlers (kevuwk)
0002113: [Scripting] Add clientside addCommandHandler (Jax)
0002107: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing alt gr in console leaves ctrl locked (Jax)
0002002: [Scripting] Client-side getCameraRotation() return issues (Jax)
0002084: [Scripting] setVehicleFrozen - vehicles don't unfreeze until streamed in (Jax)
0001491: [Scripting] setElementPosition doesn't update blips' and radarareas' positions for connected players (Jax)
0001220: [General] Invisible player (Jax)
0002042: [Synchronization] network trouble on cars (Jax)
0001648: [Synchronization] Second-Siren and Horn on Vehicles with Sirens (Jax)
0002000: [Synchronization] Skin gets set to CJ locally after changing the skin two times (IJs)
0002077: [General] Clientside attachElementToElement doesn't work (Jax)
0002066: [General] Markers are not showing, however they still work if u touch them (Jax)
0002065: [General] Able to control hydra on death (Jax)
0001585: [General] When you die in a vehicle, you can drive it after it respawns (Jax)
0001855: [Weapons] driveby innacuracy (Jax)
0001486: [General] Stats accumilate like SP (Jax)
0002054: [Scripting] Issue With onVehicleExit Event (Oli)
0002035: [Weapons] Players in first person view mode slide remotely (eAi)
0002016: [General] Remote players getting pickups makes a sound (Jax)
0002045: [Scripting] getCursorPosition returns wrong values (Jax)
0002051: [Scripting] getPlayerMoney does not retrieve the players actual money (Jax)
0002047: [Scripting] Players Money goes back to $0 after death (Jax)
0002040: [Weapons] remote sniper shots don't affect you if you're aiming (Jax)
0002041: [Scripting] Setting player's dimension causes crash (Jax)
0002030: [Scripting] getPlayerContactVehicle doesn't work (Jax)
0001906: [Scripting] client getCameraRotation always returns 0, 0, 0 (Jax)
0001984: [Scripting] getPlayerTargetStart, getPlayerTargetEnd, getPlayerTargetRange, getPlayerTargetCollision return wrong values (Jax)
0001985: [Security] OS library functions should be disabled (kevuwk)
0001736: [General] Pickups desyncing (kevuwk)
0001973: [Weapons] Satchel explosions have no owner (Jax)
0001978: [Scripting] Serverside col objects arent synced to clientside (Jax)
0001982: [Scripting] Clientside bindKey crashes the client if functions are bound to controls (Jax)
0001977: [Scripting] Gravity unsyncs on client relaunched (Jax)
0001972: [GUI / Menus / Console] download window stucks on your screen if you disconnect while it's downloading (kevuwk)
0001970: [General] New console commands should be under 'help' command (Jax)
0001966: [Scripting] setVehicleDamageProof flags inverted (Jax)
0001967: [Scripting] Clientside setVehicleEngineState does not work (Jax)
0001961: [Scripting] Gridlist isn't redrawn when item text is updated (IJs)
0001965: [Scripting] Crash when moving element out too far from player/camera [0x07B39FB1] (Jax)
0001962: [GUI / Menus / Console] New chatbox is out of scale (Jax)
0001959: [Scripting] Client getElementsByType doesn't work (Jax)
0001938: [Scripting] Clientside playSoundFrontEnd syntax is wrong (Jax)
0001937: [Scripting] getVehicleFromID issues for nonexistant indexes (Jax)
0001935: [Scripting] Clientside setBlipSize changes the icon instead of the size (Jax)
0001934: [Scripting] Clientside destroyBlipsAttachedTo doesn't work (Jax)
0001933: [Scripting] getResources returns a table of resource names (Jax)
0001920: [Scripting] onConsole/onClientConsole append a space to the text parameter (Jax)
0001921: [General] Setting custom data clientside crashes the server (Jax)
0001931: [Scripting] Clientside removeEventHandler always returns false (Jax)
0001929: [Scripting] Clientside getVehiclePlateText causes a crash (jbeta)
0001924: [Scripting] Clientside setPlayerWeaponSlot doesn't work (kevuwk)
0001928: [Scripting] getVehicleSirensOn outputs to debugbox if the vehicle doesn't have sirens (kevuwk)
0001927: [Scripting] getPlayerAmmoInClip/getPlayerTotalAmmo crash the client (kevuwk)
0001925: [Scripting] Serverside getPlayerWeaponSlot returns -1 if bad player pointer's passed (kevuwk)
0001923: [Scripting] getPlayerWeaponSlot syntax is wrong (kevuwk)
0001914: [Scripting] setCameraLookAt does not work (kevuwk)
0001888: [Scripting] Client functions rotateCameraUp and rotateCameraRight don't do anything (eAi)
0001919: [General] Jetpack stays equipped after disconnecting (Jax)
0001893: [General] Fighting style remains after disconnect. (Jax)
0001916: [GUI / Menus / Console] guiGetAlpha always returns false (eAi)
0001897: [Scripting] Crash using killTimer on a finished timer (Jax)
0001896: [General] Resource load crash [0x07BC850E] (kevuwk)
0001915: [Scripting] respawnVehicle respawns vehicle with doors/bonnet/boot missing (Jax)
0001913: [Scripting] Boolean event parameters sent between the server and the client are always false (Jax)
0001912: [Scripting] Clientside keybinds bound to both keystates crash the client (Jax)
0001878: [Scripting] Client-side keybinds crash [Crash ID: 27900 Address: 0x07B671D1] (Jax)
0001907: [Scripting] client getVehicleName causes crash [Crash ID: 29031 Address: 0x08EC80D0] (Jax)
0001470: [Weapons] Crash on head chop using Katana [0x02A1D3CA & 0x0582DED6] (eAi)
0001123: [Vehicles] Passengers trying to get onto bikes will knock off the driver. (eAi)
0001744: [Vehicles] Locked Vehicles Able To Be Unlocked By Punching. (Jax)
0001408: [Synchronization] Stuntplane smoke isn't showing for remote player(s) (Jax)
0001886: [Scripting] getResourceConfig doesn't return a valid xmlnode (kevuwk)
0001883: [General] MTA crashes when pressing disconnecting (Jax)
0001654: [Scripting] createBlipAttachedTo visibility doesn't work (Jax)
0001803: [General] You can kill yourself when you have network trouble (Jax)
0001811: [GUI / Menus / Console] Console in GTA splash screen (Jax)
0001842: [General] Can't change alpha on checkpoint makers (Jax)
0001406: [Weapons] Detonator icon not visible in HUD after satchel charge is thrown (Jax)
0001864: [Scripting] getElementPosition returns 0,0,0 for non-hardcoded element types (Jax)
0001868: [General] Unwanted marker produced at 0,0,0 with marker creation in close proximity (Jax)
0001752: [Scripting] Cursor doesn't disappear on reconnect (Jax)
0001840: [Scripting] Debug output for clientside scripts (kevuwk)
0001867: [General] Game speed resets to 1 (Jax)
0001769: [Scripting] onPlayerTarget isn't always triggered when aiming at an element (Jax)
0001863: [Scripting] getColorFromString returns only the first integer (Jax)
0001678: [Weapons] Satchel remote detonates all satchels (eAi)
0001849: [Scripting] Add createSpawnpoint (jbeta)
0001033: [Weapons] Sync projectiles (eAi)
0001775: [General] Include resources are loaded BEFORE map elements (kevuwk)
0001194: [Synchronization] Sync alternative attacks (eAi)
0001847: [Scripting] get/setVehicleLandingGearDown issues (kevuwk)
0001684: [Scripting] Lot's of output at the same time crashes the server (IJs)
0001833: [Scripting] createElement doesn't return a handle (Jax)
0001658: [Vehicles] setElementInterior doesn't work for vehicles (Jax)
0001457: [Vehicles] AT-400 entry does not work (Jax)
0001845: [General] Ring marker gets created with full alpha (Jax)
0001843: [General] "Closest door" text on screen when near vehicle (Jax)
0001794: [Vehicles] Warping Player into Vehicle makes vehicle immune (Jax)
0001761: [Vehicles] warpPlayerIntoVehicle, streamed out players not seen (Jax)
0001808: [GUI / Menus / Console] Connection "cancel" button doesn't work (kevuwk)
0001753: [General] Nametag/desync bug (Jax)
0001431: [General] Your skin stays the same (locally) after connecting to a different server (or to the same, but after a map change) (Jax)
0001804: [GUI / Menus / Console] Remove spectator from controls menu (Jax)
0001130: [Vehicles] Water from the firetruck hose only works when you're passenger or driver (ChrML)
0001740: [Scripting] xmlNodeGetAttribute ignores spaces in attribute string (IJs)
0001772: [GUI / Menus / Console] in chat "/me" not working (Jax)
0001768: [Scripting] Cloned custom elements' type can't be retrieved (Jax)
0001735: [Weapons] weird screen while aiming (Jax)
0001729: [Weapons] Shooting weapons warps remote players (Jax)
0001516: [Weapons] Minigun able to freeze another player (Jax)
0001728: [Weapons] punching instead of shooting (Jax)
0001713: [General] You can't bind 4th and 5th mouse button (Jax)
0001722: [Scripting] isElementWithinColShape and getElementsWithinColShape don't recognize vehicles (Jax)
0001637: [Scripting] Attaching camera to a player doesn't stream them in (Jax)
0001717: [GUI / Menus / Console] Use windows directory variables rather than absolute paths (IJs)
0001711: [General] First few shots don't damage armor (Jax)
0001712: [Vehicles] cannot warp to inside car (Jax)
0001700: [General] Teamchat doesn't work (Jax)
0001708: [General] All cars locked by default (Jax)
0001707: [GUI / Menus / Console] Error: Connect timed out --> Error: Connection timed out (Jax)
0001706: [Synchronization] Locked cars not locked for newly joined players (Jax)
0001705: [GUI / Menus / Console] Stuck scoreboard on failed join (Jax)
0001698: [Scripting] text displays disappear right after they appeared (Jax)
0001703: [Scripting] Text displays broken (Jax)
0001613: [General] Giving a knuckle duster causes weapon switching to be disabled (eAi)
0001699: [General] Crash when spectating (0x0ADEA7BC ID: 19969-19980) (Jax)
0001696: [Scripting] isPlayerScoreboardForced ( player ) doesn't work (Jax)
0001697: [Scripting] setClientName doesn't work (Jax)
0001679: [General] Weapon skills not assigning sometimes on playerjoin (Jax)
0001668: [GUI / Menus / Console] Abnormally long health bar (Jax)
0001677: [General] automatic weapon switch toggle? (Jax)
0001554: [General] Military installations act as they do in single player (eAi)
0001688: [Scripting] Nametag color carries over map changes (Jax)
0001682: [General] Quit messages not working correctly (Jax)
0001490: [Vehicles] Cars sometimes don't explode (Jax)
0001642: [Scripting] setTeamFriendlyFire ( team, bool ) doesn't work (Jax)
0001673: [General] LUA ms vs. map file seconds (Jax)
0001670: [General] Stats menu appearing (Jax)
0001661: [GUI / Menus / Console] Can't type while chat is hidden (Jax)
0001108: [GUI / Menus / Console] Tab-character insertion when viewing Player-list while typing. (IJs)
0001653: [Weapons] Nightstick spelt wrong (spelt as 'Nitestick') (Jax)
0001656: [Scripting] "onTrailerDetach" event should be attached to the trailer, not the tower (Jax)
0001646: [Vehicles] Vehicle light state not synced for players on server join (Jax)
0001647: [Scripting] Server crash from getWeaponIDFromName (Jax)
0001645: [Vehicles] desync while car jacking and laggy movement (Jax)
0001591: [Synchronization] Sirens and Horns on vehicles with Sirens (Jax)
0001569: [Vehicles] Cars respawn dead (Jax)
0001639: [Scripting] setFriendlyFire doesn't work (Jax)
0001631: [GUI / Menus / Console] map blocks options menu (Jax)
0001627: [General] Blips on entering a server (Jax)
0001633: [Scripting] getMarkerType returns bool on "corona" marker type (Jax)
0001628: [General] Defining an unbound secondary key does not work in settings menu (Jax)
0001629: [Scripting] Event handler related server crash (Jax)
0001533: [Vehicles] custom plated dont work immediatly (Jax)
0001625: [Scripting] Another server crash (Jax)
0001477: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make the rest of the radar icons work (JonChappell)
0001588: [Installer] Put Jon's radar icons into the installer package (IJs)
0001575: [Scripting] Blips with icons over the ID of 6 cause a crash (JonChappell)
0001617: [Synchronization] Vertical angle incorrect when firing without aiming (Jax)
0001615: [Synchronization] Incorrect positions for remote players (Jax)
0001600: [Vehicles] Hydra spawns with jets up (Jax)
0001607: [GUI / Menus / Console] Radar map appears when using full screen map when camera is in "fixed" mode (Jax)
0001609: [Scripting] setElementPosition doesn't work for arrow-marker. (Jax)
0001605: [Scripting] Map change doesn't fully reset camera functions (Jax)
0001616: [GUI / Menus / Console] Healthbar health going out of bounds (Jax)
0001394: [Scripting] "Corona" marker types not disappearing (gtasa problem) (eAi)
0001219: [General] Strange player warping (Jax)
0001612: [Scripting] Col objects exist in all dimensions (Jax)
0001608: [Scripting] Stuck controls (Jax)
0001604: [Scripting] player tags not showing on people in cars (Jax)
0001606: [Scripting] Three keybinds in particular don't work, or are missing. (Jax)
0001597: [Scripting] Make team argument optional for spawnpoints
0001596: [Scripting] getPlayerTeam() broke within onColShapeHit (Jax)
0001599: [Scripting] Script crashes server (Jax)
0001593: [Scripting] A12 1011/1010/1009 problems... (Jax)
0001594: [Scripting] Don't see interior on spawn (Jax)
0001260: [General] Put in interiors (Jax)
0001297: [GUI / Menus / Console] Scrolling down in the console using the mouse wheel is impossible (eAi)
0001590: [Scripting] getElementsByType doesn't work with "radararea" (Jax)
0001551: [General] MTA crashes, instead of exitting (Jax)
0001556: [General] Unable to bind some keys / keybinds not working properly (Jax)
0001586: [Scripting] Debug box remains after server change (Jax)
0001587: [GUI / Menus / Console] Double Clicking '+' icons in Settings->Controls menu causes crash. (Jax)
0001555: [Scripting] getWeaponNameFromID deadlocks script if you pass 255 to it (Jax)
0001558: [Scripting] Fading a camera to a colour is permanent (Jax)
0001572: [General] Can't skip intro movie (Jax)
0001582: [Scripting] createTeam() broke (Jax)
0001579: [Scripting] destroyElement() doesn't remove Object ingame (Jax)
0001307: [GUI / Menus / Console] 'say' command in console does not work properly (ChrML)
0001549: [GUI / Menus / Console] Freeze when clicking Settings (IJs)
0001438: [Weapons] crash : Offset = 0x0072F4DE (IJs)
0002749: [Scripting] Events are only cancelled if done from the same resource as they were triggered (Jax)
0002350: [Scripting] Detachment crash 0x00544403
0001126: [Vehicles] Impossible to enter boats (eAi)
0002412: [Synchronization] Big desyncs and broken stuff
0002365: [Scripting] Issues with createBlipAttachedTo()
0001877: [Scripting] Textures don't load properly for client-side camera
0002304: [General] Download Error #9
0002052: [Scripting] setElementPosition has no effect if in vehicle
0002068: [Scripting] setElementVisibleTo does not work
0002033: [General] Grouping many resources into one causes un/loading problems.
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