This version was released 2006-09-17 01:04 GMT+1

Fixed bugs:
0001810: [General] Using "vid" command ingame doesn't disconnect the player (kevuwk)
0001474: [GUI / Menus / Console] Control functions (copy, paste, and select all) don't work in the console and it only scrolls up with the mouse wheel (IJs)
0001458: [Scripting] warpPlayerintoVehicle function does not work (Jax)
0001574: [Scripting] Can't set element parents on map load (Jax)
0001283: [General] Raise or disable frame limiter (eAi)
0001032: [Weapons] Goggle items affects all players (eAi)
0001257: [General] Cannot jump down after grasping an object (eAi)
0001252: [GUI / Menus / Console] Fix the Quick Connect dialog (Jax)
0001547: [General] Colshapes partially remain over map changes (eAi)
0000952: [General] Requested: Dedicated spectator mode (ChrML)
0001360: [General] Typing in chatbox as passenger causes player to exit (eAi)
0001473: [GUI / Menus / Console] Pressing the "Settings" button makes the main menu dissappear (IJs)
0001505: [General] Change ASE Announce settings (eAi)
0001476: [GUI / Menus / Console] Make radar areas work on full screen radar map (Oli)
0001475: [General] Strange crash on server join (ChrML)
0001506: [Scripting] getPlayerName doesnt work at all (Jax)
0001493: [Scripting] Server crashes from "removePlayerFromTeam" function (?) (Jax)
0001492: [Scripting] HUD disabling functions carry over to the next map (Jax)
0001488: [General] When having a trailer, you must syncronize the trailer and not someone else. (Jax)
0001480: [Vehicles] It is possible to enter trailers (Jax)
0001472: [General] Nearly every key bound to "num_sep" in keybinds.xml (Jax)
0001471: [General] Lots of keys not working in keybinds (Jax)
0001466: [GUI / Menus / Console] Opening console or chatbox when key is pressed gets it stuck (Jax)
0001366: [General] protocol error 150
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