This version was released for QA - 2006-06-07 22:15 GMT

Fixed bugs:
0001346: [Vehicles] Standing in car bug (ChrML)
0001236: [General] Standing in water on skin change (ChrML)
0001189: [General] Changing skin while crouching gets player stuck (ChrML)
0001409: [General] Once again Protocol Error 18 (ChrML)
0001395: [General] Protocol Error 18 (ChrML)
0001356: [General] Screenshots don't always hide chat (ChrML)
0001204: [Synchronization] Exploded vehicles are drivable in some cases (ChrML)
0001179: [Weapons] Wrong number of ammo when you pick up a flamethrower (ChrML)
0001249: [GUI / Menus / Console] The ping on the scoreboard shouldn't refresh so often (ChrML)
0001388: [General] Chaning skins when entering car gets you stuck (ChrML)
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