This version was released for QA - 2006-06-05 17:00 GMT

Fixed bugs:
0001340: [Synchronization] Passenger aim does not sync properly in driveby mode (IJs)
0001353: [GUI / Menus / Console] Alternate way to show health bars and names (ChrML)
0001313: [Synchronization] Add Parts Syncronization (ChrML)
0001203: [Scripting] void onMarkerHit ( marker marker, player hitplayer ) -> Should only be trigger if coming from outside the marker into the marker (ChrML)
0001399: [Scripting] Add support for collision primitives usable for scripts for player collision detecting (ChrML)
0001398: [Synchronization] Implement vehicle damage sync (ChrML)
0001397: [Synchronization] Implement explosion sync (ChrML)
0001094: [Admin] Integrate the RCON system from the ingame console (Oli)
0001097: [Admin] Create a remote admin client (Oli)
0001177: [General] Sometimes the server doesn't detect you as dead (ChrML)
0001386: [Scripting] getElementParent ( element child ) doesn't work (ChrML)
0001387: [Vehicles] Spawning kart is impossible (ChrML)
0001385: [Scripting] Destroying a health/armor/weapon pickup from inside an onPickupHit event when the player can pick it up causes PE 52 (ChrML)
0001044: [Vehicles] Wrecked planes aren't detectable as their health can still be non-zero (ChrML)
0001355: [General] Trying to connect to port out of range will result in client connecting to random ports. (ChrML)
0001376: [Scripting] function onPickupHit ( player ) event initiates tons of times (ChrML)
0001379: [GUI / Menus / Console] Random characters attached to scoreboard. (ChrML)
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