This version was released for QA - 2006-05-05 22:15 GMT

- Added all of the planned features for a8 - see the Road Map @ dev wiki for more info.

Fixed bugs:
0001306: [Weapons] Having an uzi (or other weapon of that type) allows player to use ANY weapon in drivebys (eAi)
0001176: [General] Implement a scoring system (ChrML)
0001338: [Scripting] getVehicleMaxPassengers function doesn't work (ChrML)
0001331: [Scripting] RGB arguments in createRadarArea are in the wrong order (ChrML)
0001316: [Scripting] source argument in onMarkerHit doesn't work (ChrML)
0001326: [Admin] ServerChat messages no longer appear in logs (ChrML)
0001321: [Scripting] triggerEvent(...) should not work for custom events unless addEvent(...) has been called for that event (ChrML)
0001322: [General] Screenshots show the chat box though generally you do not want this. (eAi)
0001308: [Vehicles] Being in driveby mode on a bike causes no fall off (eAi)
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