This version was released for QA - 2006-04-09 20:30 GMT

Fixed bugs:
0001206: [Scripting] textitem textCreateTextItem ( [text, x, y, priority, red, green, blue, alpha, scale] ) -> green and blue ar swapped (ChrML)
0001210: [Scripting] string textItemGetText ( textitem ) -> Not working (ChrML)
0001212: [Scripting] TextItems not destroyed on map change (ChrML)
0001209: [Scripting] void textItemSetText ( textitem, text ) -> Not working (ChrML)
0001042: [Weapons] Spawn weapon pickups where players die and make them disappear after a specified time (ChrML)
0001138: [Scripting] functions that use 'false' as a viable non-error return value should return 'nil' for errors. (ChrML)
0001157: [Weapons] Weapons stay after dying (ChrML)
0001184: [General] Allow players to pickup weapons from a killed enemy (ChrML)
0001190: [Scripting] spawnPlayer ( player, x, y, z, rotation, model ) -> rotation not working (ChrML)
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