Release date: 7. September 2018
Goal: IFP custom animations support.

0009522: [Client] setElementFrozen to a player with jetpack removes Jetpack but NOT the jetpack sound (myonlake)
0009374: [Request] replace setVehicleTurnVelocity with setElementTurnVelocity and expand its functionality (Lex128)
0009883: [Scripting] :setWindowOpen() and :getMaxPassengers() methods doesnt work. (Bonus1702)
0009699: [Client] isInsideRadarArea returns always false, when sizeX or sizeY of radarArea is negative (pkpawelo)
0009084: [Scripting] [Request] dxDrawCircle (CrosRoad95)
0004267: [Client] Remove setControlState and make setPedControlState work on localPlayer (qaisjp)
0008523: [Scripting] getVehicleNameFromModel does NOT return false if the provided model ID doesn`t exist (qaisjp)
0008696: [Scripting] Fix / disable cloneElement(...) (Bonus1702)
0005204: [Server] server-sided getWeather after setWeatherBlended will always return 2 weathers (Bonus1702)
0009178: [Client] unbindKey not working properly (Bonus1702)
0009814: [Server] [Request] Server console up arrow history (myonlake)
0009611: [Scripting] The CVar argument of getChatboxLayout() is ignored (myonlake)
0009616: [General] xmlLoadFile should print where is error in file (CrosRoad95)
0009608: [Scripting] createWater() "shallow" argument only works client side (myonlake)
0008540: [Server] Rotation doesn't get correctly set when respawning the player (myonlake)
0007047: [GUI / Menus / Console] Tweaks for 'connect' command. (qaisjp)
0009898: [Scripting] getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition is missing OOP variant (myonlake)
0004571: [Client] [Request] Add support for custom animations (Jusonex)
0009894: [Scripting] You keep falling down until -4999 if you're inside a vehicle under the map (myonlake)
0009807: [Scripting] [Request] Remove teleport under map and event for it (CrosRoad95)
0009809: [Client] Random clients/players crash when joining our server (ccw)
0005998: [GUI] Improve GUI events (FileEX)
0009916: [Server] Update SQLite to 3.24.0 (myonlake)
0008957: [Client] [Request] Setting memo scroll positions (myonlake)
0006455: [Server] Bug with visible distance in createBlipAttachedTo (myonlake)
0009896: [Client] Implement a master volume setting (myonlake)
0005701: [Server] Functions restrictions in acl.xml are outdated (myonlake)
0009844: [CEF] Passing empty string to requestBrowserDomains crashes client (Jusonex)
0009724: [Scripting] Add new function setAccountName (Bonus1702)
0008260: [Scripting] [Request] Possibility to clear all fires (Necktrox)
0009849: [Vehicles] getVehicleNameFromModel Doesn't exists in its "OOP" version declared at wiki (Vehicle.getNameFromModel) (myonlake)
0009770: [Scripting] [Request] onPickupLeave (Bonus1702)
0009562: [Scripting] [Request] Add more functions for internal.db (Bonus1702)
0009373: [Scripting] [Request] isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009861: [Scripting] [REQUEST] postGUI argument for dxDrawMaterialLine3D (ccw)
0006962: [Scripting] [Request] Add missing getReadOnly functions for GUI Memos and Edit fields (FileEX)
0008505: [Scripting] [Request] Add isPositionWithinColShape (qaisjp)
0009490: [Scripting] [Request] setWorldSoundEnabled could stop the sound if already playing (Necktrox)
0009914: [Scripting] Having a variable called 'type' brokes internal exports.lua script. (Pirulax)
0006132: [Scripting] [Request] isVehicleWheelOnGround (Z_ReC)
0009897: [Vehicles] Calling getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition or setVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition crashes the client (myonlake)
0009760: [General] 'getPlayersInTeam' OOP variable and function not working (Bonus1702)
0009166: [Client] Console displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control (ccw)
0009908: [Vehicles] getVehicleType don't working properly (server only) (qaisjp)
0009889: [Client] Modified binds are broken in newest MTA (again) (ccw)
0009901: [GUI] [Bug] dxDrawRectangle darker on certain systems. (ccw)
0009742: [Scripting] createColPolygon accept max 3 Vector2 (myonlake)
0009433: [Vehicles] Spoiler removing on quit (Bonus1702)
0009033: [Scripting] setVehicleColor clientside directly after creation doesn't work (Bonus1702)
0009626: [Server] Command /reloadacl to server console (-GTX)
0009817: [Scripting] Element/Ped does not have health attribute (qaisjp)
0009487: [Scripting] ped:getBonePosition(...) returns numbers instead of Vec3 (qaisjp)
0003190: [Vehicles] Dummy misplacement on custom vehicles (ccw)
0004319: [Vehicles] Driver lying on the ground when being jacked from passenger door and space pressed (lopezloo)
0009664: [Client] There is no way to see if a ped is reloading (Necktrox)
0009787: [Server] Self-compiled server crash on callRemote (ccw)
0009709: [Server] fetchRemote crash (ccw)
0009745: [Client] dxGetTextWidth returns wrong width of text (ccw)
0009774: [Client] Windows crash (BSOD) when connecting to servers (ccw)
0009530: [Server] Server crashed when using the 'upgrade' command (ccw)
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