Release date: 22. April 2017
Goal: Improve server security.

0009393: [Client] Corona markers has wrong attach offset position (lopezloo)
0009476: [GUI] guiCreateMemo can't type some languages into memo boxes (ccw)
0008648: [Scripting] [Request] Allow clientside fetchRemote to access other servers (Jusonex)
0009386: [Scripting] engineSetModelLODDistance() does not change the LOD distance of vehicle models (lopezloo)
0009576: [Security] SD # 31 , SD # 32 Not Working Propely ! (ccw)
0009345: [Security] [Request] Custom Detection "SD # 30" (Disallow autohotkey scripts & programs) due cheating (ccw)
0009549: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Erroneous fromJSON parsing (ccw)
0009541: [Client] 'There was a problem hooking Direct3DCreate9' under Wine after last critical update (ccw)
0009665: [Linux] Segmentation fault crash (ccw)
0008210: [Scripting] [Request] Get resource path (Jusonex)
0009598: [Security] Cannot add mobile IP address to autorized IPs to access HTTP (ccw)
0008930: [Client] RadarArea Element with very large size is not visible on the mini map (Z_ReC)
0009206: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] [Request] Sniper resizes the moon [true/false] function (Jusonex)
0009520: [Server] SQLite or MySQL make the server freeze if the connection is lost (ccw)
0009519: [Server] Authserial outputs some messages two times (ccw)
0009477: [Weapons] Goggles stay after player is killed (arranTuna)
0009508: [Client] FormatException is returned from fileGetPath() for files residing in another resource (qaisjp)
0009500: [Scripting] attachElements doesn't work for camera in non-zero dimensions (ccw)
0009491: [Server] Unhelpful debug "ERROR: not enough memory" (ccw)
0009497: [Client] Ped weapon dissappears after stream out (ccw)
0009479: [GUI] [German UI] Improved main menu font (einheit-101)
0009452: [Client] playSound3D wrong encoding of soundURL (ccw)
0009464: [Server] Server logs cannot be read while the server is running (ccw)
0009459: [Client] [Tweak] Increase default-set max streaming memory (ccw)
0009449: [Client] engineReplaceModel in 1.5.3-release-10721 crashes the client (Jusonex)
0009077: [General] load(...) hangs the server and client (sbx320)
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