Release date: 20. October 2016
Goal: Clean up the code and improve the building process. Update the vendor (third-party) components.

0009336: [Client] MTA sometimes fails at loading custom textures (ccw)
0009339: [Scripting] attachElements() 1-frame lag when "a lot" of elements are attached (ccw)
0009161: [General] Use proper build system (sbx320)
0009102: [Client] setTrainPosition issues ( 1.6 ) (qaisjp)
0009310: [Server] A connecting player can block a resource from starting (ccw)
0006622: [Server] water elements are dimensionless (Talidan)
0009210: [Scripting] Pretty JSON (qaisjp)
0009127: [Client] Stealth killing a clientside ped causes a crash (qaisjp)
0009173: [CEF] onClientBrowserNavigate is triggered for <iframe> elements (mabako)
0006270: [Scripting] Make lua clear loaded files when dereferenced (Jusonex)
0009059: [Scripting] [Request] flashMTAWindow (Jusonex)
0008272: [Client] After killing ped with sniper, scope disappears (lopezloo)
0009159: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Self created water becomes invisible in higher z-offsets (lopezloo)
0009227: [Weapons] Fire Extinguisher (ID: 42) doesnt trigger onPedWasted (lopezloo)
0008158: [Vehicles] setVehiclePlateText doesn't seem to change visual plate texture on most (if not all) motorcycles. (lopezloo)
0008082: [Client] Custom weapons don't fully work with onClientPlayerDamage (lopezloo)
0009411: [CEF] Missing file on some installations (Jusonex)
0008730: [General] Server serial differs from client. (ccw)
0009429: [CEF] setBrowserVolume not works with latest MTA 1.5.3 (Jusonex)
0009432: [Client] all new objects on old maps is dynamic (lopezloo)
0009286: [CEF] CEF animations are totally lacking performance for some users (Jusonex)
0009417: [Client] 1.5.3-release-10470 unbind command broken (ccw)
0009424: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] setElementVisibleToServer OOP Syntax failed (qaisjp)
0009419: [Client] Spawn selection menu on SAES server not working (Jusonex)
0009418: [Client] v1.5.3-release-10476 setElementFrozen directly after resource start not working (lopezloo)
0009394: [CEF] toggleBrowserDevTools crashes the client (Jusonex)
0009389: [Client] MTA updates position very slowly for attached elements to element (ccw)
0008962: [CEF] Destroying browser onClientGUIClick result instant crash (Jusonex)
0009376: [GUI] Deleted tabpanel tab crashes MTA if you change the selected tab (Necktrox)
0009294: [CEF] HTML <select> is not working properly in CEF browser (Jusonex)
0006021: [Scripting] should "outputDebugString" automatically "tostring" values that ain't a string? (Jusonex)
0009380: [Scripting] [Request] Transfer browser as source in getBrowserSource (Jusonex)
0009377: [CEF] Unable to navigate to accepted URL from event onClientBrowserNavigate (Jusonex)
0009199: [Client] setElementFrozen within onClientObjectBreak crashes all streamed in players (lopezloo)
0009316: [CEF] CEF title crashed MTA (Jusonex)
0009349: [CEF] MTA CEF Javascript Problem (Jusonex)
0009264: [CEF] CEF should not block mouse buttons when focused (Jusonex)
0009270: [CEF] Implement resizeBrowser (Jusonex)
0008995: [Scripting] Deprecate showPlayerHudComponent (qaisjp)
0009333: [Server] Redirecting a player to the same server causes wrong notification on quit event (qaisjp)
0009318: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] Can't use input method(ime) (ccw)
0009277: [CEF] CEF not working on latest MTA 1.5.2 (Jusonex)
0009292: [Scripting] setObjectScale for seperate axis does not save (Talidan)
0009174: [CEF] [Request] Functions for CEF forward/backward navigation and reloading the page (mabako)
0009269: [Server] Some players get "join flood" error for no reason while others don't (ccw)
0009163: [Client] setElementModel crash (ccw)
0008819: [Client] Projectile setElementModel crash (ccw)
0009233: [CEF] Muting CEF browser doesn't work (Jusonex)
0009242: [Maps] Lots of models with lods paired to them in one location causes alot of issues in general. (ccw)
0009218: [Scripting] low LOD streaming causes objects to disappear (ccw)
0009155: [Scripting] Object 6458 no longer exists (qaisjp)
0009180: [CEF] setBrowserAjaxHandler breaks JSON decoding by attaching a bogus '\0' byte (mabako)
0009179: [Server] Server crashed after random time (ccw)
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