Release date: 24. January 2016
Goal: Improve 1.5 release.

0008714: [Synchronization] Vehicle door/component desync on vehicle stream-in/out (sbx320)
0005807: [Client] onClientVehicleStartEnter [Cancel Event] (Talidan)
0009243: [Server] onElementStopSync doesn't triggered when player disconnects. (Talidan)
0009007: [GUI] Formatting bug when adding rows to a sorted gridlist (Talidan)
0009192: [Client] createProjectile with train models causes client crash (lopezloo)
0009413: [Security] Duplicated serial numbers (ccw)
0009321: [Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas] MTA prompts to install a nightly version even with default build type (ccw)
0009085: [Client] Clone failed @ 'dxCreateShader' (ccw)
0009219: [CEF] CEF Browser flickers (Jusonex)
0009140: [Client] Wrong behavior of fileRead function if bytes request exceed 10000 (ccw)
0009106: [Scripting] Supplying negative value to fileRead will stop execution of script without displaying an error (Jusonex)
0008445: [Server] [Request] fetchRemote https:// support
0009111: [Scripting] Everything in a string to the right of a colon will be cut off in error and assert. (Jusonex)
0009081: [GUI] Invalid image path cause crash when attaching it to image with disabled propagation. (Jusonex)
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